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Do not drink tea in 21 cases.


Do not drink tea in 21 cases.

Anyone, young and old, likes to spend a cup of tea and enjoy the holiday leisure while relaxing on weekends.

However, not everyone is suitable for tea and health.

Let’s take a look, we need to be isolated from tea in certain situations.

銆€銆€1, fever, drink tea, coffee, coffee, alkali, not only can make the body temperature rise, but also reduce the efficacy.

銆€銆€2, liver patients avoid drinking tea, such as caffeine and other substances are mostly metabolized by the liver, if the liver is sick, drinking too much tea exceeds the liver’s metabolic capacity, it will damage the liver tissue.

銆€銆€3, neurasthenia Shencao tea in the caffeine has an exciting nerve center, neurasthenia drink tea, especially in the afternoon and evening, it will cause insomnia, aggravating the condition, you can drink tea in the morning and afternoon.In the morning, you can drink tea, drink green tea in the afternoon, and do not drink tea at night.

In this way, the patient will be refreshed during the day, calm and comfortable at night, and can fall asleep early.

銆€銆€8, drunken tea drinking tea has the role of exciting nerve center, drinking tea after drunk will increase the burden on the heart.

銆€銆€Drinking tea begins to accelerate the diuretic effect, so that the toxic aldehyde in the alcohol has not been decomposed and is discharged from the kidney, which is irritating to the kidney and harmful to health.

Therefore, for people with weak heart or kidney function, do not drink tea, especially not drink a lot of strong tea; for healthy people, you can drink a small amount of strong tea, after waking up, you can eat a lotFruit, or small mouth vinegar and other methods to speed up the body’s metabolism, so that drunkenness is relieved.

銆€銆€9, the use of tea with a wide variety of drugs, the nature of the different, can use tea to take medicine, can not be generalized.

銆€銆€The sulphide and theophylline in tea can be chemically changed with certain drugs. Therefore, when taking drugs such as hypnosis, sedation, etc., and taking iron-containing blood medicine, enzyme preparation medicine, protein-containing drugs, etc.,Iron acts to cause precipitation, and it is not advisable to use tea to deliver drugs to prevent the effects of the drug.

銆€銆€Some Chinese herbal medicines such as ephedra, uncaria, berberine, etc. should not be mixed with tea. It is generally believed that it is not advisable to drink tea within 2 hours.

銆€銆€When taking certain vitamins, tea has no effect on the efficacy, because tea polyphenols in tea can promote the accumulation and absorption of vitamin C in the human body. At the same time, tea is rich in multivitamins, and the tea itself hasExcitement, diuresis, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, etc., can also improve the efficacy of the human body and restore health.

In addition, in the folks often think that taking ginseng and other tonics, it is not appropriate to drink tea, there are certain reasons.

銆€銆€10, anemia patients avoid drinking tea leaves in the precipitation of acid can be combined with iron into an insoluble end product, so that the body can not get enough iron source, so anemia patients should not drink tea.

銆€銆€11, urinary stones patients avoid drinking tea urinary tract stones are usually calcium oxalate stones, because the tea contains oxalic acid, will form calcium with the excretion of calcium in the urine, if the patients with urinary stones drink heavy tea, it will aggravate the condition.

銆€銆€12, avoid fasting tea, fasting tea will dilute the stomach acid, will inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, cause digestion, and even cause heart palpitations, headache, stomach discomfort, vertigo, upset and other “tea drunk” phenomenon, and affect the absorption of protein, soonCauses gastric mucositis.

If “tea drunk” occurs, you can relieve it by mouth candy or drinking some sugar water.

銆€銆€13, before and after eating a lot of tea before and after drinking tea for about 20 minutes, should not drink tea, if drinking tea, will dilute the gastric juice, affecting food digestion, and because the tea contains oxalic acid, oxalic acid will react with iron and protein in the food, affectingThe body’s absorption of iron and protein.

銆€銆€14, avoid drinking tea before going to bed 2 hours before going to bed, it is best not to drink tea, tea to exacerbate mental excitement, affect sleep, and even insomnia, especially freshly picked green tea, after the nerves are extremely excited, causing insomnia.

