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[Homemade tomato scrambled eggs]_Hometown tomato scrambled eggs _Hometown tomato scrambled eggs

[Homemade tomato scrambled eggs]_Hometown tomato scrambled eggs _Hometown tomato scrambled eggs

People have a long life and face many diseases.

When you are sick, most of the time you need medication.

Medication is effective, but in fact, many diseases can be treated with ingredients, and the ingredients used to treat the disease must be carefully cooked by you.

Then, let me introduce the practice of homemade tomato scrambled eggs.


1 Turn on the high-heat pot and heat the oil 2.

2 Cut the tomatoes and shallots and beat the eggs.


When the oil is hot, pour in egg liquid and fry until golden 4.

Fry over and stir up the eggs.


Push the eggs aside, stir in the tomatoes and stir-fry with salt.

(At this point, turn off the fire to avoid the eggs becoming too old) 6.

Mix the eggs and tomatoes with salt and let the eggs absorb the tomato juice.

Maybe someone in your family will make home-made tomato scrambled eggs, but I believe the practice is different.

Therefore, in order to realize this difference, you should do it yourself. Only by giving yourself will you realize its value.

[Does uric acid eat protein powder?

]_ High uric acid_ Can you eat

[Does uric acid eat protein powder?
]_ High uric acid_ Can you eat

Many people now have high levels of uric acid. There are many reasons behind them. Some of them are related to short periods of exercise, and they are related to bad living habits, especially to wrong diet. For people with high uric acid,There are many taboos in the diet. Certain foods with high purine content are not good. Can these people eat protein powder?

Can uric acid eat protein powder?
Gout patients are not recommended to eat protein powder.

High protein intake will aggravate the onset of gout, and protein powder is suitable for people with weakened immune systems.

Usually eat more light food, banned drinking, including various types of wine.

A clear diagnosis of gout is not described. The normal treatment is not described. At present, uric acid is still high. It needs to be clear that gout is caused by abnormal purine metabolism. It is necessary to pay attention to diet and avoid eating high-concentration foods to supplement the body, alkalizing urine and other treatments.Good to the hospital, please ask a doctor to guide the treatment. As for protein powder, consider taking an appropriate amount. Suggestions: pay attention to rest and diet, drink plenty of water, avoid eating foods with high purine content, alkaline urine, and appropriate symptomatic treatment. It is best to go to the hospital to askThe doctor will personally consult and perfect further examination and treatment according to the specific clinical manifestations of the patient, so as not to delay the illness due to improper treatment and cause adverse reactions.

Uric acid is relatively high. In this case, it is best not to drink protein powder. In this case, it is best to pay attention to your diet. Try not to eat seafood or beer. This is relatively speaking.The best choice is to pay attention to low purine diet first, take medicine regularly, animal viscera, soy products and seafood cannot be eaten, protein powder is drinkable, and the uric acid test value is not too high, mainly due to the body’s metabolic disorders caused by purine and purine.Increase phenomenon.

Pay attention to daily diet and maintenance, eat more alkaline foods, avoid excessive consumption of meat and dried beans and alcohol, especially beer and seafood and animal purulent foods.

Pay attention to drink plenty of water, drink about 2000 ml of water a day, and promote the excretion of urate.

[Explore the reasons why big breasted women love to cheat]

[Explore the reasons why big breasted women love to cheat]

With the gradual opening up of the concept of sex, it seems that many women in the modern society have a more casual choice of sexual partners, and more and more busty women have begun to derail the derailment. Why do busier women prefer derailment?

Is there any reason why men don’t know it?

Let ‘s take a look together.

Women who desire a harmonious sex life prefer men and women to be more stable than men. Although it is said that ancient men had three wives and four wives, modern women are more accustomed to monogamy. After all, women are more delicate than men and they are more eager for affectionMore communication.

But men use love to communicate their feelings, which makes women distressed.

What’s more, men are self-confident and they don’t care about women, which makes these more attractive and big breasted women urgently need another man to satisfy her.


[How to make Deng Ying beef]_Recommended diet

[How to make Deng Ying beef]_Recommended diet

Deng Ying beef is not only delicious, delicious, and welcomed and loved by many friends. It can also be used as a daily snack. Many independent small packages of Deng Ying beef are also sold on the market, which is especially popular.

In fact, Dengying beef can also be made at home, and you can also choose the taste according to your preferences, and then I will introduce the specific methods of Dengying beef in detail.


Dry beef.

When buying beef, it is best to add beef bones. After removing the film on the surface, wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not touch the water to avoid deterioration in the next production.

