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How to eat soybeans to be healthier?


How to eat soybeans to be healthier?

Guide: 25-year-old, 65-year-old body?

Osteoporosis, skin aging?

Modern people are becoming more and more busy, more and more stressed, and the requirements for healthy eating are getting higher and higher.

Some people eat vegetarian food, some people eat whole grains, and some people start taking various nutrients and vitamins orally.

How to eat healthier?

At the recently held 8th World Soy Research Conference, authoritative experts from the United States, Hong Kong and the Mainland agreed on the health status of natural soybeans in China.

The World Soybean Research Conference is called the “Olympic” of the soybean industry. It is the broadest and highest-level international conference in the soybean industry, bringing together soybean experts and nutrition experts from around the world.

At the meeting, American nutritionist Dr. Mark Messina, Professor He Chenxue of the Center for Women’s Health Promotion and Research, School of Public Health, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Professor Zhai Fengying, executive vice-chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Association.The situation, how to eat healthy soybeans, the help of soy nutrition for women, etc. were explained in detail.

Soymilk is a convenient, high-absorption rate drink that can directly supplement soy nutrition, and has been praised by experts. Drinking soymilk has many benefits for the physical health of modern people.

  Soybeans are suitable for the current trend of nutritional balance. Modern people have a variety of dietary choices, but the ensuing problems of excess nutrition such as high energy and high manure also plague us.

According to data released by the World Health Organization (WHO), 200 million local residents are overweight and nearly 70 million are obese.

To change the situation of excess nutrition or imbalance, you must first change your diet. In addition to eating less high-fat and high-energy supplements, eating more foods rich in plant protein and replacing fiber. Experts also recommend taking more beans on the basis of balanced supplements.Food products.

  In today’s environment protection and health consciousness is increasing day by day, people’s consumption psychology and consumption behavior have undergone great changes.

In the West, more and more people are paying attention to healthy and natural foods when choosing products. Green and health are becoming more and more popular spots. Chinese natural soybeans are rich in nutrients and fit this trend.

  As far back as 200 BC, China already knew how to make soy foods and relied on soy as the main food source of high-quality protein.

In China, soybeans have played the role of milk in Western society and are known as the “Bull of China”.

  Soy nutrition is very rich, causing soy protein, unsaturated fatty acids, soy lecithin, calcium and other very beneficial elements.

Professor Zhai Fengying pointed out: “The content of protein in soybean is 40%, its high-quality protein is similar to animal protein, and most of it has a more comprehensive amino acid group. Lysine is particularly rich, which can supplement the deficiency of cereals on lysine and increase nutritional value.
“At this annual soybean meeting, Mr. Li Xinyan, Chief Executive Officer of Vitasoy Group, proposed to further develop the nutrition of China’s natural soybeans, and is willing to do its part to promote the nutritional value of China’s natural soybeans in the global market.

Vitasoy has demonstrated its demeanor as a leading brand in the ready-to-drink soymilk industry by caring for consumers’ health and paying attention to China’s natural soybean industry chain.

  Experts recommend 30-50 grams of soybeans per person per day. In 2008, the Ministry of Health of China published a new version of the “Guide to the Population of Chinese Residents”, which proposed a five-level balanced alternative to pagodas.

At the bottom of the pagoda are cereals and legumes, which should be replenished each day much more than the other four grades.

The guidelines recommend that Chinese consumers eat 30-50 grams of soybeans per person per day.

  According to the Survey of Nutrition and Health Status of Chinese Residents (CNHS) from 1982 to 2002 (CNHS), in these two decades, the consumption of soy products has increased by a doubling share every ten years.

In cities and towns across the country, more than 80% of people consume soy products at least 1-3 times a week. In large cities, nearly 26% of people consume soy products more than once a day, mainly including tofu, soy milk, and bean curd.Soy milk and so on.

  A little soy product absorption is more conducive to human body absorption.

