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Interview with Professor Liang Donghui: Diet Control = Eat Less and Drink Less?

Interview with Professor Liang Donghui: “Diet Control = Eat Less and Drink Less”?

At present, diabetes is growing at a rapid rate in our country, and it has become one of the major diseases that seriously endanger the health of our people.

So far, diabetes can only be controlled but cannot be cured. The risks of complications such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and renal failure are more than ten times higher than normal people. Food therapy is the basis for treating various types of diabetes.
Therefore, understanding and changing bad dietary habits and staying away from misunderstandings are especially important for the prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications.
To this end, we interviewed Professor Liang Donghui of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou Zhujiang Hospital, and put forward some new understanding and principled requirements for diet therapy for people with diabetes.
  Experts interviewed: Liang Donghui, Deputy Director, Chief Physician and Professor of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhujiang Hospital, Southern Medical University; Deputy Chairman of Guangdong Provincial Committee of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine for Cardiovascular Diseases; Standing Member of the Professional Committee of Deficiency Syndrome and Geriatrics of Guangdong Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Society.
  Professional expertise: He has been engaged in clinical work for more than 20 years, and is mainly dedicated to the research on the prevention and treatment of cardio-cerebral vascular disease by integrated Chinese and Western medicine.
He has a wealth of medical theoretical knowledge and clinical practice experience, and has a deep understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arrhythmia, heart failure, cerebrovascular disease, refractory cough, kidney disease, senile deficiency syndrome and other diseases.
Presided over 4 provincial fund projects including Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, Provincial Science and Technology Plan Project, participated in the research of national fifteen key research topics, Finnish international cooperation topics, etc., and won the third prize of medical achievements and the second prize of teaching achievements.One, published more than 30 academic papers, published and edited 9 books.
  Expert’s Hospital: Zhujiang Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Southern Medical University mentioned diet, diabetes patients may think less, they think: “diet control = eat less and drink less”, is this correct?
  Professor Liang Donghui: This is one of the most common misunderstandings of patients with diabetes. As everyone knows, eating less and drinking less results in malnutrition, weight loss and malnutrition.
Once you have diabetes, people are often told to eat less and never eat sugar and sweet foods.
This sentence is almost the rule of diet for many diabetic patients. In fact, how can a diabetic diet be “less”? Diet control is not the same as eating less and drinking less. Instead, each individual should be calculated based on the individual’s body, activity status and illness.The appropriate intake of such foods should also pay attention to nutritional balance.
  Some patients asked, “I only eat diabetic food, and if I want to buy it, I buy sugar-free and hypoglycemic food; oh, this fruit is a bit sweet and cannot be eaten.
“Does this help control blood sugar?
  Professor Liang Donghui: Diabetics always think that their food is very special, and even eat separately from their families, so they lose much of the joy of eating and reduce the quality of life.
And they are passionate about certain diabetes health supplements and buy them at the first sight, thinking that if they take the supplement today, they can control their blood sugar tomorrow.
In fact, this is highly undesirable and not conducive to controlling blood sugar.
  How to choose food as a diabetic?
We can borrow the memory of Chen Chaogang’s experts: 1) white water: hot and cold water, the more good; 2) rice noodles: clever mix, not a bowl; 3) vegetables: green, red, yellow, and white, eat more; 4) fruit: sugar区别 5) fish: fish is better than meat, meat is better than poultry; 6) eggs: one a day, just enough; 7) milk beans: once a day, you must not eat; 8) fat: one meal one spoon, pressThe amount is appropriate; 9) table salt: light diet, salted and not eaten; 10) miscellaneous: potato and mushrooms, eat a small amount; 11) nuts: peanut seeds, occasionally eat less; 12) candy: sweets,Till the end; 13) Deep-fried: deep-fried, not sticking at all; 14) Tobacco and alcohol: Quit smoking and alcohol, long life.
  Some patients often say that their blood sugar is too high after breakfast, so they simply skip breakfast or eat less breakfast. They think that this can not only avoid the increase in blood sugar, but also lose weight. Is this okay?
  Professor Liang Donghui: In fact, not eating or eating breakfast will not only control blood sugar, but also will not lose weight. Because without breakfast, blood glucose may be maintained at a low level in the morning. In this case, low blood pressure is very likely to occur.Glucose response, and more importantly, skipping breakfast will affect the regulation of insulin, which is one of the reasons why diabetes has difficulty controlling blood sugar.
On the contrary, having a good breakfast can help stabilize blood sugar and control weight gain.
  If a diabetic patient does not eat breakfast, the source of blood sugar is reduced, and it cannot provide necessary energy for the body’s normal metabolism.
The body breaks down its own fat and converts it into blood sugar in the liver.
If fat is decomposed too much in the body, it will cause headache, weakness, etc. In severe cases, it may cause ketoacidosis.
If you do not eat breakfast for a long time, the protein in the body will be broken down and converted into blood sugar.
A large amount of protein is broken down, which will reduce the body’s disease resistance, which will induce complications such as infection.
Patients who do not eat breakfast are prone to hypoglycemia before lunch.
Hypoglycemia stimulates the body to secrete glycemic hormone, which causes blood sugar to rise.
Therefore, it is not advisable to reduce blood sugar without breakfast.
  What common eating mistakes can you encounter in daily life?
  Professor Liang Donghui: We can often see the following misunderstandings: 1) Peanut glycemic index is only 14, you can eat more.
We must not forget that half of the peanuts are fat. Such a high fat content and excessive eating will undoubtedly increase blood lipids.
  2) Pumpkin glycemic index is 75, which cannot be eaten by diabetics.
  3) Limit all high glycemic index foods.
  4) Consumption of food with low glycemic index can reduce the dose.
  In fact, the glycemic index is not the only way to choose food. Simply put, high-glycemic index foods are safe to eat less, and low-glycemic index foods should be eaten in moderation. The high and low glycemic index is not necessarily related to the postprandial blood glucose level.Moreover, it cannot replace treatment methods such as drugs and sports.
  With so many misconceptions about the diabetes diet, what are the basic principles of the diabetes diet?  Professor Liang Donghui: Our serious basic principles of diabetes are: two high, four low and one balanced.

