[How to make a delicious steamed mandarin fish?

[How to make a delicious steamed mandarin fish?

]_How to do_Practice Daquan

[How to make a delicious steamed mandarin fish?
]_How to do_Practice Daquan

Mandarin fish is a common species in life, and its nutritional value is very high. It is supplemented with micronutrients such as protein, trace, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. If eaten regularly, it can enhance immunity, nourish blood and lower blood pressure.

Steamed mandarin fish is a home-cooked dish that is often made. Steamed mandarin fish can almost retain its nutritional value and is delicious. It is especially suitable for the old and young and the poor digestive function., And more importantly, it can help patients with tuberculosis to recover. It is a rare and delicious dish.

The method of making mandarin fish is also very simple. Prepare enough mandarin fish, clean the mandarin fish, pickle it with salt, mix the prepared ingredients together and steam it in the pot. The delicious steamed mandarin fish can be prepared.

Here are the specific steps for steaming mandarin fish.

Ingredients 150 grams of vegetable moss, 50 grams of eggs, 5 grams of refined salt, 4 grams of monosodium glutamate, 1 gram of sugar, 100 grams of soup, 5 grams of dried raw meal, 6 grams of wet meal, 1 gram of pepper, and 40 grams of raw oil.
Production method 1: clean the mandarin fish, keep the head, tail, and two pieces of fish, wash them, and cut the fish into two flying pieces.

Cut the ham into 24 pieces.

Fry the eggs into egg skins and cut 24 filaments for later use.

2. Fish the fish fillets with 2 grams of refined salt and then distribute the dried raw flour. Fish fillets face upwards. Put 1 ham strip and roll it up, then roll it with egg shreds in the middle., Put the fish head and tail back, put it in a steamer and steam it for 6 minutes, remove it, and pour the original juice.

3, fry the vegetable moss, and divide into 3 rows in the fish.

Then use the soup to add the seasoning, use the wet powder to make a glass pan, and add the tail oil to make the noodles.

Instructions for consumption 1.

Mandarin fish contains protein, trace amounts, a small amount of vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium and other nutrients. The meat is tender and easy to digest. For children, the elderly and those with weak spleen and stomach digestion, eating MandarinCan tonic, without having to worry about digestive difficulties; 2.

Eating mandarin fish has the function of “maggots”, which is bound to be beneficial to the rehabilitation of patients with tuberculosis.