The cut beef slices must be extremely thin, spread on a clean board, sprinkle with salt, spread evenly, wrap the beef slices into a cylindrical shape, and air dry according to the actual situation, about 3 days.


Roast and steam beef.

Prepare a baking oven, place the sun-dried beef slices on the prepared rack for baking, and take them out for about 15 minutes until the beef slices are dry.

Prepare the steamer, put the roasted beef jerky in the steamer, and take it out after 30 minutes.

Then cut the beef jerky into small pieces, continue to put in the steamer, and remove the heat for about an hour.


Fried beef.

Add the shallot segments to the hot oil pan and fry the shallot oil.

Fry the beef pieces over low heat until the beef slices are fully fried and the surface is shiny.

Pour out part of the oil, add ground ginger, and peppercorn powder, pepper powder, chili noodles, appropriate amount of sugar, salt, and MSG and other condiments. After stirring evenly, you can load the dish and sprinkle with sesame oil for seasoning.

The above is about the production method of Deng Ying Beef. You can determine the spicy degree according to your own preferences, and you can also make other flavors.

Moreover, you can make your own clean and rest assured. However, it should be noted that Deng Ying Beef is fried food and contains a large amount of small amount. It should be eaten in moderation or less to avoid a certain degree of threat to human health.

[Can you eat peaches for weight loss]_Peach_Slimming_Can you eat?

[Can you eat peaches for weight loss]_Peach_Slimming_Can you eat?

For friends who lose weight, a reasonable and healthy choice of food is the key to helping them lose weight, and peaches can be eaten during the weight loss period, because the fluctuations of peaches are not high, and they are rich in fiber, which can help promote the stomachPeristalsis reduces bowel movements in the body.

First, the best time to eat peaches to lose weight 1, half an hour before meals: can enhance satiety and reduce food intake for meals; 2, eat peaches for dinner: eat low-content food for dinner, low peach metabolism, can be replaced during weight lossPartial dinner.

Of course, it is best not to eat peaches before going to bed at night to avoid bloating.

Second, how many peaches to eat in a day are suitable for peaches. They are also mildly indigestible. It is recommended to consume 1 a day?
2 are better, 2 every week?
3 times.

In addition, peaches are recommended to eat after meals after meals.

Third, peaches are not easy to gain weight, but eating too much will get hot. Peach is a warm fruit. If you have a hot body, you must eat less peaches to avoid aggravating the internal fire and causing symptoms of anger.

Fresh and juicy peaches are not the fruit to relieve heat in summer, so pay attention to the nature of the food and consider the consumption situation.

Also, eating more peaches can cause severe stomach irritation, which can cause stomach pains or diarrhea.

If eating peaches causes a fire, you should stop eating immediately and drink some mung bean soup. It is also recommended to eat peaches with mangosteen. Mangosteen has a good fire effect.

Dongfanghong Asset Management Equity Fund has achieved an absolute yield of 68 in the past three years.


Dongfanghong Asset Management Equity Fund has achieved an absolute yield of 68 in the past three years.


The overall return of the public fund industry in 2019 is considerable, and Oriental Securities Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Oriental Red Asset Management”
) has solid investment and research capabilities to obtain outstanding results.

From a long-term perspective, Dongfanghong Asset Management has earned more lucrative returns for investors, leading the industry in the level of returns.

  According to the latest “Performance List of Fund Company Equity and Fixed Income Assets” released by Haitong Securities Research Institute, Dongfanghong Asset Management’s equity funds have absolute returns for the past three years (January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019).The rate reached 68.

91%, ranking first among 101 fund managers.

In the longer term, during the five years from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2019, the absolute return of Dongfanghong equity funds reached 133.

82%, ranking first among 73 fund managers.

  With excellent risk control and credit analysis capabilities, the performance of Dongfanghong fixed income funds also ranks among the top in the industry. The rankings released by Haitong Securities show that Dongfanghong fixed income funds have been in the last year, the last two years and the last three years.The absolute yields are 9 respectively.

22%, 14.

25% and 19.

06%, ranking sixth, sixth and fourth among all fund managers in the industry.

  Value investment insists on doing the right thing to gain long-term performance. Dongfanghong Asset Management is a firm value investment practitioner in the capital market. The investment research team always believes that value investment can be effective in the long term, explore price depressions, and long-term investment can reap the return of the price to its intrinsic value.

Breaking the road of long-term value investment, Dongfanghong Asset Management has never pursued short-term high-yield, but long-term compound interest growth has achieved considerable returns.

  ”Five times a year is like a river crossing the river, but twice a year is rarely a star.”