That is high glucose, high cellulose; low salt, low sugar, low stool, low cholesterol; balanced protein.

The so-called two highs, four lows and one balance is a principle formulated under the predetermined conditions of scientific consumption. For example, high blood sugar is recommended to be a high percentage of all meals in a meal. It is by no means an advocate of eating ten.

The diet should be based on plant foods, supplemented by animal foods, and the total transformation of daily intake should be controlled.

  At the same time we should pay attention to the following points: 1.

Control of total indicators: First of all, the daily total indicators should be limited to maintain the ideal weight or standard weight as the principle.

For a moderately active adult, the average daily dose required is 25 kcal per thousand body weight.

However, it is necessary to flexibly grasp the situation and activity of each patient, and appropriately increase the rate for adolescents, pregnant women, nursing mothers or people with other wasting diseases who are labor-intensive and growing.

For overweight and obese people, it should be reduced to achieve the purpose of weight reduction and treatment.

In short, it depends on the specific situation.


The ratio of the three major nutrients should be reasonable: people with diabetes are actually the same as healthy people. The main three nutrients are absorbed in trace amounts, and the ratio of protein and sugar should be reasonable. Otherwise, it will cause mutual conversion in the liver, a chemical plant, and consume a lot of energy.It is not cost-effective to consume transportation capacity like North Coal to South Transportation and South Grain to North Transfer.

So now the total transient is specified to be slightly 30% (25?
35%), protein accounts for 16% (10?
20%), sugar accounts for 55?
60% and even someone can reach 65%.

Too much protein is not good for diabetes. Clinical and experimental studies have shown that high protein diets can cause increased glomerular filtration pressure in patients, and patients with increased filtration pressure are prone to diabetes. Therefore, the American Diabetes Association recommends thatDaily protein intake is limited to 0 per kilogram of body weight.

8 grams.

At present, some patients with diabetic nephropathy also have one-sided knowledge and requirements of eating less food and eating high protein, especially for those who have diabetic nephropathy. This view should be corrected.

But for adolescents, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and the elderly, the restrictions on protein should be relaxed appropriately.

  3.Restrictions on adults and hypertension: The current restrictions on the diet of adults with diabetes in the United States are consistent with the recommendations of the American College of Cardiology, that is, the daily adult amount cannot exceed 30% of the total daily dose, mainly unsaturated fatty acids.The daily plasma intake should not exceed 300mg.

Whether young or old, diabetic patients should not choose high-cholesterol foods such as egg yolk, paste, crustaceans and animal internal organs (especially heart, kidney, liver, intestine, brain).

Oils that are solid at room temperature, such as beef, pig, and sheep oil, contain more saturated fatty acids and should be eaten less; unsaturated fatty acids are vegetable oils, hard fruits, and poultry manure.

  4.Limit the intake of sodium salts: Diabetics, like everyone else, should avoid excessive salt intake. Excessive intake of sodium salts can cause high blood pressure. Therefore, the American College of Cardiology recommends that the daily sodium salt absorption should not exceed 3g.
If you have high blood pressure, you should take 2g of sodium salt daily.

At present, most residents, including people with diabetes, eat too much salt (on average, about 10g per day), so people with diabetes, especially those with hypertension, should strictly limit the amount of salt.

  5.Avoid easy-to-absorb sugar and eat high-fiber foods: sucrose, honey, various candies, desserts, biscuits, ice cream, soft drinks, etc., because absorption is fast, blood sugar is significantly increased, which is not good for people with diabetes.

And cellulose in high-fiber foods such as beans, roots, green vegetables, cereals (rice, barley, wheat, oats, rye, corn) and fruits can significantly improve hyperglycemia, reduce insulin and oral doses,Slows sugar absorption and increases insulin sensitivity.

  6.Eat less and eat more, increase the number of meals: This can reduce postprandial blood sugar and hyperglycemia, which is extremely beneficial for hyperglycemia control.