銆€銆€15, avoid drinking tea overnight tea to drink as a good drink, tea for a long time, not only lose vitamins and other nutrients, and easy to sputum deterioration, drink easy to get sick.

銆€銆€16, avoid drinking tea because modern tea in the process of planting, processing, packaging will inevitably be contaminated by pesticides, fertilizers, dust and other substances.

The first tea is actually the water for washing tea. It should be flushed into boiling water as soon as possible, so that the tea that is soaked is the most hygienic tea.

銆€銆€17, avoid eating inferior tea or spoiled tea is not easy to keep, easy to absorb moisture and mildew, and some people out of love tea, reluctant to replace the moldy tea.

Deteriorated tea contains a lot of substances and germs harmful to the human body, and it is absolutely impossible to connect.

If the high-quality tea is soaked for a long time, the tea will also deteriorate due to oxidation and microbial growth. Such tea can no longer be placed.

銆€銆€18, children should not drink strong tea because the concentration of tea is too large, the content of tea polyphenols is too much, easy to interact with iron in food, is not conducive to the absorption of iron, easily lead to iron deficiency anemia in children.

Children can drink some light tea (supplemented for the concentration of tea for adults).

For preschool children, you can drink some coarse tea, because the tea polyphenol content in the coarse tea is reduced.

銆€銆€19, patients with coronary heart disease cautious tea for heart rate too fast, premature beat or atrial fibrillation coronary heart disease, because of the caffeine in tea, theophylline is a stimulant, can enhance the function of the heart, drink plenty of tea to make their heart beat fasterIt often leads to its onset or aggravation of the disease, so this type of person can only drink some light tea; on the contrary, patients with a heart rate of 60 or less should drink more tea or even harmless, but can improve their heart rate.Cooperate with the role of drug treatment.

銆€銆€20, the elderly should not drink raw tea The so-called raw tea refers to the dried green tea directly after drying without sputum.

The shape of the tea is natural and green, and the composition of the tea is basically the same as that of the fresh leaves. The low-boiling aldol compound has little conversion and volatilization, and the aroma has a serious green gas.

The elderly drink this green tea, which is very irritating to the gastric mucosa. It is easy to cause stomach pain after drinking. Young people will also feel stomach discomfort after drinking, which is commonly called 鈥渟tomaching鈥?

If you have bought this kind of raw tea by mistake, it is best not to drink it directly. You can put it in a non-greasy iron pot, slowly fry it with a slow fire, bake it to a green gas, and eat it after a mild chestnut fragrance.

銆€銆€21, high blood pressure patients should not drink strong tea head tea per gram of boiling water to reduce the amount of 50 ml of “dense tea.”

If hypertensive patients drink too much tea, the excitatory effect of caffeine will cause blood pressure to rise, which is not conducive to health.

Nourishing blood and clear chrysanthemum radish soup


Nourishing blood and clear chrysanthemum radish soup

Chrysanthemum is cool, bitter taste, into the lungs, liver, kidney, has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood, carrots sweet, flat, into the spleen, stomach, lung.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 6 grams of chrysanthemum, 100 grams of carrots, 5 grams of chopped green onion, the right amount of salt, 2 grams of MSG, the amount of clear soup, 5 grams of sesame oil.

銆€銆€Practice: 1.

Carrots are washed and cut into pieces and placed in a dish for use.


Put the pot on fire, inject the broth, add the chrysanthemum, eat salt, and cook the carrot.


Sprinkle with sesame oil, sprinkle with MSG, and put it into the soup pot after the pan.

銆€銆€Nutritional evaluation: chrysanthemum cool, bitter taste, into the lungs, liver, kidney, have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood, carrots sweet, flat, into the spleen, stomach, lung.

A carrot contains a lot of beta-carotene, which can nourish the liver, nourish blood, and improve eyesight.

Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cancer caused by cytotoxic damage and prevents premature aging and cataracts.

Chrysanthemum carrot soup is light, slightly sweet, slightly fragrant, rich in vitamin A, can nourish the liver, nourish blood, eyesight, regular food can prevent the eyes from dim.

