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[Can Pu’er tea be basked in the sun]_Dried_Can you make it

[Can Pu’er tea be basked in the sun]_Dried_Can you make it

In the surrounding seasons, you can take out Pu’er tea and bask in the sun, which will help the placement of the tea leaves and dry the water vapor absorbed by the tea to ensure the quality of Pu’er tea.

However, Pu’er tea raw tea does not need to be exposed too continuously, as long as it is placed in an open environment for half a month, it can be placed.

Pu’er tea is best stored in a cool and dry place. It does not need to be often used to bask in the sun. Too long exposure will cause the loss of nutrients in tea.

Close to many other teas, the placement of Pu’er tea is already very simple, and it does not need to be as low-temperature and long-term as vacuum to keep it fresh, and it is not afraid to expire after a long time.

① Suitable temperature and humidity.

The transformation of Pu’er tea is a kind of biochemical process. This aging process requires a certain temperature and humidity. Adding oxygen and microorganisms together to complete this biochemical process.

Too high or too low temperature is not good for aging, as is too high or too low humidity.

The most ideal environment for putting Pu’er tea is in a constant temperature state, but such an ideal storage environment is impossible for households to store tea, because there is no condition to create a constant temperature and humidity environment, and it feels really unnecessary.Initially, it is enough to relatively guarantee a suitable environment.

The key point of this environment is: relative to the comfortable temperature and humidity of people, usually people feel that the comfortable temperature is about 20-30 ℃, and the relative humidity is about 50% -60%. For Pu’er tea,This is also suitable.

Dryer rooms should pay attention to proper humidity maintenance, especially raw tea) will enter a dormant state, which is not suitable for aging. You can use a humidifier to increase the humidity of the air appropriately.

You can go to some home squares to buy a thermometer and hygrometer, and have a good grasp of humidity changes.

②No odorous environment.

All teas are very easy to absorb other odors. Sometimes in the home, you can replace the tea leaves to remove odors. Puer tea is usually not placed in a sealed place, so it is easier to absorb other odors.Tea absorbs odors produced in the home.

Every family always has one or more family odors, such as the fumes of cooking and eating, the smell of washing products used in bath cleaning, the smell of toxic gases released from furniture, etc.
Therefore, you can set up a special tea storage room if you can, and set up a special tea room without conditions. You should also separate Pu’er tea from other flavors as much as possible.

③ Ventilation and shade.

Pu’er tea also needs to “breathe”. The conditions for its transformation are oxygen and moisture. If you store Pu’er tea at home, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, because the oxygen content in the flowing air is rich, which is beneficial to the conversion of the substances contained in Pu’er tea.At the same time, it also enhances the activity of aerobic microorganisms and accelerates the aging of Pu’er tea.

The dual effects of enzymatic and non-enzymatic oxidation reactions can promote and accelerate the benign aging of Pu’er tea.

However, it should be noted that Pu’er tea should not be directly blown by the wind, and it should not be hung on the balcony. The Pu’er tea placed in this way will be blown away and the tea smell will be blown away, making it feel dull and odorless.

Therefore, there must be moderate circulation of air for the Pu’er tea, but it cannot be placed in the air outlet. Although the transformation is slow and slow, the authenticity of the Pu’er tea can be maintained.

The so-called “shade” is to keep Pu’er tea in a place that is not exposed to the sun, to minimize the impact of strong light on Pu’er tea, and to keep Pu’er tea in a high temperature environment for a long time, especially the high temperature and humidity in the south.Climate period.

High temperature not only makes Pu’er tea inactive, but also does not help aging of Pu’er tea itself. Over time, Pu’er tea will “die”, that is, it has no value for transformation.

[How to make beef pizza?Introduce detailed practices!】 _Family Practice_Production Method