Sometimes people who do not respond well with simple medications can control their condition by dividing meals.

Beware of pneumonia in children in winter

Beware of pneumonia in children in winter

Bronchial pneumonia, also known as lobular pneumonia, is the most common pneumonia in children.

Related to this, the incidence of bronchial pneumonia virus in children with pneumonia is significantly higher than expected, and the mortality and mortality are higher than cumulative. Therefore, similar to other complications, pediatric pneumonia is also a serious disease that threatens the health of Chinese children, regardless of the incidenceStill, the case fatality rate ranks first.

  Recently, the temperature has gradually cooled down, many emergency diseases such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and more and more outpatients. In such cold weather, adults are susceptible to illness, let alone children?

Experts remind: due to the drop in temperature, the number of patients is increasing, and the number of children with pneumonia is gradually increasing.

In winter, children are prone to infectious diseases such as upper respiratory tract infection or flu, scarlet fever, chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, etc., and children with pneumonia may also develop concurrently with reduced resistance.

Because pediatric pneumonia is sometimes similar to cold symptoms, parents should not transform pneumonia and cold, and correctly distinguish pediatric pneumonia from cold, so as not to delay treatment.

  A few days ago, a one-month-old baby was vomiting for no reason while drinking milk, and was also accompanied by a runny nose. His parents thought that he had a cold, so he took cold medicine to his baby.serious.

The mother of the baby was alleged to have found that the baby vomited 3 to 4 times a day without obvious incentives, accompanied by runny nose, but no symptoms of cough, asthma, fever, convulsions and chills, diarrhea.

At that time, the family thought that the baby had a cold, so he took cold medicine at home. At about 11 o’clock that night, the baby suddenly developed symptoms such as sputum in the throat, shortness of breath, and cyanosis in the lips. The baby was then taken to the hospital.See a doctor.

Results The baby was diagnosed with tracheal pneumonia and congenital laryngeal wheezing in the hospital. If the baby is not sent to the hospital in time or continues to take too many cold medicines, the baby is at risk of life at any time.

  Pneumonia accounts for 70% of pediatric daily outpatients. According to Zhu Hongjie, a pediatric expert at Tongji Guanghua Hospital in Dongguan, bronchial pneumonia, also known as lobular pneumonia, is the most common pneumonia in children.

Related to this, the incidence of bronchial pneumonia virus in children with pneumonia is significantly higher than expected, and the mortality and mortality are higher than cumulative. Therefore, similar to other complications, pediatric pneumonia is also a serious disease that threatens the health of Chinese children, regardless of the incidenceStill, the case fatality rate ranks first.
It is easy to occur on average in four seasons, but it is most common in winter and spring. According to statistics, pediatric pneumonia in other seasons accounts for 40% to 50% of pediatrics, and now the daily outpatient volume accounts for more than 70% of ordinary pediatrics. More than half of parents mistakenly think that they have a cold.
If the treatment is not thorough, it is easy to relapse and affect the child’s development.

Dr. Zhu told reporters that pediatric pneumonia is a common clinical disease with clinical manifestations of fever, cough, dyspnea, etc. Some also have fever and cough and asthma. Therefore, it is similar to the cold and it is difficult for many parents to identify, soMany children experience delays in treatment.

  Dr. Zhu said that children who have recently been treated increase daily. In addition to the symptoms of fever and cold, general symptoms include diarrhea and gastrointestinal upset.

Some small patients develop symptoms several days after the upper respiratory tract infection. The first symptoms they see are fever or cough, and the body temperature is generally 38 ° C.
At 39 ° C, small patients with persistent high fever or no fever but cough that persists for more than a week should not go to the hospital in time to avoid delays in treatment and cause diseases such as encephalitis and myocarditis.

  Implantation to reduce the possibility of disease December 15th is World Strengthening Immune Day. It is mainly established to eliminate polio (also known as polio). Therefore, strengthening children’s immunity has been paid more and more attention.

  Dr. Zhu told reporters that children’s physical exercises should be strengthened in general, especially when there are few winter exercises and they are susceptible to illness, and more exercise can strengthen their resistance and virus immunity.

For various infectious diseases that may occur in children, such as measles, influenza, polio, etc., targeted vaccination can be taken to reduce the possibility of illness.

  The difference between pneumonia and cold According to the hospital’s replication, the prevention of general pneumonia is mainly to enhance children’s disease resistance, pay attention to weather changes to prevent colds.

However, if there are adverse symptoms, the “four look and one listen” method is used to distinguish pneumonia and colds, and the mental state of children also accounts for one of the main factors.

  ”Children’s nutrition is very important. They should add more vitamins to their diet to strengthen nutrition to prevent malnutrition.

“Doctor Zhu said.

If there are symptoms of cold, observe and distinguish from fever, cough, breathing, etc. or whether you have pneumonia.