According to Professor Zhai, according to the recommendations in the new edition of the “Guide for Chinese Residents” on balanced diet, consumers eat 30-50 grams of soybeans per day, about 650 ml of soy milk (about 2 cups of soy milk), or 240 grams of southern tofu, 120 grams of northern tofu, 80 grams of dried tofu.

  Enjoy healthy life in soy products. Vitasoy soy milk with natural non-GMO soy as the main raw material is easy to drink, retains the nutritional ingredients of the soybean itself, and has a scientific formula that balances plant and animal proteins., Also contains a variety of vitamins, balanced nutrition, easy to be absorbed by the body, is one of the most popular health drinks.

Ms. Zhai Fengying commented: “The nutritional value of soy milk is also very high, and it has unparalleled natural advantages of low fat and cholesterol.

“According to 2007 data, in the global ready-to-drink soy milk market, China has included about 7.5 million liters, making it the world’s largest ready-to-drink soy milk market.

  Soy is a crime against women. In a comparative study of hip bone density in adolescent girls in Hong Kong, hip bone density increased in 375 milliliters a year, or other girls who cost about two cups of calcium-added soy milk.

Experts point out that the sooner the bone density is strengthened, the more effective it is to prevent calcium loss after the age of 30.

In recent years, supplementary surveys conducted by scientists in Singapore and Shanghai have also shown that consumers who continue to consume soybeans have a more positive impact on bone enhancement than consumers who do not.

Osteoporosis has affected more than 30% -50% of women, and early transplantation of soy protein has a potential role in preventing osteoporosis in women.

  Human body quality in Asia is adapted to the main nutrition of plants. Among them, soy products with low cholesterol content are very suitable choices. For long-term consumption, the incidence of heart disease, obesity, and cancer is higher than that of women in Europe and the United States, which tend to eat meat.

American nutritionist Dr. Mark Messina reveals that in Shanghai, some experts have led a survey on the relationship between adolescent soybean protein implantation and the incidence of retinopathy, studying 2995 female cases at the age of 13-15Soy intake was found to be 4 per day.

41-6.The anticancer efficacy of 61g of soybeans reached 31%, and the absorption reached 11.

At 01g / day, the anti-cancer effect is obvious, reaching 49%.

  The role of soy on human health and nutrition is beyond doubt.

Women, especially adolescent girls, should ensure that they consume appropriate amounts of soy nutrition every day. Experts recommend 2-3 times a day, and it is best to eat a certain amount of soy products at each meal.

Soy milk with convenient and high absorption rate has become the best choice for people to supplement soy nutrition.

Analysis: What do suicides think?

Analysis: What do suicides think?

The common psychological characteristic of people who want to commit suicide is loneliness. They think that no one can understand themselves, which can’t help themselves. In this world, they are the most unfortunate and the most painful.

Because of this fame, I want to use contradictions to die.

But in fact, people who want to commit suicide are in a paradoxical mood, eager to get help while trying to die.

Specifically, the mental state of the suicide shows the following characteristics.

  1. Contradictory mentality Death is both terrible and valuable to suicides.

Many tangible and intangible difficulties in real life can be solved and satisfied in the illusion of death.

But death must be terrible. The suicide seeks relief, and reorganizes and asks for help.

  2. The perceptions of those who attempt suicide are often distorted by emotional influences.

Appears as “absolute” or “generalized” or alternated twice.

Absolutization refers to the belief that anything must be so.

For example, “I am destined to fail in everything I do”, “People around me definitely don’t like me”.

“Generalization” refers to the concept of partiality and the unreasonable way of thinking, which often leads people to focus too much on a difficulty and ignore other solutions other than death.

For example, “I cheated on exams, my dad would never forgive me and never love me anymore.”

“I am flawed, and everyone else despise me”, thus arrogating and abandoning, blame and resentment, and self-harm.

  3. Impulsive behavior Suicidal thoughts of adolescents often form within a short period of time, resulting in impulsive behavior due to emotional excitement. Act immediately when you think of death.