According to preliminary estimates, the medium-to-long-term performance of Dongfanghong Asset Management’s funds fully reflects the principle of “slow value investment is fast, fast is slow”, and the performance is harvested with investment quality.

  In the field of equity investment, Dongfanghong’s long-term value investment is mainly based on the following: First, select outstanding listed company stocks, pay attention to the improvement of the company’s core competitiveness, and share long-term profit growth benefits of high-quality companies, rather than burden, through long-term companionship.Gain short-term gaming in the market.

Second, strictly observe the estimation discipline. The most important thing for value investment is to buy cheaply. Value investment is not to make short-term money, and to pursue the return of price to its intrinsic value.

Third, it is expected that the allocation will be balanced, the industry will be scattered, and individual stocks will be concentrated to maintain the long-term style of the investment portfolio.

Fourth, long-term holding of high-quality stocks has a low turnover rate and avoiding repeated transactions.

  In the field of fixed income investment, Dongfanghong Asset Management pursues the maximization of risk-adjusted returns, and on the basis of controlling risks, it actively realizes the stable value-added of fund products through active management.

The team has perfected its credit rating system and rigorous risk control mechanism to fully cover investment research in various fields of fixed income. It can identify top-down investment strategies and pay close attention to bottom-up investments such as credit bonds.opportunity.

The team has established three-dimensional three-dimensional investment strategies: one is a bond trading strategy guided by macro research; the second is a multi-asset allocation strategy based on risk control; the third is a credit and debt investment strategy based on individual securities research.

  Regarding the outstanding mid-to-long-term performance of Dongfanghong’s equity and fixed income funds, Ms. Ren Li, general manager of Dongfanghong Asset Management, said that the outstanding long-term performance reflects the correctness of Dongfanghong’s cultural philosophy and values, and also reflects a win-win ecosystem.Power of the circle.

  Since the start of Orient Securities Asset Management Headquarters in 1998, Dongfanghong has adhered to the long-term value investment path. Investment research, customer service, team building, etc. have all been closely centered on long-term value investment to achieve, and the value investment concept has been deeplyEmbodied in Dongfanghong’s genes, it has not changed for more than two decades, which is the cultural concept and value of Dongfanghong’s ability to restore healthy development.

  ”Asset management is a win-win ecosystem. Working together, cooperating and co-existing, we can achieve a win-win situation for all parties and enjoy the beauty of investment.

“Ren Li pointed out.

  Adhering to the concept of value investment, asset management institutions select high-quality companies for long-term investment and obtain long-term returns; at the same time, they need long-term funds that match the value investment to guide customers in long-term investment.

This can achieve a win-win situation for multiple parties: customers continue to share the value creation of outstanding listed companies and achieve long-term wealth appreciation; listed companies can obtain more capital support through the capital market to grow bigger and stronger; while asset management institutions harvest long-term performance,, And I have also achieved long-term sustainable development.

  The promotion of the cultural gene “investment research + service”
dual-core competition specialty is the 天津夜网 foundation of the securities fund industry, and also the cultural gene of creating a “hundred-year-old store”. The public fund industry manages a huge asset scale, which is related to the happiness of hundreds of millions of families and millionsThousands of companies grow.

  Absolutely, Dongfanghong Asset Management has been working hard to create the core competence of “professional investment research + professional services” two-wheel drive. Professional investment research and professional services complement each other and promote together to form a virtuous circle.

  ”Professional investment research and professional services are rooted in Dongfanghong’s cultural philosophy and values, which are indispensable in promoting the development of the company.

“Dongfanghong Asset Management promotes investment research and service two-wheel drive, and the close relationship between the two: reorganization is to improve professional investment research capabilities, through long-term value investment, enhance customer satisfaction and brand reputation; alternatives must be foundThe long-term funds matched with the value investment enable the long-term value investment to be realized and the long-term performance to be harvested.

  Insiders of Dongfanghong Asset Management stated that based on the long-term interests of customers and under the guidance of correct cultural concepts and values, the company effectively integrated professional investment research and professional services, and genetically shaped investment research and services to complement each other.The system constitutes the company’s long-term competitiveness.

  ”Funds make money, but people do not make money” has always been a difficult problem in the industry.

How to convert the leading long-term performance into the actual returns of investors is also a matter that Dongfanghong Asset Management has paid close attention to and strived to achieve. It focuses on guiding customers to invest in the long-term, deploying against the trend, and insisting on investment every dayEducation work.

When the market is hot and products are sought after, they can take the initiative to control the scale and suspend fund issuance; when the market is in a downturn, they can accompany customers difficultly to promote the contrarian layout.