銆€銆€Do not eat: people with stomach cold disease do not eat; carrots bogey with too much acetic acid with food, otherwise it is easy to destroy the carotene.

Give time to be happy


Give time to be happy

Many people in life are always pushing away from things that can bring them happiness, because these things are never within their consideration, not in their schedules, or they don’t even know that these can bring himHappy things, or they are rigid enough to jump out of established living routines.

銆€銆€One day, I couldn’t help but think of the night before the destruction of the Titanic. The women were still giving up the dessert after eating to keep the slim figure.

Since then, I have tried to make myself more flexible in my life.

銆€銆€How many housewives were there, what they had taken out of the refrigerator, and the husband suddenly went out to dinner, so she finally gave up eating at home?

銆€銆€How many times have your children come over and want to talk to you, but you are watching the TV quiz show with enthusiasm, so he has to stop someone from spending a lonely childhood?

銆€銆€I have counted how many times I have called my sister and said, “How about going out for lunch after half an hour?

“She will always stutter,” I can’t go.

My clothes are hanging outside.

My hair should be washed too.

I hope that I can know your arrangement yesterday, or I will not have breakfast so late today.

And it seems that it is going to rain.

“My personal favorite is her sentence: “Know that today is Monday.

“She died a few years ago.

We did not have lunch together until she died.

銆€銆€Because we have filled up so many trivial and unimportant things in our lives, we are actually giving time to the things that are causing us headaches, and we are squeezing out the time that is originally happy.

銆€銆€We always think this way – when our children learn to go to the bathroom, we will go back to visit our grandparents; when we replace the old carpet in the living room, we will go for a leisure; wait for the other twoThe children are all finished college, we will go to a honeymoon again. The transformation of life is gradually getting older and slowly accelerating.

The days go by, and the promises we put into ourselves are getting more and more.

Every morning we wake up and express our life as a routine prayer. “How will I be.”

“How do I plan?”

“And “I will do it someday, when everything is stable.”

“I have a friend who “just fights for the day”. Anyone calls her. She always has time to take risks and travel with friends.

She is also happy to accept new things and new ideas.

Her enthusiasm for life is very infectious. You only have to talk to her for five minutes, and will be willing to change your feet into a pair of pulleys, simply go to the bungee without taking the elevator.

銆€銆€I haven’t touched the ice cream for my lips for ten years.

In fact, I love ice cream very much, but when I have a spoonful of scoop, I can directly affect my delicate stomach and damage my digestive function.

So, I chose to give up.

A few days ago, I finally stopped to buy a sandwich sandwich ice cream.

At that time, I felt that even if my car hit the iceberg on the way home, I died without regret.

銆€銆€So, from now on, please continue to enjoy your life and do what you 鈥渢hink鈥? not what you 鈥渟hould鈥?do.

If you will die soon, and you can only make one more call, then who will you call and say?

Thinking about those, why are you waiting now?

銆€銆€Have you ever watched the children playing on the carousel?

Have you heard the sound of the raindrops falling?

Have you followed the butterfly that flutters?

Are you staring at the afterglow of the sunset?

Are you busy every day?

When you ask, “How are you?”

“Can you hear the answer?銆€銆€When the day is over, do you still have the housework to do tomorrow in your head?

When the child asks a certain wish, do you send him a “this thing we will do tomorrow”, but ignore his feelings in a hurry?

Have you ever lost contact with a good friend and let a sincere friendship regretfully draw a rest?

Why don’t you try to make a phone call with a greeting?

銆€銆€When you worry about it and spend your day in a hurry, this day is like a gift that is not open to you, just thrown away.

Life is not a race.

It may be appropriate to slow down.

Listen to the movement of this life before the end of the song of life.

6 strokes stretch action has slender legs


6 strokes stretch action has slender legs

Want to have slender legs but don’t know how to stovepipe?

Do the stovepipe exercise!

Here are 6 strokes of stovepipe exercise to teach you how to stovepipe, so you can easily have slender legs!

銆€銆€Slim, very thin and straight legs, is what every woman pursues and desires.