They lack calm analysis and rational thinking about the crisis situation they face. They often think that there is no other way out. There is only a dead end, and their thinking becomes extremely narrow.

  4. Relationship Disorders Most suicides are introverted, lonely, and self-centered, making it difficult to establish normal interpersonal relationships with others.

When there is a lack of family warmth and love, and the lack of support and encouragement from friends and teachers, they often feel helpless, and eventually become more and more independent, enter a self-closed circle, and lose their sense of self-worth.

  5. The concept of death is vague. Teenagers who attempt suicide are more vague about the concept of death, and some even think that death is reversible and temporary.

Therefore, the consequences of suicide have not been fully estimated.

Flowers cannot be eaten casually

Flowers cannot be eaten casually

It is the pleasure of eating flowers as described by the ancients. ”

Nowadays, in the Anshan catering market, the substitution of flowers as raw materials is welcomed by more and more women.

Many female diners believe that flowers can replace taste and beauty.

However, relevant experts have reminded consumers that there is no food safety standard for flowers at this time, so don’t blindly try new food.

  A few days ago, the reporter tasted some flower substitutes at a well-known hotel in Anshan. The waiter took the opportunity to publicize that flowers such as “osmanthus scallops”, “rose shrimp” and “jasmine salad” have beauty and beauty effects.

When asked about the origin of the flowers, the waiter said that customers can rest assured that these flowers are fresh.

  However, on the second day of eating flowers, Ms. Guo, who ate with reporters, felt itchy and uncomfortable skin and had mild nausea.

Based on the diagnosis by Director Bai Xikui of the Dermatology Department of Anshan Central Hospital, Ms. Guo’s skin is mildly allergic and is likely related to the placement of edible flowers.

According to reporters, the hospital often treats patients with allergies to edible flowers, and a few severe patients have symptoms of poisoning.

  The original source revealed that the edible flowers should be directly supplied by the ecological park, which is a specially cultivated green food that can be eaten with confidence.

However, the cost of this kind of green food is very high, which drives up the price of the food, which is not easy for most diners to accept.

Some restaurant and restaurant operators consider cost reasons and usually do not use specially cultivated flowers or even use scattered petals as flower ingredients.

  An inspector of the Anshan Municipal Health Supervision Institute told reporters that although flowers have increased in popularity, relatively speaking, edible flowers are still a small part, and most of them cannot be eaten casually. Poisonous flowers will cause human allergies.Poisoning reaction.

Residents of certain areas have a habit of eating certain types of flowers, but it does not mean that people in other areas can follow suit.

At present, there are no relevant standards for food safety in China.

Compared with vegetables, the state has standards for pesticide residues in vegetables, but not for flowers.

In the process of planting flowers, flower farmers will fertilize in large quantities to promote their rapid growth and bright colors.

The flowers and food in the restaurant have not passed the sanitary quarantine and pesticide residue inspection, which is harmful to health.

Therefore, eating flowers may be prudent.

According to the reporter’s understanding, flowers are rich in protein, starch, amino acids and multivitamins, as well as some trace elements necessary for the human body.

These nutrients can completely supplement the substances that the human body lacks, and can also strengthen the body, beauty and beauty.

Edible flowers include bulbs, roots, leaves, flower buds, petals, and stamens, but not all flowers can be cooked.

For example, there are more than 30 varieties of lilies, but only the two varieties of lilies, Lanzhou and Longan.

Some flowers, such as oleander, mandala, poinsettia, daffodils, pansies, red rhododendrons, and other petals are rich in toxins. They are comatose after being eaten, and life-threatening when they are severe.


10 small ways to get rid of acne marks easily


10 small ways to get rid of acne marks easily

Acne marks are an invasion of many women and even men. Most acne leaves acne marks and it is difficult to eliminate them.

Therefore, the prevention of acne marks is important, and acne should be treated as soon as possible to avoid leaving permanent marks.