  Dongfanghong’s entire team has been doing investor guidance since its establishment. After August 2015, Dongfanghong reorganized the logic of long-term investment, value investment, and asset allocation, and systematically launched the “Dongfanghong Miles.””Customer service activities”, through a comprehensive training course, covered the offline communication to the online Internet platform.At present, more than 6,000 exchange activities have been conducted offline, covering more than 360,000 people.

  In the eyes of Dongfanghong’s insiders, the company is leading the industry in product long-term performance, benefiting from the long-term value investment concept in the company’s genes, and cannot be separated from customer trust and long-term funding support.

These are based on the company’s cultural philosophy and values, which put customers’ interests first and insist on long-term value investment.

  Team building Targeted long-term inheritance and unified values Talents are the core competitiveness of the asset management industry. The healthy development of Dongfanghong Asset Management is inseparable from long-term inheritable concepts and unified values, and a comprehensive talent training mechanism is established.

After years of practice, Dongfanghong Asset Management has explored a replicable talent training mechanism and established an outstanding talent team with a common culture and value.

  Since 1998, Oriental Securities Asset Management Headquarters, Oriental Red has been building a talent training system for basic long-term value investment.

The talent training system also implements the long-term concept, pays attention to cultural construction and change guidance, and mainly focuses on self-cultivation. Every year, outstanding fresh students are selected from well-known universities at home and abroad for training, and a perfect team training system is established.

  In the investment research team, the reduction of investment research staff was developed by Dongfanghong himself. Although different fund managers have different investment methods, the entire team has unified values and investment concepts, and has established an investment research system that can be inherited for a long time.And talent training mechanism, can continuously train excellent investment managers.

Currently, Dongfanghong Asset Management has more than 40 fund managers and investment managers.

  According to Dongfanghong’s investment research staff, 90% of the company’s analysts have been trained from fresh graduates. Behind this stability is the company’s institutional protection of the investment research team.

In the first few years when the newcomers first joined the investment research team, they faced a more relaxed growth environment. There was no short-term performance assessment. Senior analysts brought new indicators, and senior investment managers brought new investment managers.Time to cultivate and accumulate, and cultivate team members’ recognition of the company philosophy and unified values.

  In addition, the company’s assessment cycle for fund managers is three or even five years. Without assessment, the fund manager is given sufficient time for research and accumulation to give the fund manager room for growth.

  ”The company has been using the system to protect the investment research team, and does not evaluate short-term performance, allowing them to develop a good habit of investment research over time, and do solid research on corporate fundamentals.

“Ren Li said.

  The company’s service team assumes more of the role of customer service and investment consultant, focusing on the concept of value investment and asset allocation, taking the quality of customer service and the actual profit of customers as the assessment indicators rather than the sales scale as the main assessment indicator.

The service team has been committed to conducting investor education, guiding customers to establish a rational and healthy investment outlook, avoiding human weaknesses that chase up and down, reduce average investment costs, and achieve reasonable asset allocation.

  ”I think it’s the right thing. Even if we plant trees in the desert, as long as we work hard and persist for a long time, we will eventually achieve an oasis. We must continue on the right path.

Ren Li said that in asset management, the road is the direction, and the road goes the right way, and it is possible to go further and longer.

Phoenix Media (601928) annual report comment: rapid growth in performance, dividend rate increased to 58%

Phoenix Media (601928) annual report comment: rapid growth in performance, dividend rate increased to 58%

The performance has grown rapidly, and the dividend rate has increased to 58%. Maintain the buy rating company to release the 2018 annual report: 117 income.

8.9 billion, an increase of 6.

68%; net profit attributable to mother 13.

2.5 billion, an increase of 13.

63%; deduct non-net profit 10.

08 million yuan, an increase of 29.

89%, in line with expectations.

For every 10 shares, a cash 四川耍耍网dividend of 3 yuan will be distributed, with a dividend rate of 58% and a return rate of 3.

7% (8.

12 yuan / share).

19Q1 revenue 23.

5 billion, an increase of 14.

91%; net profit 3.

22 trillion, the same increase of 20.


EPS is expected to be zero in 19-21.



75 yuan with a target price of 9.


37 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

The textbook teaching aids have grown rapidly. During the year, we have obtained the full agency rights of the education textbooks. The price increase of textbooks was successfully introduced for 18 years.


71 trillion, with an increase of 14.

92% / 12.


The number of K12 students in Jiangsu Province with a growth factor of 18 years has reached 884.

30,000, the same increase of 4.

9%, much higher than the national growth rate2.