鐗涜倝鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勮泲鐧借川锛屽悆鐗涜倝鏄ˉ鍏呰泲鐧借川鐨勬渶浣抽€斿緞涔嬩竴锛岄櫎姝や箣澶栵紝鐗涜倝閲岄潰鍚湁澶氱姘ㄥ熀閰革紝骞朵笖姘ㄥ熀閰哥殑姣斾緥姣旂尓鑲夌殑鏇存帴杩戜汉浣擄紝鎵€浠ュ悆鐗涜倝琛ュ厖姘ㄥ熀閰哥殑鏁堟灉姣旂尓鑲夋洿濂斤紝閭d簺闀挎湡鐢熺梾韬綋铏氬急鐨勪汉涓€瀹氳澶氬悆鐗涜倝锛屼笅闈㈡槸鐗涜倝鎶惃鐨勫仛娉曘€?涓€銆佺墰鑲夋姭钀?鏉 愭 枡 鐢 ㄦ 枡 1 (钑 冭 寗 喰 地 眮 眮) 铡 荤 毊 鐣  寗 綗?00g 镒 忓 ぇ 鍒 ╅ 揂?5g?0姣崌鐩愰€傞噺鐢ㄦ枡2(鐗涜倝鎶惃)鍘氱毊闈㈠洟120g涔抽叒20g鐣寗閰?0g 瑗 collapse 呞 鑺?0g 鐗 涜 倝 鐗?0g 鑳 ¤ melancholy?鐗囨磱钁卞湀10g杩疯凯棣欓€傞噺姗勬娌归€傞噺鍋氭硶钑冭寗閰辨眮鐨勫仛娉?.What’s the matter? What’s the difference? What’s the difference?.3 勬 呬 稌 Kihu ZhenΘ3.姒 ㄦ 眮 х Draw 姒 ㄦ 眮 4.鍔犲叆鐩愭悈鎷屽潎鍖€5.鏈€鍚庡€掑叆纰椾腑澶囩敤鐗涜倝鎶惃鐨勫仛娉?.洼 洏 鍖 鍖 鍖 鍖 鍖 鍖 咝 傑 傛 姛 姽 瓼 竴 浜 涙 車 值 嬹 瀹 笉 笉 笉 樼 洏 洏 2.鍙栦竴浜轰唤鐨勫帤闈㈢毊鎿€寮€3。。界 殑 闱 ㈢ 揊 揀 fear 叆 Gallium-silicon 搃 搩 树 腩 揁 村 hook 4.What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?.鍦 ㄩ 睿 镄 嬪 嬂 鬱 ㈡ 憜 婜 婅 タ 鍏 混 姳 即 鍜 岀 卌 墌 墖 6.鍐嶆憜涓婅儭钀濆崪鐗囥€佹磱钁卞湀銆佽糠杩鍜屼钩閰?.What’s wrong with each other? How about 250? ︾ 儤 鐑?0-15 鍒 嗛 挓 宸 ﹀ 彸 8.鐑ゅソ鍚庡湪琛ㄩ潰瑁呴グ涓婅糠杩锛屾拻涓婇€傞噺姗勬娌?浜屻€佹捣椴滅墰鑲夋姭钀?The following is a list of questions and answers: ⅷ 楸 璜 咜 咜 咜 咃 咃 咃 咲 咭 咭 咽 咽 咽 姽 尉 尡 尤尤 尨 尤 姤 夨 姨 姤What do you want to do? Do you want to go to the altar? Do you know how to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to insert it?銆佽櫨浠併€佸ⅷ楸肩敤榛戣儭妞掋€佺洂銆佹穩绮夎厡鍒躲€?銆佺墰鑲夊垏鐗囪殱娌归粦鑳℃纰庤厡鍒躲€?What are you going to do? What are you going to do? What are you going to do? What are you doing here? What are you going to do?銆佹斁鍏ョ暘鑼勬矙鍙搞€侀粦鑳℃纰庛€佺墰鑷炽€佺綏鍕掋€佽殱娌广€佺硸銆佺洂銆佹按锛岀叜寮€婊氳嚦娴撶鍚庣洓璧峰喎鍗淬€?銆佸彟澶栧僵妞掋€佹磱钁卞垏涓濓紝鏉忛矋鑿囧垏澶囩敤銆?銆佸噯澶囬┈鑻忛噷鎷夎姖澹緟鐢ㄣ€?銆?50鍏嬮潰绮夊姞3鍏嬮叺姣嶅姞娓╂按涓€璧锋弶鍖€锛屽啀鍔犲叆榛勬补缁х画鎻夎嚦琛ㄩ潰鍏夋磥锛屽彂閰佃嚦涓ゅ€嶅ぇ灏忋€?銆佹妸鍙戦叺濂界殑闈㈤ゼ閾哄湪鎶拻鐩橀噷锛岄潰鐗囪竟鐢ㄨ泲娑叉姽涓€鍦堬紝鍐嶇敤鍙夊瓙鍦ㄩ潰鐨笂鎵庝竴浜涘皬瀛旓紝鐒跺悗娑傛姽涓婂垰鎵嶅仛濂界殑鎶拻閰辨眮锛屾拻涓婂ザ閰笣锛屽啀鏀句笂鑵屽埗濂界殑铏句粊銆佸ⅷ楸笺€佺墰鑲夊拰鏉忛矋鑿囥€佹磱钁便€?銆?20c 鎳 璏 鬏 鐏  纴 鐑 ょ  Juan  眀 岀 儰 15 鍒 嗛 挓 咀 咖 庖 笂 痱 ㈠ 唷 犱 笂 鑺 濆 + 缁 х 畁This is a new picture of a new picture. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s very simple.嗭紒 涓夈€佸皬宸х墰鑲夋姭钀ㄩゼ 鏉愭枡娉曞浗闈㈠寘锛岀墰鑲夛紙鏈€鐪佷簨鐨勬槸鐢ㄧ墰鑲夐锛夛紝濂堕叒锛岄潚绾㈡锛岀墰娌癸紝鐩愶紝鑳℃绮夈€傚仛娉?銆佸鏋滀綘鐢ㄧ殑鏄墰鑲夌殑璇濓紝鍏堣鎶婄墰鑲夋礂鍑€鍚庡垏纰庯紱闈掔孩妞掍篃瑕佸垏鎴愬皬纰庝竵锛涘ザ閰鐢ㄥ伐鍏锋摝鎴愮粏涓濄€?銆 侀 擨 鎨  鍏 鍏 像 姌 姌 庌 鐒 淗 尗 叆 叆 咗 咜 庰 庯 麴 雓 雺 雲 唷 唷 唷 唷 唷 唷 唷 唷 唷 唤 Qicuozeduan raise Renhuyipi Chanyunkemo?銆佸皢娉曟鍒囨垚澶у皬涓€鑷寸殑鍦嗙墖锛屽厛閾轰笂涓€灞傚ザ閰笣锛屽啀鏀句笂鐐掑ソ鐨勭墰鑲夊拰闈掔孩妞掍竵锛屾渶鍚庡啀鎾掍笂涓€灞傚ザ閰笣锛屾渶鍚庢斁鍏ョ儰绠辩儰鑷抽噾榛勮壊锛屽緟濂堕叒铻嶅寲鍗冲彲銆?