The six strokes of the elastic movements described below are easy to learn and easy to learn. As long as you keep exercising every day, you can easily own the legs.


Lower the upper body: Straighten your legs, sit on the ground, and bend one leg over the thigh of the other leg.

Then lower the upper body further so that the top is as close as possible to the leg.

At this point, hold the toes of the straight legs with both hands and hold for 30 seconds.

The legs are alternately made 10 times each.


Kicking the dice: Open your feet, shoulder width, put one leg up and put it in the waist, just like the kicking action.

At this time, the blood pressure of the other leg should be slightly curved.

When lifting the left leg, use your right hand to shoot, the left hand is naturally placed at the waist, and vice versa, the left and right legs are repeated 30 times.

銆€銆€3, high leg lift: one leg straight, the other leg straight 90 degrees, changed to a right angle with the waist, the tip of the toe down, repeated 30 times left and right.


Lift the legs to the sides: Place the chair above the body and hold the back of the chair with one hand.

In this state, lift the other side of the leg to the side, and do 10 times each side.

銆€銆€5 Bend / stretch the extensor: the feet are close together, slightly bent and straight, so that the body’s center of gravity moves down.

Then gently straighten.

Repeat 30 times.

Side leg lifting: Lift one leg up in the side lying state, and then restore.

Do 30 times each side.

How to choose salt for three meals a day?


How to choose salt for three meals a day?

Salt is the most common seasoning in the kitchen.

With the awareness of nutrition, the most common salts have also appeared in various nutrients.

銆€銆€High blood pressure and low sodium salt.

The low-sodium salt is made from iodized salt and added with a certain amount of potassium chloride and magnesium sulfate, and is replaced by sodium ions, so it is suitable for people with high blood pressure, kidney disease and high blood pressure.

Healthy people can also choose low sodium salt to prevent high blood pressure.

However, the low sodium salt is also preferably controlled within 6 grams per day.

銆€銆€Anemia eats iron to strengthen nutrients.

For women with iron deficiency anemia, children can choose this type of salt, and they can supplement iron while seasoning.

銆€銆€The child pregnant woman eats zinc fortified nutrients.

Fan Zhihong pointed out that zinc plays an important role in the growth and development of the human body and maintains normal taste and appetite.

“Generally, a balanced diet can satisfy the body’s needs, but children who grow up rapidly, women in pregnancy, and vegetarians may be deficient in zinc.

“Selenium strengthens nutrients to protect the cardiovascular system.
鈥?Selenium has anti-oxidation, delays cell aging, and protects cardiovascular health.

Middle-aged and elderly people, patients with cardiovascular disease, and people with small meals can choose to add selenium salt.

銆€銆€Have ulcers to eat riboflavin salt.

Riboflavin is a salt that is added to vitamin B2. People suffering from oral ulcers can improve this condition by eating riboflavin.

銆€銆€Finally, the nutrient salt must be replenished when it is lacking, otherwise it will be harmful if it is eaten more.

Chinese medicine recommended three acupoints for health

Chinese medicine recommended three acupoints for health

“Big Snow” is the 21st solar term in the 24th solar terms of the Lunar Calendar.
The snowy season is coming, the wind is chilling, and the trees are dying.
Some people will become depressed, lack of energy, laziness, sleepiness, strong appetite, inability to concentrate, loss of interest in things, hope to be alone.
This phenomenon is called “winter depression.”
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the lack of kidney and yang in the body, the Qingyang does not rise, leading to cerebral palsy and turbidity.
The following describes three acupoint health regimens.
Daxue health acupoints at the position of the Dazhui: located in the 7th cervical spine.
Efficacy: Yiqi and aphrodisiac, Dazhui points have a solution to Tongyang, tonic and Ningshen, clearing away heat and relieving epilepsy.
Massage method: first left hand and right hand, 4 fingers close together in the neck, repeated oblique rubbing Dazhui 30 to 50 times, if the local fever after rubbing, the effect is best.
Location of Zhiyang Point: The point of the Yangyang Point is on the back, and the midline of the back is the mid-sinus of the 7th thoracic spine.
Efficacy: aphrodisiac.
Zhiyang points have the effect of widening the chest, soothing the liver and stomach, spleen and yellowing, and wide breasts.
Massage method: first left hand and then right hand, repeatedly rubbed to the Yang point 30 to 50 times, if the local heat after rubbing, the effect is best.
Tianzong point location: the scapula, when the central depression of the Gangxiawo, is level with the fourth thoracic vertebra.
(The left hand is placed on the right shoulder, the left palm is placed on the right shoulder one-half, the middle finger is at the fingertip position.) Efficacy: Shujin active, qi and swelling.
Massage method: use both hands, from the neck under the shoulder, press the abdomen of the middle finger to press the Tianzong acupoint. If you can sit or prone, you can ask others to press the acupoints vertically with the thumb of the two-handed thumb.Acid, pain, first left and right, each time you press the acupoints for about 1-3 minutes, you can also press the acupoints at the same time.
Scraping is also possible.
Related recommendations: moxibustion three acupuncture points, can help “allergic people”!
The four big points of a moxibustion, what do you know?
How to maintain health in the snowy season