7%; Jiangsu Province’s textbook price increase policy will be implemented at the beginning of autumn every year.

In 18 years, the company obtained the agency rights of the three textbook compilation textbooks, and further obtained the full-disciplinary and degree-level agency rights of the human education edition textbooks. It became the sole agency of human education edition textbooks in Jiangsu.

The revised junior and senior high school textbooks of the company all passed the review by the Ministry of Education, and the newly edited three-item review teaching affairs passed the review by the Provincial Department of Education and were listed in the recommended catalogue of announcements.

General books remain stable and robust, and are basically flat. The distribution system has been adjusted to improve operating efficiency. General book publishing / distribution has achieved revenue for 18 years13.


99 million yuan, the same increase -3.

15% /-0.


General book publishing business ranks first in the square, with retail market share 3.03%, ranked 3rd, of which physical store channels ranked second, online store channels ranked fourth.

Life books ranked first, and literature, biography, and science books ranked third.

The governance structure of the issuance system was adjusted, and the organizational structure and business processes were optimized around ERP to reduce operating costs and improve operating efficiency.

The smart education business turned losses into profits, and its leading edge continued to expand. K12’s smart education business revenue grew rapidly, achieving breakthrough profitability for the first time.

18 years of Phoenix Learning Yield 1.

28 trillion, an increase of 35.

98%, profitability increased, reduced losses of 70 million yuan in 17 years, turned losses into profit in 18 years to achieve a net profit of 12.44 million yuan.

The number of registered members of the subject network exceeds 24 million, and the number of partner schools exceeds 40,000, covering more than 90% of the top 100 primary and secondary schools. The leading advantage of K12 Education Resources’ first portal continues to expand.

The revenue / profit of the vocational education platform Phoenix Chuangyi increased by 65% / 538%, respectively.

The sale of non-main business assets with poor profitability, the asset structure further optimizes the support of the company’s shareholder holdings, sells to it the printing business that has been restored year after year, and recovers cash.

1.6 billion, to improve the company’s profitability; goodwill impairment for the acquisition of American children’s books.

US $ 0.1 billion, light-loaded to clear obstacles for subsequent performance improvement; terminated Yixing and Jiangyin cultural mall projects with poor commercial prospects and recovered cash2.

1 ppm, reducing capital expenditure and project operating pressure.

As of the end of 18 years, the company’s cash and cash equivalents exceeded 100 trillion, generating interest income and wealth management income2.

8.7 billion, increasing company performance.

Business asset structure optimization, light loading and returning to growth, maintaining the buy rating company’s business and asset structure optimization, increasing student numbers, improving student structure, falling paper prices and other factors have helped the company’s steady growth.

It is expected that the net profit attributable to mothers will be 15 in 19-21.



0.6 billion yuan (down 5% / 5% /-), and EPS is 0杭州桑拿网 .



75 yuan, with reference to comparable companies 19-16.

5 times PE, give PE 15-17X, target price 9.


37 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

Risk Warning: Expansion of the scope of policies such as the compilation of teaching materials; the number of newborns has decreased significantly

Don’t suppress your child’s resistance

Don’t suppress your child’s resistance

When children reach the age of six or seven, they often show some rebellious emotions. When children are asked to do something, they will always refuse or even fight against adults.

Parents need to know that from a psychological perspective, the child is in a period of psychological resistance.

If you carefully observe the words and deeds of the children during the rebellion period, they are not serious. There are two cases of children’s rebellion. One is resistance for resistance, and the other is unreasonable resistance.

  During this period, children experienced intense growth and development, and began to master the basics of life. They were eager to try whenever possible, and wanted to do everything. If the mother didn’t understand the child’s psychology, the child would be accused of blame.Strictly forbid, when the child is going to do, parents often do it first, then it will cause strong dissatisfaction of the child.

As the child’s athletic ability increases, his inner world becomes more and more fulfilled. He starts to have his own independent ideas and strongly hopes to express them. However, these ideas are often rejected because they conflict with the habits of the adult world.

In order to vent their dissatisfaction with adults, some impatient children deal with it by means of resistance.

Four secrets you don’t want women to know

Four secrets you don’t want women to know

Secret 1: Various “feminized” psychological needs Case: Cui Tao, 36, Vice President of the Company-In the eyes of many people, I am the so-called “successful person”: owning a high salary, a big house, a famous car, in fact, I also haveUnknown secrets, some of them are tired, I also want to rest on the front of my wife and let my heart rest; I feel aggrieved and sad at the outside, and I also want to cry very quickly; sometimes I also want to imagineThe child lived carefree like that, or spoiled her . but I was also afraid that my wife’s knowledge would affect my “glorious” image in her mind.

