How to choose roller skating shoes

How to choose roller skating shoes


How to choose roller skating shoes

When selecting the shoe rack, pay attention to whether the joint between the shoe and the sole is strong and firm, and the connection between the shoe rack and the wheel plate is tight and there must be no gaps.

Also pay attention to whether the wheel frame is in the center of the sole. If it is skewed, it is not easy to maintain balance when it is difficult to move.

銆€銆€The bearings on the wheels determine the advantages of the shoe.

Good bearings should be very smooth.

When you buy shoes, you can gently turn the wheels by hand. The wheels should rotate evenly. The sound is fine and bright when you turn.

銆€銆€Wheels are usually made of three different materials, namely plastic, resin and polyester.

Plastic and resin wheels are slightly cheaper, but have lower wear and heat resistance.

Good wheels are made of polyester, which is abrasion resistant, heat resistant and can slide continuously.

For those who practice in tandem, it is necessary to replace the polyester wheel.

銆€銆€Push the shoes forward on the flat ground and observe the sliding direction of the shoes. The good shoes should have a long sliding distance and the sliding line is straight.

銆€銆€The size of the shoe is a very important issue when buying shoes.

The shoe size of roller skates should be larger than the number one or one of the shoes that you wear on weekdays.

Under normal circumstances, be sure to put both feet on the test, and the feet should not be shaken left and right.