How to choose roller skating shoes


How to choose roller skating shoes

When selecting the shoe rack, pay attention to whether the joint between the shoe and the sole is strong and firm, and the connection between the shoe rack and the wheel plate is tight and there must be no gaps.

Also pay attention to whether the wheel frame is in the center of the sole. If it is skewed, it is not easy to maintain balance when it is difficult to move.

銆€銆€The bearings on the wheels determine the advantages of the shoe.

Good bearings should be very smooth.

When you buy shoes, you can gently turn the wheels by hand. The wheels should rotate evenly. The sound is fine and bright when you turn.

銆€銆€Wheels are usually made of three different materials, namely plastic, resin and polyester.

Plastic and resin wheels are slightly cheaper, but have lower wear and heat resistance.

Good wheels are made of polyester, which is abrasion resistant, heat resistant and can slide continuously.

For those who practice in tandem, it is necessary to replace the polyester wheel.

銆€銆€Push the shoes forward on the flat ground and observe the sliding direction of the shoes. The good shoes should have a long sliding distance and the sliding line is straight.

銆€銆€The size of the shoe is a very important issue when buying shoes.

The shoe size of roller skates should be larger than the number one or one of the shoes that you wear on weekdays.

Under normal circumstances, be sure to put both feet on the test, and the feet should not be shaken left and right.

6 kinds of the most red alternative diet


6 kinds of the most red alternative diet

Singing can burn. First, K songs lose weight: Singing can burn. First, K songs lose weight: If you can empty your stomach and play the effect of singing and dancing, the loss is also very impressive.

Recommended weight loss songs: Cui Jian’s “Nothing”, Jay Chou’s “Nuclear”, Dick Cowboy’s “Forget Me or Forget Him.”

銆€銆€The increase in lung capacity when blowing a balloon is followed by blowing a balloon: when the balloon is blown, the lung capacity is increased, and the muscles of the abdomen have a good exercise effect. It is possible to reduce the waist circumference by 1 inch by blowing 10 balloons per day, which is expertly appraised!

There is also a bath with two bathtubs: prepare two bathtubs, one side of 45 掳 C water, one side of 15 掳 C water, rotating bubbles, it is said that the effect of putting green tea residue is better.

銆€銆€Sticking to the phone card to lose weight is even more funny, believe it or not, is to paste the phone card: the theory is that the magnetic effect will adjust the flow of blood and gas, if it is attached to the acupuncture point, it will be more effective.

In the future, the money in the phone card will be used up. If you keep the card, it can be regarded as the integration and reuse of resources.

銆€銆€Chewing gum weight loss chewing gum diet: If the action or psychology is replaced as desired, then the most accurate trick is naturally food.

Have you heard of chewing gum?

Don’t think that chewing gum can only help your face. The latest study shows that if a person chews sugar-free chewing gum all day except sleep, he hopes to lose 5 kilograms in a year.Excess meat, because such “sports” can consume 70 kilocalories per hour.

銆€銆€Fasting starchy and sweet foods to lose weight: The theory is to fasten the starch and sweets, so that the blood glucose is reduced, which stimulates the body to break down the aunt, provide, achieve the purpose of burning the baby and reducing weight.