[How to make hand-painted strawberry cake rolls]_Home-made method of hand-painted strawberry cake rolls_Encyclopedia of hand-painted strawberry cake rolls_How to make hand-painted strawberry cake rolls

[How to make hand-painted strawberry cake rolls]_Home-made method of hand-painted strawberry cake rolls_Encyclopedia of hand-painted strawberry cake rolls_How to make hand-painted strawberry cake rolls

The method of hand-painted strawberry cake rolls is mainly to grasp the taste. Pay attention to preparing the seasonings that need to be used. Cooking wine, chicken essence, and soy sauce must be prepared. Pay attention to distinguish the taste. It is best to add the seasoning when the food is out of the pot.With the right amount of seasoning, you can enjoy it on the plate.

1. Prepare all materials.

2. Take a piece of oil paper, draw the strawberry pattern on the paper, and turn it over on a baking sheet.

3. Separate the egg yolk from the egg white. Add 15 grams of sugar to the egg yolk basin and stir well.

4. Add the salad oil in sequence and stir the milk until the sugar is completely melted.

5. Sift the low-gluten flour, stir and mix well, and serve two tablespoons of egg yolk paste (used to make strawberries). 6. Add two drops of edible color sesame oil to the two spoons of egg yolk paste.

7, stir, do not circle, like cooking.

8. Beat egg whites and add the remaining sugar in three portions.

When the fisheye bubbles are formed, add additional sugar.

The second addition is to form a sponge in the egg white, then add extra.

The third addition is when egg whites have clear lines.

9, the egg white beat until the egg beater egg white into a small triangle, will not fall.

10. Preheat the oven 180 degrees, add 2 large spoons of egg whites, and quickly mix in the red egg paste.

(Refrigerate the remaining egg whites in the refrigerator) 11. Put the red egg paste into a decorative bag, cut a small opening, squeeze it according to the pattern you have drawn, squeeze a little thicker, put it in the preheated oven for 30 seconds, and the surface is not wet.

Remove and let cool.

12. When the pattern is dry, divide the refrigerated egg whites twice and stir the rest of the egg yolk paste (the pattern is air-conditioned at this time). Pour the mixed paste into a baking dish (on the pattern) and smooth it.Shake twice and place in a preheated oven.

13, Oven 170 degrees, middle, 15 minutes.

14, immediately after baking, remove the mold.

15. Touch the jam on the unpatterned side.

A rolling pin can be rolled up and refrigerated for 10 minutes.

16. Chocolate powder and matcha powder are hydrated with a small amount of water and mixed into a paste.

17, pick a toothpick and chocolate paste strawberry seeds.