With the metabolism of the skin, the acne marks will gradually fade and become lighter.

Let’s take a look at those ways to get rid of acne marks.

  10 ways to get rid of acne marks 1. Mineral water and white sugar mineral water is a good thing for beauty, because it contains trace elements, just add some white sugar to the mineral water, mix and stir, and then pat with your handsPlace, massage in circles on the acne marks at the same time, stick to it for about a week and see the effect.

  2. Strawberry yogurt mask The strawberry yogurt itself can exfoliate, and at the same time, it can also help to remove the marks. It also has a very calming effect. The residue on the wall of the yogurt container after the drink is evenly spread on the wooden board, about 5-6 minutesAfter the skin is completely absorbed, it can be washed with water. Be careful not to use water with a higher temperature, because sometimes the mask is washed.

  3, do not use scrubs for allergic skin, do not use scrubs, because it will stimulate the skin’s epidermis, then when the acne grows, the skin will be very sensitive, the scrub will often irritate the epidermal skin and worsen the inflamed skinAt the same time, it will also stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, making the situation worse.

  4. Homemade apple mask. Apple has a whitening and moisturizing effect, but what you do n’t know is that it also has the effect of removing acne marks. Take fresh apple slices and put them in boiling water. Wait until the apple slices are soft.After cold, apply it on the place with acne marks, remove it after 15 minutes, and see the effect after one week.

  5, seaweed mask This method is really easy to use and affordable, as long as you buy a bag of seaweed granule mask in the cosmetics store, and water, it is very convenient.

Just do it every 2 days.

  6. There is a rare semi-finished skin care product on the oat gel market. Oat gel is very effective in removing acne marks. Oats have a soothing and repairing effect on the skin, but oat gel is more expensive. You can also buy skin care products with oatmeal.effect.

  7, potato chips to remove acne marks This is a very popular method to remove acne marks, every time you make potatoes, you can take the opportunity to remove acne marks.

  8. Pearl powder with egg white This homemade mask has a good effect on removing acne marks, as well as whitening and moisturizing. The method is very simple. Put an appropriate amount of pearl powder into a bowl, add egg white, and stir well.Apply on the face, wash it after 15 minutes, and use it for a long time, you will find that your acne marks are gone.

  9, yogurt acne marks method This is a very simple method, but it requires long-term adherence.

Yogurt, low-fat or non-fat, to avoid micronutrients from excessive nutrients.

  10. Ginger slices should be put on the face every night before going to bed. Slice the ginger if you have acne marks. If the ginger has the kind of ginger juice, it is best to use fresh ginger. Then gently rub the acne marks.Ginger slices can inhibit the growth of granulation tissue.

Until the place where you feel ginger is hot.

Persistent for one to two weeks, the effect is obvious.

This method is naturally simple and worth trying.

Computer family as myocarditis upper body

Computer family as myocarditis upper body

Chinese and Western doctors said that people who are sedentary and have a fixed posture are all a good group of meningitis, also known as “fascial pain syndrome”. If further worsened, they gradually evolve into extensive chronic myofascial pain.It is unbearable.

  Office workers, video gamers, etc. sit in front of the computer for a long time. If you sit for too long and are inactive, be careful of musculitis!

Chinese and Western doctors said that people who are sedentary and have a fixed posture are all a good group of meningitis, also known as “fascial pain syndrome”. If further worsened, they gradually evolve into extensive chronic myofascial pain.It is unbearable.

  Dr. Liao pointed out that patients may have shoulder pain and occasional headaches. If there is no timely treatment, it may induce more “pain points” and persist. Finally, the neck back traction will be further developed, resulting in impossibility.Turning side activity, and muscle spasm, there are tenderness symptoms, but no redness symptoms.

Patients may also be accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and nausea.

  Undoubtedly, in addition to people who sit in front of the computer for a long time, people who often maintain a fixed posture and are inactive may also suffer from this situation. For example, investors are staring at the stock market changes, and musicians continue to practice the piano.The mahjong people sit at the table for a long time, etc. These are all high-risk groups of good hair, and the people must not be careful.