  Men’s thoughts: In terms of individual life, men are actually more vulnerable than women, but both women and men have formalized and absoluteized men. It seems that men mean masculinity, strong, pragmatic, carefree, not sloppy .… In fact, otherwise, men also have a lot of unknown “feminine needs”, but just secrets that they only do not say, and women can’t open it for a look.

  Women’s response: A man is a “face” animal, and he likes women’s appreciation and worship. Therefore, this secret of a man is very delicate, and we cannot easily unravel the mystery.

A woman just faces calmly, gradually understands, and understands in her heart. Do n’t tell her, do n’t encourage him to be “weak” or “childish” because of love, otherwise men will think that you are down on him.It was unbearable to him; his admiration for vanity and rotten beauty was unspoken, and it would only anger him.


Keywords: 1.

Vanity: It is difficult to make more money in your pocket, but it is easier to make yourself like a rich person.


Weakness: Men also have a weak side and cannot be made public.


Smelly: Men usually die and do n’t admit they love dressing up. This is also a “secret” for men.


Childish: It looks like Lai Pi is coquettish, but it is not suitable for large-scale development.

  Secret two: The so-called “man’s own affairs” Case: Liu Ming, 30 years old, media reporter-during leisure time after work, I often meet up with a group of friends. Everyone laughs, drinks, and feels very comfortable.

But my wife is always uneasy, and sometimes I have to make several phone calls in a night and chase: Where are you?

With whom?

What are you doing

Make people tire.

There are also things about my work, she always asks.

Knowing that she did it because of concern, but I really don’t want her to interfere too much with these things of mine.

  Men’s thoughts: Women work on details, love to communicate, love to ask questions, and even get horny.

  And men often think that it’s the man’s business, and women don’t need to go to fuss at all, because men’s affairs must be done by men.

  Women’s Response: When your husband needs you to be a wife, don’t try to be a planner for his work and life.

Everyone has a psychological need to have their own living space, and men are no exception, so a woman’s wise choice is: let him go crazy, what fox friends, work conditions.
A piece of his “reservation land”, he will cultivate!


Keywords: 1.

Work status: Some work needs to be kept secret in order not to bring daytime things into the night.

Therefore, men do not like women to interfere.


Entertainment: Men like to play with same-sex friends, but don’t like women to get involved.


Dream of getting rich: The desire to get rich overnight is almost a dream of almost every man, but he has to carry his wife on his back, hoping that one day he will give a beloved woman a big surprise.

  Secret 3: His emotional record case: JACKY, 32 years old, company project manager-Before I got married, I had a girlfriend and she broke up for various reasons.

I suffered a lot until I married my current wife.

I have n’t told my wife about this past experience, but she does n’t know what she ‘s heard. She always pesters me to ask about it. Sometimes I inadvertently overlook her, and she asks me with jealousy: How did you treat her?

Wouldn’t it be as indifferent as to me?

Makes me confused.
  I really want to tell her not to be so interested in my past in the future, but I’m afraid she’s misunderstood deeper, I don’t know how to speak.
  Men’s thoughts: Almost every man has a colorful emotional life, but in the hearts of men, “the woman in the past” and “the woman in the present” are two planets, and men are unwilling to tell all this to womenIt ‘s not that men are ashamed of it. Even men who think that more educated women love to be jealous. If a man exposes his “ugliness” by himself, will he have a good life in the future?

Therefore, all this becomes an extremely depressing secret for men.

  Woman’s response: Let his emotional experience become a dusty past.

Set his secret as a “minefield” in your heart, and always remind yourself not to get involved. Even if you hear only a few words, don’t dig deeper. Your stubbornness and stinginess arouse his memories and even remember the “her”What are the benefits?

Smart women know not to dig traps.


Keywords: 1.

Brokenheartedness: Because it is a loss of face, it is not mentioned.


Online dating: Men will not admit this kind of unrighteous behavior.


Encounter: The feeling of stealing makes men feel wonderful, and the best way to enjoy it is to keep it as a secret.


Admiration: For married men, this is his secret secret.

  Secret 4: Worries about sex Case: ANSON, 40 years old, company employee-my wife and I are more harmonious in sex, but I always can’t help worrying and worrying, some worry about whether my size is long enough, madeThe number of times and whether the time is satisfactory to her . but my worries are not willing to let my wife know, and even more unwilling to make her own statement.

  Men’s thoughts: Sex is a man’s life-long event, he cares a lot, and thinks about it every six minutes.