18. Draw strawberry leaves with a small brush and matcha paste.

19. The great work is done.

20, put on the plate.

21, with fruit, what taste?

Although the restaurant provides convenience for people, after all, it is not a long-term solution. The method of hand-painted strawberry cake rolls is simple and delicious.

[Can you eat grapes and drink tea?]_ 茶 茶水 _ 可 可以

[Can you eat grapes and drink tea?]_ 茶 茶水 _ 可 可以

In fact, there is no conflict between grapes and tea, just because grapes are cool fruits and tea is a hot drink. Drinking tea after eating grapes is not good for your health.

It is not recommended to eat them together.

However, when drinking tea, you must not drink alcohol, and do not eat beef and mutton, otherwise these foods will cause constipation and affect the metabolic tract.

You ca n’t drink tea with grapes. Generally, it is not recommended to eat hot food immediately after eating cold food, because the cold and heat alternately transform the stomach and cause certain irritation, which may easily cause discomfort to the human body.

Therefore, it is recommended not to restart the hot drink immediately after eating any kind of fruit or after eating cold food. It is OK to allow afterwards.

Types of food you should never eat while drinking tea.

First, the taste of tea and sugar tea is bitter cold. The purpose of people drinking tea is to overcome the bitter taste of tea to stimulate the digestive glands and restore the secretion of digestive juice to enhance digestive function.

Another is to use the cold nature of tea to achieve the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification.

Sugar is one of the foods you must not eat while drinking tea.

If sugar is added to the tea, this function is inhibited.

However, there are also remedies for tea and sugar in ancient books, which can be used as food therapy. If you usually drink tea, you should not use sugar.

Second, tea and eggs I believe many people like to eat tea eggs.

However, this is actually a wrong way of eating.

Boiled eggs in tea, the concentration of tea is very high, strong tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, tannic acid can make the protein in food into non-digestible coagulated substances, affecting the body’s absorption and use of protein.

Eggs are one of the foods you must not eat while drinking tea.

Eggs are high-protein foods, so boiled eggs should not be eaten with tea.

Third, too many people with tea and alcohol love drinking tea after drinking, want to achieve dryness and hangover, eliminate accumulation of food, pass the effect of regulating the waterway, and it is not good for the kidneys.

Wine is one of the foods you must not eat while drinking tea.

Because drinking the tea after drinking, theophylline produces a diuretic effect. At this time, the acetaldehyde converted by alcohol has not completely broken down, that is, it enters the kidney due to the diuretic effect of theophylline. Acetaldehyde has a stimulating stimulating effect on the kidney, which is likely to cause kidney function.damage.

So the symptoms of kidney cold, impotence, frequent urination, falling pain in the retina pill and so on.

Fourth, tea and mutton Although eating some mutton is often beneficial to the body, when you eat mutton and drink tea, the rich protein in mutton can “union” with the fermenting acid in tea, and produce a substance called acid-seeking protein.
This substance has a certain astringent effect on the intermediates, the peristalsis of the alternating intestines is weakened, the water in the stool is reduced, and constipation is prone to occur.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to drink tea while eating lamb.

It is not advisable to drink tea immediately after eating lamb. You should wait for 2-3 hours before drinking tea.

Therefore, mutton is one of the foods you must not eat while drinking tea.