  Dr. Liao Guisheng, in fact, the sarcolemma tender point is composed of a number of sensitive pain points, the ancient book “The Yellow Emperor Internal Classic?”

Su Wen has a record: “Five labor injuries, long-term injury, long-term injury, sedentary wounds, long-term injury, long-term injury, it is said that five labor injuries.

From a modern point of view, it is said that sewing, typing, painting and mental workers have long been working because of bowing for too long, which may damage the cervical vertebrae through the meridian qi and blood, muscles and muscles, or long-term poor posture, improper sleeping position, etc.Habits, are easy to cause vertebral fascia of the cervical spine.

Four tips for first-class care to create a sexy neck

Four tips for first-class care to create a sexy neck

A sexy neck is the proud capital of a woman. Because it is smooth, we can claim that we are young; because it is silky, we can reveal to others that we cherish ourselves.

However, the proprietary sexy, the details that are easily overlooked are dryness and wrinkles. As long as there are these two enemies, the sexy will escape.

  At least in humans is a “triangle of events”, but the skin is very thin and fragile. The amount of sebaceous adenosine and sweat glands in the front skin has only a small amount of replacement.Wrinkles easily.

There are usually two types of obvious wrinkles: one is an early wrinkle that starts to appear at a few years of age, and this wrinkle is usually not obvious.

Another type of wrinkle is affected by UV rays and deepens with age. This type of wrinkle can be very noticeable.

Numerous head-up and head-down actions, coupled with the weight of the supporting head, cause the skin to easily accelerate aging and overlap, resulting in wrinkles.

Moreover, once wrinkles occur, it is difficult to restore elasticity and eliminate them.

  From this, we can achieve the sexy neck by some cosmetic means.

You can do these at home.

Let’s talk about it in detail: Initially, it is cleaning.

  The specific method is the mashed potato cleaning method. Add a spoonful of vegetable oil and egg whites to the mashed potato and stir well. Absorb it while hot to make it white and tender.

The second is the rice ball cleaning method: knead the freshly steamed rice into a ball, and rub it back and forth at the shrinking wrinkles until it turns black. This method has a good cleaning and wrinkle removal effect.

  The second step is massage.

  This step of the massage is divided into two, one is to apply neck cream or essence with appropriate massage techniques to make it easier to absorb the nutrition of the product, it does not take too long, about 2?
3 minutes is enough; 2 is 1 every week?
The two key massages are performed with massage cream or essential oil. Such a massage shortens the time by about 10 minutes.

  Neck cream should be used sooner or later because the complication skin is more sensitive and blood circulation is poor. Special maintenance creams must be used to improve it.

Neck cream can moisturize skin and prevent shrinkage and wrinkles. Especially, it is better to use a night cream or serum for anti-wrinkle and firming at night. It is best to become a habit.

  How to apply neck cream?

Take an appropriate amount of neck cream on your hand, rub it on your palm until it is warm, then slightly lift your chin, use your palms to alternate from the bottom to the center, and push gently with the middle part of your finger, about 10 times.

After doing the massage in the middle of the coaxial, use the fingers of both hands to gently massage from the bottom up to the back, and repeat it 10 times.

During the massage, you can also add a few drops of lavender and rose-modulated essential oils to stimulate and activate the cells.

  The third step is to apply a film.

  A three-day rehabilitation mask is a must for supplementing sexy care.

Neck masks specifically designed for calibration are rare. If not available, they can be replaced with a mask or a mask cloth. They can also replace the current surface on the market and replace the one-piece mask.

However, it should be noted that the skin is relatively soft, and you should not use the tear-type neck mask, otherwise it will pull the skin looser.

In addition, you can also prepare the mask yourself: egg whites are mixed with starch, honey is mixed into a paste, and evenly spread in it. After 30 minutes, it is washed away to tighten the skin.