Sex is an important cornerstone of men’s self-esteem and self-confidence. No matter what man is, he is unwilling to admit that he is incompetent in sexual matters.

Men are more or less concerned about their sexual abilities.

It’s a big secret that cannot be known to women.

  Women’s response: Behind men’s “sexual” vigor, there is actually a struggle.

Therefore, the appreciation and trust from his wife is the best “viagra” for men, unless he is the cause of the situation “slide”. As a wife, she should be impassioned and not to be ignored.


Keywords: 1.

Times: Men usually make false reports and overreport.


How long to do: In terms of duration, men are secretive, and don’t be jealous of being a wife.


“There is disease in widows”: The safest specification is not to kill!

Does chronic stress affect you?

Overstressed Seeking Doctor’s Help

Does chronic stress affect you?
Overstressed Seeking Doctor’s Help

As soon as this year began to work, all kinds of pressure came.

It is said that modern people are tired, and it is nothing but stressful and complicated.

But stress is all-pervasive, and you ca n’t escape without saying that it ‘s not good for your health. It ‘s no wonder that when people hear the word “stress,”
their heads become big.

  But don’t worry, although long-term stress is not good for your health, but if it is chronic mild stress stimulation, it may not be as scary as you think.

A trial by Psychiatric Clinic Doctor Xu Zhi of the University of China Hospital showed that rats can gradually adapt to the chronic stress given internally in just 8 weeks. How long should it be to change adults?

Ask experts to analyze.

  The effects of chronic stress?

Test for 8 weeks first. For humans, chronic stress is often years and months. Although there are many animal tests, most of the tests are not long enough, usually 3 to 6 weeks.

  Compared to the long life of human beings, 3-6 weeks is really just a short moment.

In our lifetime, we quarreled with father and mother today, laid off employees in the company tomorrow, and suddenly have to work overtime the day after tomorrow . trivial things that can’t be said, have formed countless stressful incidents.

  In popular terms, this is “chronic stress”. It is said that over time, it is bad for the body, but most people cannot but face it.

How much impact does it have?

Is human being helpless with the pressure of survival?

  The embryos Dr. Xu Zhi studied are related to this.

  The researchers chose rats as the test subjects, but the pressure of mice is different from that of humans, and the way of putting pressure on mice is somehow.

  For example, the mouse is installed in the middle of the hollow tube, and the two ends are controlled by slots. Although the mouse has food and drink in it, it is difficult to turn around; once again, prepare a spinner and place the mouse in it.Rotate at a speed to ensure that the rats are least affected by the centrifugal force. Of course, there is also a crowding stimulus. Originally, there were 6 mice in a cage, but now there are 12 in a cage.Nowadays, modern people with increasingly narrow living spaces are just too empathetic.

  The selection period for this test is 8 weeks, which is about two months.

  The difference is gradual?

Mice also resist the pressure to solve the problem of mice feeling stress, and the thinking is how the slight pressure can affect the mice.

The researchers also designed three trials.

  The first experiment was to place the rats in a 5 x 5 meter box and calculate how many cells the rats crossed at the same time.

However, the rat cannot run around constantly, usually running once, it will stop to wash its face and lick its hair. This cleaning time must also be calculated inside to observe how well the rat is moving.

  The second test looked at how depressed the mice were.

Depression patients often have a feeling of “no fun”, which is actually a form of loss of pleasure, termed “lack of pleasure”, even for activities they can enjoy and can bring joyful feelingsinterest.

And mice like sweets very much. In the sugar water test, mice can choose to eat freely in water and sugar water, while a normal mouse will of course choose more sugar water, but a mouse with a lack of pleasure may not.Shimizu may not be much different from it. This is a change of adulthood and probably not far from depression.

  The third test is a memory test of relationship survival.

In a water maze, there is only a small platform to shelter, and the wooden boards around the maze are covered with various symbols.

Based on these symbols, whether a mouse can quickly find a platform beyond its resting place is a test of its memory ability.

At the end of the experiment, experts will remove the platform to see if the mouse will keep spinning around in certain areas based on memory to judge its learning ability.

  These three experiments took into account the mouse’s ability to move, learn and emotional level, and in the three experiments, the initial stress group was indeed different from some.

The mice in the stress group had a longer cleaning time in the first test. Compared to running, the mice more often performed the behavior of standing and cleaning themselves, which was a relatively high worry. In the sugar water experiment, the stress groupThe overall intake of water is less, but the amount of water injected is also less, but the sugar water is still eating too much; and in the final water maze, the performance of the replacement mouse is not significantly different, and the stress group is only better than the controlSlow down.