“Four Looks and One Listening” mainly refers to fever. Most children have fever symptoms when they suffer from pneumonia. The body temperature is usually above 38 ° C for two or three days. Antipyretics can only temporarily lower the body temperature for a while, and then rise again soon.

Although the child’s cold may also have fever, but the body temperature is mostly below 38 ° C, the duration is shortened, and the effect of antipyretic drugs is more obvious; seeing cough and breathing, the general cough caused by colds and bronchitis, and the wheezing is paroxysmal,Normally, there will be no dyspnea and other conditions; seeing the spirit, if the child is feverish and coughing at the same time, it is suggested that the pneumonia may be less.

On the contrary, the child’s mental state is poor, his lips are cyan, irritable, crying, or lethargic, etc., and the infection of pneumonia is penetrated; look at the appetite, if the child has pneumonia, there will be a significant decline in appetite; listen, if the child is inWhen you inhale, you will hear the sound of “Guru Guru,” which doctors call tiny blisters, which are important signs of inflammation of the lungs.

At the same time, carefully observe whether the child has a chest depression (the indentation at the edges of the two ribs swells with breathing when inhaling).

If this happens, send your child to the hospital for treatment immediately.

Gym female fitness tips

Gym female fitness tips

You can see on TV that women who participate in bodybuilding competitions have strong muscles. In fact, many of these “muscle women” are hormonal.

Women’s muscle growth is different from men’s. Men grow by increasing their circumference, while women’s muscles gradually increase, which only causes bodybuilding.

  Entering the lively gymnasium, sweating in the rain is not only a big man, but also a lot of young ladies, who add feminine beauty to the monotonous gym.

For fitness, men and women have very different requirements for this. Women prefer a gentle way, and men prefer a stimulating feeling.

If fitness is a kind of fast food, women will choose clear dishes, and men will choose Turkish barbecue, so the gym is quietly drawn.

  Self-test index 1.

Do you have a lot of abdomen?

  The calculation method for abdominal obesity is the hip-to-waist ratio: the waist size is divided by the hip size.

If the male is at 0.

9 or female at 0.

8 or more, it shows excessive accumulation of abdominal feces.


When does the fitness break?

  Every time you exercise, pay attention to your heartbeat. If you need to breathe and feel difficult when you speak, you must rest quickly.

This excessive exercise is harmful to the body and not useful.


Does the exercise achieve the best results? The heartbeat of young people in sports should be 120 beats per minute?
140 beats / min. People around 60 should be 110 beats / min.

This is most beneficial to improve immunity and achieve good results.

  Fitness Tips 1.

Heavy sweating has nothing to do with fat loss.

  Misled by the notion that “sweating more can reduce fat”, people are willing to “sweat like rain”.

  Studies have shown that a large amount of perspiration without proper rehydration can easily cause the body to collapse.

Sweating alone can’t effectively lose weight, and some equipment training can be added to achieve good results.


Avoid shaving before exercising.

  Because the skin is particularly sensitive after shaving, sweat during exercise can irritate the skin in these areas, making it irritated and tingling.


Female training equipment does not turn into Schwarzenegger.

  You can see on TV that women who participate in bodybuilding competitions have strong muscles. In fact, many of these “muscle women” are hormonal.
Women’s muscle growth is different from men’s. Men grow by increasing their circumference, while women’s muscles gradually increase, which only causes bodybuilding.


Female fitness light illustration for weight loss.

  Women only use muscle training for weight loss without assistance. Although the danger is not immediately apparent, it is like a time bomb buried under a healthy surface phenomenon.

These risks include susceptibility to osteoporosis, which can cause injuries to joints due to insufficient strength.

This is why many women are prone to fractures in their hands, hips, and calves, and also easily cause sore hips and scoliosis.


Where you practice doesn’t necessarily reduce where.

  Some people think that pregnant women who train their abdominal muscles with diabetes can’t.Reasonable equipment training can effectively perform anaerobic metabolism and aerobic metabolism to achieve the purpose of reducing fat, rather than simply training muscles in a certain part.

7 magic weapons to fight back panda eyes


7 magic weapons to fight back panda eyes

After the year was too busy to work, the pressure came, and the panda’s eye appeared.

The panda’s eyes are cute, but they are not cute when they appear at both ends of the girl.

How to fight off panda eyes?

Xiao Bian quietly told you a few tricks exclusive secret recipe!


1Whole milk remove dark circles material: cotton ball (or cotton pad), ice water, cold whole milk method: 1.

Mix ice water and cold full-time milk in a 1: 1 ratio.


Soak cotton balls in the mixture.


Apply a soaked cotton ball to your eyes for about 15 minutes.


2 brown sugar removal of dark circles material: red sugar, handkerchief (or gauze) method: 1.

Put an appropriate amount of brown sugar in the pot and heat over low heat.


When it’s time to smoke, wrap the brown sugar in a handkerchief or gauze.


When the eyelids can adapt to the temperature, slowly apply heat around the eyes in a clockwise direction.


3 Apple removal of dark circles Prepare two fresh apples to apply to your eyes, rest in bed for fifteen minutes, and stick to it every day, and the dark circles will say goodbye to you.