  The fourth step is to do sexy neck exercises.

  When exercise is added to the skin care program, the effect of care will be better. At the same time, aerobics can not only exercise the posture lines, but also improve the displacement of neck, shoulder, back and other muscles, which can prevent the increase of muscle relaxation and avoidThe appearance of wrinkles and “double chin” can effectively accelerate the blood circulation in the brain and keep the human brain awake and flexible.

Sexy beauty kills two birds with one stone.

Specific exercises: First, the jaw-neck confrontation: hold both hands into a fist shape, with both elbows sideways.

The two punches overlap, pushing against the lower jaw, pressing the head down hard, and the two punches trying to resist upwards.

Hold for a few seconds, restore, and then repeat; Second, turn the head and neck: maintain complications or sit upright.

Turn the head and neck to the left, and touch the left shoulder as much as possible, and then return; turn to the right and repeat the same action, and repeat ten times.

5 possible endings for a nomad

5 possible endings for a nomad

The first kind of ending: men care for their lovers. Many people’s endings will be uncovered. Eventually let the wife know, eventually lead to the breakdown of the relationship between the couple, and eventually lead to the path of divorce.

  If the lover is single, the man will choose to become a husband and wife and continue to live a husband and wife life, and the wife may find his partner and lead a new life.

  But the children lost the family fun they deserved, and they hurt the most.

However, this ending is quite satisfactory.

  The second ending: If both parties have a family, one party divorces after the incident, and the other party chooses to continue their marriage. The divorce will only result in the loss of wealth and regret.

  However, the party who chooses to continue the marriage will certainly leave a shadow of difficult healing in their hearts, leaving hidden dangers to their normal lives and gaining more.

But this ending is not the worst.

  The third ending: the reason why many mistresses are with men is a wealth word.

Often after the wealth reaches a certain amount, they will definitely choose to leave.

  During the life with a man, he is too lazy to influence the other’s family, as long as he has the money to spend, it is enough, and the man is pursuing physical needs, and each has his own place.

  Until one day the woman had enough money and wanted to understand that a natural breakup was the final outcome.

However, this kind of man will continue to pursue women as mistresses, and showing stuffing will sooner or later.

  The first kind of ending: After the man finds his mistress to let his wife find out, the wife actually went to find her lover because of revenge. As a result, the chickens jumped and the domestic violence continued.

  The mentality of a man at this time is that he can find a mistress himself, and a woman should follow three virtues, but he forgot that this is an era of equality between men and women, and asked the other party to be decent, and blindly saying that women are obviously unfair.

  Under the influence of this, the relationship with the lover will often change, and eventually become lonely.

I think this is also a terrible ending. It hurts and hurts. If you do n’t become a husband and wife, you will regret it. Why?

  Fifth ending: Men fall in love with mistresses, and mistresses fall in love with men, and it is difficult for men to choose to leave their wives for a sense of responsibility.

  In the end, after the public, the wife chose silent acquiescence for the family, and the lover chose to continue to love to get the love of the man. So a funny scene appeared, one or three to accompany the lover, two to four to accompany his wife,Everyone continued to live in peace, and really achieved the red flag on both sides.

  But at this time, I am probably the most tired and become a man, and the pressure can be imagined.

So what should I do?

Only one sentence can be sent: do it yourself.

  Of course, the ending of each mistress is not exactly the same.

For example, it is said that 90% of corrupt officials have fostered mistresses, and the reasons for falling off are rare; related scholars and celebrity foster mistresses have caused them to lose their reputations; even people ca n’t bear the pressure to commit suicide.

In summary, there is no good ending for the mistress, but it is still not good.

Do you like manipulating others?

Do you like manipulating others?

The mermaid plays music for the beloved prince. What instrument do you think it is playing? A, harp B, flute C, violin. Analysis: A, harp, doll that manipulates others. You are a typical little devil.

You can lie freely, and if you have good things, you will monopolize yourself. When you see your friends are upset, you will secretly confuse yourself.