  However, more importantly, these differences disappeared when the trial was carried out to the 8th week.

  In order to ensure that the test results are correct, based on the experimental results, the researchers placed them on mice: rats may adapt to stress and resist pressure.

  Damage from stress?

But we can adapt to “stress is harmful to health, and there are too many animal tests in this area.

Take the above experiments, the general experiments show that the mice under stress and pressure spend more time cleaning and show more worry; the consumption of sugar and water may be reduced, indicating that the mice are lack of pleasure and depression; looking for a platform in the water mazeThe long time and the decline of learning ability indicate that chronic stress has aggravating effects on biological memory ability and cognitive function.However, in our experiments, although some of these effects also occurred, when the test time was extended, by the eighth week, these differences gradually narrowed and disappeared.

This shows that mice have become accustomed to these stresses.

Dr. Xu Zhi told reporters that the researchers also tested cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormones in these rats. The levels of these two hormones will respond to stress events on the human body and rise against various stresses, but in this experimentThe difference between the relative and pressure groups is not large, and the leather alcohol level in the stress group is even lower than that.

  It has also been found in the literature that although most studies suggest that cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormones will increase after stress, some studies have also found that in the third week of chronic compound stress, the levels of these hormones in the stress groupIt will be significantly higher than expected, but there will be no significant difference by the 6th week. By prolonging the time of stress, the level of cortisol does not continue to increase, but instead decreases.

  ”Why stress is harmful to health, there are many internal mechanisms, and endocrine changes are one of them.

“Xu Zhi introduced that in the case of cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormones, these two secretory levels will rise sharply when face stress events, causing a series of changes in the body, allowing us to respond faster.

But in the long run, they may have bad effects on the body.

  For example, cortisol may act on receptors in the brain, causing atrophy of the hippocampus of the brain, and although this shrinkage will not make people stupid, it will cause memory loss.

  ”So, in the face of stress, it is indeed possible that our health will be affected as a result.

“But the impact is not absolute.

In fact, whether it is a mouse or a human, there is a “self-stability mechanism” in the body.

  In the face of a short-term stress problem, after the abnormality, through the extension of the stress time, the human body gradually adjusts to a new equilibrium state and regains stability.

  At this point, our endocrine levels, our emotional response and cognitive functions may gradually return to normal.

And this self-stability can minimize the impact of stress on us.

  Moderate stress: Give some time to adapt to stress: Seeking a doctor For modern people who generally feel pressured to survive, this study by Xu Zhi is good news: Although we can’t reduce stress, we have chronic, mild stress stimulation.It may not be so harmful to our health, because our bodies can adapt to it and try to reverse the adverse effects.

  The time frame for adapting to chronic stress may vary from person to person.

“When you are under stress, as long as the impact is not so strong that you cannot eat, mood changes, insomnia, or a marked decline in work ability, and poor interpersonal relationships, you should give yourself time to adapt.

I personally think that 2-4 weeks would be a more appropriate period.

If it is only general work and family pressure, as long as you actively debug yourself, change your state, and actively face the pressure, most people should be able to debug it by yourself, and it will not have the serious consequences you imagine.

“If you continue to do this for a month or more, then the pressure may be beyond what you can adapt and tolerate. Continued negative response will not be good for your health.

Seeking a doctor’s help would be a better choice.

  However, as the title of this study states, what we can adapt to is mainly chronic, mild stimuli, and excessively strong stimuli and stress are not good for our health.

This also tells us that what our body can tolerate is only a moderate or lower level of stress. If we suddenly encounter a very serious event, it is better to seek help early than to endure silently.

  Tips 1.

Moderate exercise Everyone knows that exercise can promote blood circulation, balance blood pressure, and enhance cardiopulmonary function. It will increase the calming effect substances released in the brain and help balance the mood.


Insufficient sleep is insufficient, it is easy to invade the T cells of the human body, and the severe tension of fatigue is more likely to produce stress. A person with sufficient sleep must be more stress-tolerant than a person with frequent insomnia, and is more able to cope with environmentalchange.


Pay attention to when your breathing is stopped, give yourself three minutes, close your eyes gently, focus your attention completely on your breathing, and use an abdominal breath that exhales longer than inhalation.


Three warm baths return to home every day to take a hot and cold shower, not only can release the stress of the day, but also clear your head.


Massage relax body massage can relax the tight body, stiff joints, and also reduce the secretion of adrenaline, which is very effective for stress release.


Supplementing vitamins C, E, B vitamins, calcium and magnesium in minerals can help fight stress. If you are a sweet lover or a smoker, people with excessive caffeine should pay more attention.