This method can be replaced by potatoes, and the effect is equally amazing!


4 Apply a warm towel to the eyes Apply a warm towel from 37 ° C to 38 ° C, and then replace it after cooling. Leave it for about 10 minutes, and the dark circles can be halved!


5 Make a clockwise circular motion with both hands When washing your face in the morning, use your hands to make a circular clockwise massage with your hands for about 5 minutes, which can promote blood circulation under the eyes and eliminate dark circles.


6 Apply cotton pad with ice water and moisten the cotton pad with ice water and apply it to the eye area for 15 minutes until the cotton pad becomes warm.


7 Concealer to cover dark circles Use a concealer that is lighter in color than the usual foundation to cover dark circles, which can temporarily hide people’s eyes and eyes, but remember not to choose a color that is too white, otherwise it will easily cause uneven skin tone.

Daily eating in summer can moisten lungs and relieve cough

Daily eating in summer can moisten lungs and relieve cough

It’s best to eat ravioli in summer.

It blooms in winter, bears fruit in spring, matures in early summer, and bears the dew of the four o’clock. It is “the only one who has the four o’clock in the fruit”; its flesh is soft and juicy, moderately sweet and sour, and the taste is delicious. It is known as the king of fruit.
People are sweating easily in summer, and Zhu Danxi in the Yuan Dynasty had a cloud: “Eat less meat, eat more glutinous fruits; eat more naturally dilute taste.

“From May to June each year, the cricket matures, and the” Compendium of Materia Medica “records that” the cricket can nourish the five internal organs and nourish the heart and lungs. “According to traditional Chinese medicine, tadpoles are sweet, sour, and calm, and have lungs and cough, thirst, stomach, and diureticClearing heat and other effects, for coughing in the lungs, chest tightness and sputum.

Capsules have the effects of expectorant and cough, replenishing lungs and nourishing the lungs, clearing heat and strengthening the stomach.

And modern medicine has proved that capsules are rich in vitamins, amygdalin and baisinol and other anti-cancer and anti-cancer substances.

In addition to fruits, loquat leaves and scallion cores are also commonly used Chinese medicinal materials. Loquat leaves have the functions of clearing lung and stomach heat, reducing gas and phlegm, and are used for dry lung and cough, stomach pain, nosebleeds, and gastric vomiting.Kidney Qi, eliminate edema and sharpen joints.

  Cherry and cherry, bayberry are also called the three sisters of early summer, with more than 200 varieties.

In terms of maturity, it can be divided into three categories: early, middle and late. Early maturing varieties will be available in May. Mid-maturing varieties will appear in large numbers in June. Late maturing varieties can be extended to early July.

Dependent fruit types, there are differences between round fruit species and long fruit species. Generally, round fruit species contain nuclear infection, and long fruit species have few or only nucleus.

According to the color of the fruit, it is divided into red meat and white meat. The red meat is called Jin Wan because of its golden skin.

The white flesh species has a fleshy jade color, and the ancients called it wax balls.

As far as the variety is concerned, the red meat seed coat is thick and easy to peel, the taste is sweet and thick, and it is suitable for canning.

The white-skinned seed coat is thin, thick, sweet and delicious, and fresh.

Among them, the “soft strip of white sand” in Yuhang, Zhejiang, has a sweet white flavour; the “Liberation Bell” of Putian, Fujian, has thick and tender flesh, and juicy flavors;Top grade in lang.

  Pick a small bag: When you buy the salamander, it is large and well-proportioned, it is obovate, the skin is orange, and the hair is complete, juicy, thin and thick, and no green fruit is better.

枇杷 If placed in a refrigerator, it will turn black due to too much water vapor. Generally, it can be stored in a dry and ventilated place.

It can prevent discoloration if immersed in cold water, sugar water or salt water.

Do not eat immature cormorants.

  Fig stewed lean meat effect: moistening and clearing lungs and coughing materials: 枇杷 2 to 3, figs, 300 grams of lean meat, 2500 ml of water, 3 slices of ginger; ingredients: 3 to 4 servings; method: ▲ corelessWash the figs.

  ▲ Pour all figs and ingredients except 枇杷 into a clay pot and cook for an hour.

  ▲ Then add 枇杷, cook for half an hour, and add salt when incorporated.

  Barley stew effect: Runzao Yangfei Slimming effect: 80 grams of barley, 3 scoops, 4 bowls of water, moderate amount of rock sugar; ingredients: 4 servings; practice: pitting, stew in all materials, stew in waterhalf an hour.

Frequent exercises to prevent strains on the lumbar and back muscles

Frequent exercises to prevent strains on the lumbar and back muscles

Strains of the back muscles and back muscles are problems that many office workers have to face.

In addition to paying attention to mastering postures at work, you should also pay attention to getting up and taking a close-up from time to time. Your bedroom can also become a “gym”. Don’t just lie down and exercise.

  The first section: lying on the bed, holding your right leg with both hands, approaching the upper right to the right, approaching the head to the upper right, stop for 5 seconds, change to the other side, and repeat 10 times.