This has probably been widely circulated by Hong Kong stars, but have you ever thought about it? In fact, many kinds of slimming methods are achieved through foods that you never thought would even be considered to be deviated from weight loss, like chocolate slimming, ice cream slimming.The noodles are slimming, the desserts are slimming, and the principle is similar to that of eating meat.

Also worth a try is the baby food slimming method, baby food has almost no sugar and salt, plus the taste is difficult to eat, it will make people lose their appetite.

Therefore, replacing baby meals with a baby meal every day is believed to be effective in reducing appetite.

銆€銆€Aerobic fight slimming also has a personal method that should be effective and can be decompressed by the way: violent weight loss (in fact, aerobic fight slimming).

Combine boxing, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, and even some dance moves. In the intense music, perform some boxing and taekwondo basic boxing and leg exercises.

In the process of punching and kicking, it is full of venting, enough to sweat, and unwittingly loses the excess sputum.

Four hottest fitness exercises


Four hottest fitness exercises

For urban women, fitness has become a very important part of their lives.

Before joining the fitness army, everyone wants to know the market: what sports are the most popular, and what sports are best for them.

In the interview, the reporter found that in the summer fitness program, boxing, pedaling, Latin dance and yoga are becoming four new popular fitness exercises.

銆€銆€Kickboxing: After a quick and effective weight loss, the gymnastics has been favored by many young women.

The combination of speed and strength requires a lot of time. The one-hour fight can consume 600 calories. It is a pair of aerobics, and the practice of kickboxing can strengthen the muscles of the waist and abdomen.After 3 months of continuous practice, the practitioner has good endurance.

銆€銆€Yoga: Soft body language yoga can be used to prevent and treat a variety of physiologically related diseases.

The biggest feature of yoga is that both men, women and children can practice and have no special requirements for the human body.

Practicing yoga must concentrate on keeping the body stationary at a certain position to achieve physiological unity.

Practicing yoga can balance endocrine and balance the body’s limbs. Even if you don’t sleep for a long time, you can maintain better physical strength.

銆€銆€Latin dance: shaping the perfect waist and hip dance Latin dance can fully release emotions, relieve stress, enhance body flexibility, strengthen heart and lung function. Almost every part of the human body can be exercised, shaping the body, especially the waist, abdomen, wristThe shaping of the curve is particularly obvious.

銆€銆€Pedal exercise: The pedal operation of up and down rhythm is a kind of aerobics, which requires the exerciser to perform the medium and low intensity exercise in the state of excessive oxygen supply.

Because of the height of the pedal itself and the intensity of the exercise, the energy required to complete the same action is more than that on the flat ground, so that the legs are stronger and the muscle lines are more beautiful, which can effectively solve the problem of leg sag.


[Healthy Kitchen]Today’s Dishes – Secret Sauce Longevity Cake

The health kitchen Chen Lao is almost 100 years old, and his mental state is still so good, which is inseparable from her eating habits.

Today, “Healthy Kitchen” will bring a combination of recommended longevity packages, secret sauce longevity cake with millet porridge, both spleen and stomach and liver and kidney.

Chef Chen told us that the key to making longevity cakes is hidden in the crust, so how can we make the longevity cakes fragrant?

What is wrong with it?

Then go into the “Healthy Kitchen” brought by Arowana 1:1:1 to find out!

[food]beef, onion, carrot, egg, starch[expert]Shen Chen Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, deputy director of the Department of Spleen and Gastroenterology Chen Jichun Chinese cooking master production steps 1 beef cut into small Ding spare.

Stir the equal proportions of bean paste, seafood sauce, soy sauce and oyster sauce, and pour in the diced beef.

2 Wait for the beef diced crispy, add minced garlic, ginger, crushed onions, carrots, and saut茅ed with sesame seeds.

3 Make egg liquid, pour a small amount of water starch and stir, add black sesame, stir well after beef sauce.

Pour a small amount of oil into the 4 pots and spread the egg cakes. After the eggs are ripe on both sides, they can be eaten.