But people around you think you are a good boy.

  B, flute, cute little devil. Although you have the talent to manipulate others, you ca n’t make a perfect plan, so you will be discovered by some of your more keen friends.

  C, violin, you will show your talents in front of the boys. You are normal in front of the girls, but as long as you are in front of the boys, you will become a little devil.Look.

You are complacent about such a noticeable situation.

How is your relationship with your boss

How is your relationship with your boss

If you were to be a screenwriter and design the beginning of a romantic romance, would you choose to let the male and female protagonists play in a certain psychological scene?

  A, suddenly encountered a heavy rain, the two stopped and shared the same taxi B, the two accidentally drove while driving, the two got off and got into a fight C, the heroine accidentally drove into the heroine D and the heroine’s carAnchored at the side of the road, the actor was just passing by to help repair the result: A, suddenly encountered a heavy rain, the two blocked and shared the meter taxi. You are the most popular boss to buy a popular set. You hate the impersonal boss.The boss looks kind and philanthropic. He usually asks the employee for his warmth. If he is very considerate about the employee, you will willingly give his life for him.

In other words, as long as the boss is good to you, you will be willing to do something for him.

Friends who choose this option, you still value affection in all things, but you yourself are also very affectionate people.

  B, the two accidentally stumbled when they drove. The two guys got out of the car and quarreled. Your favorite boss is the one who can plan for you. You can easily admire talented people, so for some people who look very smartYou will feel very good. If this boss becomes a very visionary, and then still not plan a grand blueprint, you will feel right to follow him.

Friends who choose this option are basically an idealist in your bones.

  C, the heroine accidentally drove into the heroine. Your most delicious boss is that he manages to be generous. Since you are not sure of yourself deep in your heart, you appreciate the prestige and domineering and can teach you a lotThe boss of the matter, with them you will feel that it doesn’t matter if you earn more or earn less, mainly because you can learn a lot.

Friends who have chosen this option, you should learn to be more positive about yourself, in fact, you are still very good.

  D, the heroine ‘s car broke down by the road, and the heroine just passed by to help repair your most delicious boss. It ‘s a simple and pragmatic person. You ‘ll feel like you ‘re doing everything you want.Say you come to work and do things to make money, how much money you give me and how much work I do, and the rest are irrelevant things. It doesn’t need to be hypocritical to be a boss.

Friends who choose this option are authentic realists.

8 antioxidant details that white-collar workers should know


8 antioxidant details that white-collar workers should know

We have long heard from “Human Revolution”: “If oxidation does not occur, according to human growth rules and genetic inferences, people can live to 167 years.

“167 years old!

Oxidation is really the culprit who stole our elixir.

The OL in the office is facing an oxidation crisis more than ordinary people due to the environment in which it is located. Naturally, once a 25-year-old person adds a bottle of anti-aging essence, everything will be fine. Specific problems need to be analyzed.A battle of details!

  8 details of antioxidants that OL should pay attention to1.

Does the company stop the air-conditioning as soon as it is off work?

  Everyone knows that sunscreen is the most important way to work on anti-oxidation. Sunscreen last week asked us: “Summer sunscreen, cream, foundation must be on the same line.Is the anti-UV effect good?

But I think it ‘s so good to catch up with overtime to suffer because our company stops the air conditioner as soon as 6pm.

“In fact, the sun protection factor of many base makeups and barrier creams has increased. The ingredients experts also said that the three are separated only by colorants, so choosing 1 out of 3 is enough to make the summer face feel refreshed.

Nowadays, many sunscreen products simply resist UV rays, and a lot of anti-oxidant components are added between them. While isolating the culprit, it also causes maintenance and repair. It is recommended to choose a variety of products.


The skin is as tired as you are?

  Relying on reinforcements at night to increase combat effectiveness the next day, do you feel that your skin is very poor at absorbing nutrients when you get up early the next morning?