  Section 2: Sitting cross-legged, leaning forward, tilting your upper arm forward until you feel the muscles of your hips, stop for 5 seconds, before returning to the sitting position, you can put your elbows on top and slowly support your bodyRepeat 5 times.

  Section 3: Sitting position, with your legs bent around your chest, your chin close to your hips, and then lying back slowly, rolling back and forth, relaxing, and repeating 5 times.

  Fourth quarter: Hold your limbs tightly, sit on the floor or bed, tighten your chin to both sides, arch the sides, stop for 5 seconds, relax, and repeat 10 times.

  Section 5: Lie flat on the bed with the back flat against the surface of the bed, legs close together, turn to the right, stop for 5 seconds, then turn to turn, relax, and repeat 10 times.

  Section 6: Lie flat on your back, support your waist with both hands, and slowly bring your legs over your head until you feel pulled to your waist, relax and repeat 5 times.

Exposure can drain moisture, produce vitamin C, and promote calcium absorption?

So healthy, reliable?

Exposure can drain moisture, produce vitamin C, and promote calcium absorption?

So healthy, reliable?

Science and Technology Daily reporter Li He recently Zhengzhou a young man sunning the video fire when others are busy sunscreen blowing air conditioning, but he is barely exposed in the park wooden chair at noon!

Others ask why it is always very bright. “The sun can be sweating under the sun, soothing the poison, and it is good for the body to prepare for one or two hours a day. It is the health care that is driven by the wife who works in the hospital.”The problem is coming to the sun to maintain health, reliable?

Exposure to people with heat stroke, sunburn or even skin cancer “In the traditional concept, sun exposure is a healthy thing.

But the exposure of the young man in the above case in the hot summer is not as healthy and safe as we think.

Gao Yu, director of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Yuying Children’s Hospital, Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, said in an interview with the Science and Technology Daily reporter that the injury caused skin disease.

In the summer, the ultraviolet rays are strong, and in the sun for 15 minutes, you will feel the skin burning.

Short-term sunburn can cause redness, swelling, and pain in the skin. If you do not do any protection under the sun, the skin after sun exposure will cause severe pain and peeling.

“Our skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, tyrosinase activity in melanocytes is enhanced, melanin synthesis is accelerated, skin pigmentation occurs, and the skin becomes dark.

Not obvious after sunburn repair, skin pigmentation will grow slowly, which will accelerate the aging rate of the skin.

Gao Yu said.

Worse, the more sunburns, the more serious the damage.

Gao Yu reminded that under normal circumstances, human cells will repair themselves after injury. Once there is no natural repair or natural repair ability, or human cells may be mutated, skin cancer may occur, especially in the elderly.
People with hereditary skin diseases are more likely to get skin cancer after repeated sunburns.

“There is currently evidence that exposure to UV radiation, the interaction of human melanin protection and immune system function is closely related to the occurrence of skin cancer.

It has been determined that the parts of the human skin that receive the most ultraviolet rays are the head, the face, the back of the neck, the hands, and almost all of the squamous cell carcinomas occur in these areas.

“So, we are not advocating exposure.

Gao Yu said.
Moderate daylight “sun treatment” helps health countries such as Europe and America to enjoy sunbathing. Is there any reason for so-called solar health?

Gao Yu said that before understanding the health of the sun, you must first understand what sunbathing is.

Sunbathing refers to the method of using the sun to illuminate the human body to treat diseases and promote the recovery of the human body, also known as “sun treatment.”

Through sunbathing, the human body is often exposed to the infrared rays, visible light and ultraviolet rays contained in the sun, and is also affected by the temperature, humidity and other meteorological factors in the air. Therefore, the health effects of sunbathing are various.

Studies have shown that moderate sun exposure can dilate skin blood vessels, promote skin metabolism to enhance skin function and make skin healthy.

Gao Yu said that ultraviolet light is the strongest spectrum of sunlight in the human body. It can inhibit and kill microorganisms on the surface of the skin and help prevent diseases.

In addition, it can also increase the synthesis and absorption of vitamin D, help bone growth and development, prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis and rickets in adults; infrared can penetrate the epidermis to reach deep tissues, increase the temperature of tissue at the irradiation site, and accelerate blood flow., blood circulation is improved, and the skin’s metabolism is strengthened; visible light has an emotional effect on people through skin and vision, which makes people feel comfortable.

Therefore, there is some truth in the solar health.

Suitable groups for sunbathing include physical weakness, malnutrition, infectious disease recovery, mild anemia, gout, nervousness, neuritis, neuralgia; mild hypertension, diabetes, obesity; rickets, bone and joint tuberculosis, joints andMuscle pain, traumatic myositis, fracture, traumatic sequelae; recovery period after surgery, sputum, eczema, sweat gland inflammation, athlete’s foot, chronic enteritis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

Long-term exposure to the face will be irreversible aging, what should I pay attention to?

Gao Yu said that sunbathing should generally use the direct irradiation method, which can be used in a lying position or a sitting position. Generally, the buttocks and lower limbs are first irradiated, and then the chest abdomen and upper limbs are irradiated.

What must be outstanding is that long-term exposure of the face to sunlight can lead to irreversible light decay. Over time, pigmentation spots such as pigment spots or similar senile plaques may occur, and even pigmentation disorders of unevenness may appear.

“The concept of Chinese people who have been white for thousands of years has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Everyone is pursuing fair skin, so when we are sunbathing, we must not neglect the sunscreen on the face and head, even in the shade.Heaven will never be taken lightly.

Gao Yu said that the practice is very simple. Just cover the head with a towel or a straw hat while sunbathing. You also need to wear sunglasses and apply a proper amount of sunscreen on your face.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the best time for sunbathing: spring and summer are suitable for 8-9 am or 4-6 pm, and autumn and winter are suitable for 9-10 am.

The time starts from 10 minutes in the sun and gradually increases to 1-2 hours.

Experts suggest that it is not advisable to sunbath within one hour after a meal, because the fasting blood sugar before meals is low, and it is prone to dizziness and other adverse reactions; after meals, the blood vessels are dilated through the skin, and the visceral blood is injected into the skin, affecting digestion.

Especially when the solar radiation is too strong, it is easy to cause cataract, photodermatitis, conjunctivitis and heat regulation disorders, especially to strengthen prevention.

When sunbathing occurs, symptoms such as elevated body temperature, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, loss of appetite or sleep disorders should be stopped or shortened immediately. Source: Science and Technology Daily

10 most unexpected teeth-breaking habits

10 most unexpected teeth-breaking habits

Even if you brush your teeth carefully every day and rinse your mouth carefully after meals, your teeth may be hurt by some humble habits.

British media invited a number of dental experts to inventory the “most unexpected tooth-breaking habits” and see if you are in the right place.

Tea is too hot British dental experts said that due to rapid changes in temperature, drinking hot drinks such as hot tea on a cold day to warm up can easily cause visible cracks on the tooth surface.

The crack deepens again, inevitably hurting the dentin, leading to tooth allergies. In severe cases, it can damage the pulp or nerves, causing infection or abscess.

Talking more Dr. Luke Cascarini, an expert in dental surgery at the British Hospital, said that speaking often leads to chin wear and tear, and can even cause complications such as jaw arthritis and dental health.

Dr. Phil Stemer, a London dental specialist who gargles while brushing his teeth, said that acids and sugars produced during meals temporarily cut off the protective effect of enamel.

Brushing your teeth immediately after a meal is more likely to damage your enamel.

It is recommended to wait at least half an hour before brushing your teeth after meals, and avoid gargle, so as not to cut off the protective effect of fluoride toothpaste on your teeth.

Excessive exercise A recent study by the University Hospital of Heidelberg in Germany found that long-term exercise can easily lead to reduced saliva, increased saliva alkalinity, increased bacterial hormones in plaque and increased the risk of dental disease.

Dr. Demian Warmsley, an expert from the British Dental Association who opened his mouth while swimming, said that chlorine in the swimming pool may cause tooth erosion, loss of hard tissue on the tooth surface, and discoloration and sensitivity of the teeth.

After swimming, it’s best to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth.

Dr. Luke Cascarini flying after filling, says flying after filling can cause toothache.

The reason is that a change in height causes tiny bladder in the tooth filling material, which causes toothache due to changes in air pressure.

Toothache usually disappears within hours of landing.

If the pain persists, see a dentist.

The same can happen when climbing or skiing.

Using teeth as scissors Dr. Tara Langton, a professor of dental surgery at King ‘s College London, said that replacing teeth to bite the head with scissors, tearing the package or scratching nails, etc., can easily hurt the incisors.

In order to achieve analgesic effects, many people reinsert aspirin and grind it or bite directly on the painful teeth.

However, Dr. Cascarini said that the analgesic method easily burns sensitive soft tissues in the mouth.

Swallowing aspirin is recommended to relieve toothache.

Dr. Jeremy Hill, an oral hygiene expert who does not pay attention during pregnancy, said that taking contraceptives such as progesterone or pregnancy can cause elevated estrogen levels, increase the response of gum tissue to local irritants such as plaque, and cause or aggravate gums.Inflammation, prone to bleeding.

Develop good oral hygiene habits to minimize oral ulcers.

Taking antihistamines Stephen Foster, a pharmacist in Kent, UK, said that antihistamines may affect the tongue and mouth, etc. Boots affect saliva secretion and cause dry mouth.

Frequent dry mouth can cause gum atrophy and periodontal disease, increase the chance of infection, and in severe cases can cause teeth to loosen or even replace.

Chewing sugar-free gum and drinking plenty of water can help promote saliva secretion.

Differentiation and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with Chinese medicine

Differentiation and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with Chinese medicine

Alzheimer’s disease belongs to the category of “dementia” in traditional Chinese medicine. The course of the disease is slow, and personality changes are the characteristics of the disease.