For women in the workplace, the pressure of work and the irregularities of staying up late can easily cause skin fatigue. If the repair is not good at night, its condition will not be relieved the next day, so “some medicine” is necessary!

Products with the strongest cell repair ability at night, with high concentration of ingredients or compound antioxidant formula, add weight to the skin at night and accumulate energy for the skin during the day.

This high-concentration product must be combined with warm palm massage to better absorb the active ingredients.


No green plants first?

  The daytime essence is applied a few more layers but it is thin and light. Many OLs are accustomed to putting a pot of green plants before replacement. It is not only to please the eyes but also to increase the oxygen content around the seat.

If you haven’t had time to prepare it, you need to work on your own protective measures.

Skincare experts suggest that we choose some thin and light anti-oxidant essences with thin and multi-layer methods, that is, the essence can be applied in 2-3 times, and the skin can absorb energy a little to better resist “foreign aggression.”


Notice that the computer takes longer than sleeping?

  Eye massage should be patted instead of rubbed. Do you count yourself spending more time watching the computer every day than sleeping?

In the afternoon, the eyes become astringent and dry, a little dark circles are considered to be kind to you, wrinkles and sagging bags under the eyes will suddenly feel particularly obvious at this time.

Essential to take care of your eyes!

Therefore, it is necessary to take a two-pronged approach in terms of minerals and methods. It is best to choose eye cream containing chamomile, green tea, and melon, which can delay the oxidation rate around the eyes and calm the soothing effect.

In addition, massage on the eyes as much as possible instead of rubbing, which can speed up blood circulation and increase skin elasticity, but improper rubbing may accelerate skin relaxation.


More than 6 hours a day in an air-conditioned room?

  Antioxidant Lotion Appears to Help Fight Antioxidant work, don’t count credit for the essence. The role of the lotion has been cleaned and hydrated separately. It can also help the skin to open the channel for absorbing nutrients.

Some lotions themselves contain antioxidants. If you are the type who spends more than 6 hours in an air-conditioned room every day, the skin moisture loss is definitely more serious, and you need to pat some lotions in the morning to increase the skin.Moisture, at the same time, under the catalysis of toner, repair products can play a greater role, can also metabolize old cells as soon as possible, paving the way for regenerating cells.


Wear body sunscreen and forget to remove it?

  Green tea helps you to restore the vitality of your skin. This season, you will always use body sunscreens. On the tibia and collarbone, most people wash them with bath soap during bathing. In fact, this does not completely remove the sunscreen products. In the long run, the skin on your body will changeIt was gloomy.

Body experts recommend that we use a body massage cream with added green tea ingredients. Green tea itself is an antioxidant star. Using it for proper massage can reduce skin fatigue, promote blood circulation, and prevent skin from regaining vitality and vitality. The aroma and coolness of green teaIt also caters to this season.


I have been working late night?
  Need to dispatch dense “special forces” cells also have a biological clock!
Dr. Metz of Estee Lauder told us so.

OL staying up late working overtime seems to be a daily routine. The daily life disrupts the biological clock of the cells. Others’ skin is busy repairing at night, but you drive it to exhaustion, with embarrassing consequences.

If you have n’t rested because of work recently, then you need special forces to take care of our cells, exfoliating, massage cream and facial masks. They help the cell metabolism to get on the right track, improve the auto-antioxidant capacity, and then go to the ampouleIt is a kind of intensive maintenance product, which concentrates the condition of the skin.


Recently busy with work and maintenance?

  If you have a big case at hand recently, you have been interrupted from time to time to rush work, neglected to maintain the skin, and the biological clock of the skin is a bit messy. At this time, external emergency treatment is not enough.Replenish energy.

Just like the diet rejuvenation therapy that is popular in Europe and the United States, to put it bluntly, it is to supplement fish protein and various antioxidants.

Many brands have launched oral antioxidant products, and those green tea, milk, red wine, and water are all antioxidant stars at your fingertips. Love yourself more, and it is not difficult to do this.