Observed from clinical cases, the disease has both deficiency and reality. Generally, patients with deficiency syndrome become less severe than those with evidence, and once the symptoms of viscera and degeneration appear, they can be recovered through active treatment, and dementia also improves with different courses.

From the perspective of clinical incidence, they can generally be divided into three types.

  Qi stagnation and blood stasis, choroidal block.

  Aged and worried, dysfunctional, depressed, and liver loss caused liver qi stagnation.

Qi stagnation is blood stasis, and the brain is the house of the primitive gods. Qi stagnation and blood stasis make the qi and blood of the viscera biochemically unable to feed the brain normally.

Clinically, mental depression, indifferent expression, slow response, suspicious and irritable, often changing temperament and personality and personality; some are taciturn, some are upside down, some impulse hurt people, tongueDark, spotted, thin fur, thin or astringent pulse strings, history of hypertension or stroke, treatment of liver stagnation and depression, Huayu refreshing, medicinal: Bupleurum, red chrysanthemum 10 grams each, System of Xiangfu, fried date kernels, He Huanqing, 20 grams each of turmeric, 30 grams of peach kernel, 15 grams each of calamus, green peel, dandelion, 6 grams of licorice.


  The phlegm is obstructed and obscured.

  The patient weighed as much as she could, her belly was full, she was tired, she was lying alone, sitting alone for a few days, crying and laughing at the sky, her memory was inaccurate, her judgment and calculation were inaccurate, she was dull, and she did not think about eating.

The tongue is white and greasy.

Dark tongue, smooth pulse strings, remedy for phlegm and resuscitation, regulating qi and activating blood circulation, medicinal herbs: 10 g of gallbladder, pinellia ternata, 15 g each of Polygala, 30 g of Poria, 30 g of melon, stir-fried coriander, stone clam10 grams each, 6 grams of Baikouren (bottom), 10 grams of ginger and bamboo, 1 dose per day.

  Liver and kidney deficiency and brain loss.

  ”Lingshu · Hailun” states: “The brain is the sea of myelin . the sea of myelin is inadequate, then the brain turns to tinnitus, and the crystals are dizzy;

“This type of patients often have less movement and laziness, dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness, and sometimes murmured alone, poor night sleep, thin pulse, two feet weakness, remedy liver and kidney, nourishing blood and filling essence, Medicinal: cooked ground, mandarin meat, Dendrobium, Poria, 15 grams each, Polygala, Cistanche, 12 grams each, stone iris 10 grams, schisandra 5 grams, Morinda officinalis 10 grams, wolfberry 15 grams.

One dose daily, decoction.

How to enhance self-confidence and look at traditional aesthetics

How to enhance self-confidence and look at traditional aesthetics

As the saying goes, “Everyone loves beauty,” and young people are more persistent in their pursuit of beauty.

However, in real life, some young friends often become confident in beauty, and they often worry about their “unbeautiful”.

A bright-eyed southern guy told me that he was upset because his mother had said that he was a little humpback; a lively and healthy girl told me that her mood was very contradictory when eating: she loved delicious food and was afraid of fat, often for the shapeDisappointing the stomach; a young man with a dark face and a good talk also has troubles: because of lack of nutrition in childhood, he did not grow to the ideal height. Although he is actively training, he is still not growing . Actually, these fewYoung people have enviable advantages in the eyes of others: the first person is gentle and gentle, and he is good at English. He has gradually contracted with a unit and is about to enter a job position.School sports team member; the third eloquence is outstanding and has won awards in speech contests.

But they don’t take their advantages for granted, and they cherish the “lack” of their body shape all day.

  It is an important feature of Confucian aesthetics to express the beauty of the robustness and fullness of life. Of course, the strength of life not only refers to the strength of the physical body, but also contains the strength of wisdom and moral spirit, but it is only a more important content.

The beauty of humankind also manifests as a slight development, softness corresponding to rigidity, stillness corresponding to movement, and exquisiteness corresponding to fullness . Taoist aesthetics believe that human emotions are suitable to be consistent with nature everywhere, and they should not be violated in harmony.Naturally, to artificially destroy it and change it, people’s understanding and feelings of beauty should also go with nature.

Jiang Wen’s robustness contrasted with Pan Changjiang’s ingenuity, but the two also won the audience with their outstanding art; legend Liu Xie has a humpback, but the wisdom spread to the world gives people a beautiful feeling . “parents.

“Our own physical appearance is mainly affected by genetic factors, and the acquired changes are limited.

The true meaning of beauty lies in the truth. People talk and behave, and sounds and smiles are the true expression of inner literacy and beauty. The combination of these dynamic beauty and physical strength is the embodiment of personal beauty.

Mental health, appropriate and confident.

A psychologist said: “People who believe in their beauty will become more and more beautiful.

“Because you believe in your beauty, you will be generous in carrying out various activities and show your strengths in the event; if you believe in your beauty, you will feel happy and live a smart life.

A smile is definitely more beautiful than a cry, and youthful vitality is itself a resource for beauty.