[How much can sea grapes eat in a day]_Sea grapes_How to eat_How to eat

娴疯憽钀勮櫧鐒舵槸涓€绉嶈椈绫婚鐗╋紝浣嗘槸杩欑椋熺墿瀵逛簬浜轰滑鏉ヨ鏄潪甯哥弽璐电殑锛屽洜涓烘捣钁¤悇鐨勭敓闀挎潯浠惰嫑鍒伙紝鍑犱箮鍙兘鍦ㄦ棩鏈啿缁充互鍙婃垜鍥界殑閮ㄥ垎娌挎捣鍦板尯鏈夊嚭浜с€傝繖绉嶈椈绫婚鐗╃殑钀ュ吇浠峰€奸珮锛屽懗閬撻潪甯搁矞缇庯紝浣嗘槸娴疯憽钀勪竴澶╄兘鍚冨灏戝憿锛熸€庝箞鍚冨憿锛?鍚冩捣钁¤悇鐨勬暟閲忔病鏈変竴瀹氱殑闄愬埗锛屽浜庢瘡涓汉鏉ヨ瑙夊緱鍚堥€傚氨琛岋紝娌″繀瑕佸椋熺敤閲忚繘琛岄檺鍒躲€傚湪鍐滄潙锛屾捣閲岄潰涓嶅厜鍙湁楸艰櫨锛岃繕鏈夌潃涓€浜涘疂璐濓紝濡傛灉涓嶄粩缁嗙湅鐨勪汉鏄笉浼氬彂鐜板畠浠殑瀛樺湪鐨勶紝杩欑闀垮湪姘撮噷鐨勮憽钀勶紝鐪嬭捣鏉ュ崄鍒嗙殑灏忥紝缁胯壊鐨勬櫠鑾瑰墧閫忕殑鍗佸垎婕備寒锛岃繖绉嶈憽钀勬垜浠彨瀹冩捣钁¤悇锛屽彧鏈夊啘鏉戜汉鎵嶇煡閬撳畠銆?Ma 欑  钁 ¤ Yushi ㄦ Yuan chain  Jing OilPainting bag Wan Cangwanlianwei pan Suimaochanbeng Juan  Qiu Cenjianchicong issued  OilPainting bag Wan Cangweiliancuo Sanluofengjing 钁 ¤ Yuyinghuanuan锛屼竴寮€濮嬪啘姘戜滑鐪嬭瀹冮兘鍗佸垎鐨勫ソ濂囷紝浣嗕笉鐭ラ亾瀹冩湁浠€涔堢敤澶勮€屽拷鐣ヤ簡瀹冿紝鍚庢潵瀹冪殑浣滅敤灏遍€愭笎琚汉鍙戠幇锛岄噸瑙嗕簡璧锋潵銆?娴疯憽钀勭湅涓婂幓浠€涔堢殑婕備寒锛屼絾鏄竴绉嶄护浜洪暱瀵跨殑鑽崏锛屽畠灞炰簬娴疯椈绫荤殑妞嶇墿锛屾湁涓板瘜鐨勮泲鐧借川绛変汉浣撴墍闇€瑕佺殑姘ㄥ熀閰革紝瀹冭繕鑳戒娇浜哄己韬仴浣擄紝澶氬悆鍙互Suppose you have a good time, and you will have a good time. You will be able to find the best way to do it. If you want to know how to do it, you will be able to use it.簨鎯呫€傚洜涓哄畠鐨勪环鏍煎崄鍒嗙殑鏄傝吹锛屼竴鐧惧鍧楅挶涓€鏂わ紝寰堝鐨勬部娴峰啘姘戜滑閮戒笉Insects and sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrow, sorrow囧彈娌挎捣鍐滄皯浠殑鍠滅埍銆傚畠涓嶄粎鏄惀鍏讳赴瀵岃€屼笖鏄彲浠ラ暱瀵跨殑涓€鐩磋嵂鑽夛紝涓嶆槸鍏朵粬钄彍鍙互鐩告瘮鐨勩€?

Desai Xiwei (002920) 2018 Performance Express Review Comments: Performance Meets Expectations, Intelligent Acceleration

Desai Xiwei (002920) 2018 Performance Express Review Comments: Performance Meets Expectations, Intelligent Acceleration

The 2018 performance was in line with expectations, and the decline in profit in the fourth quarter narrowed slightly. Desaixiwei’s 2018 initial revenue of 54 billion (-10%) was attributed to its net profit4.

1.5 billion (-33%), in terms of reporting period, Q4 revenue was 13.

4.5 billion (-14%), net profit attributable to mother 0.

At 7.7 billion (-48%), the margin of Q4 return to mothers was slightly narrower than that of Q3 (Q3 return to mothers -54%).

The company’s air force in its three quarterly report estimates that the net profit attributable to mothers in 2018 will be 4-4.

500 million, a year-on-year decline of 35% to 27%, and performance was in line with expectations.

The decline of the R & D investment period in the auto market boom will reduce the company’s revenue and profits.The company’s operating income and net profit will decline in 2018, mainly due to 1) the decline in sales of the Chinese automobile market (18 years of narrow passenger car production and sales decline 5% And 5.

8%), Xiwei was short-term dragged down by the customer structure (Volkswagen Mazda is stable, Great Wall GM Wuling has shrunk), and sales of some of the company’s supporting models have declined; 2) Expanding the company’s R & D layout Intelligent driving, 2016/2017/2018 R & DRespectively 6% / 7% / 10%.

Under the background of the company’s revenue reduction in 2018, the R & D expenses increased by about 25% each year. The increase in R & D expenses is also one of the main factors for the decline in net profit.

The intensity of R & D investment has continued to increase, and intelligent driving has achieved phased results. In 2018, the company’s R & D investment was about 5.

200 million, R & D accounted for 9% of revenue.

6% (7% of R & D in 2017).

The company has achieved initial results in terms of intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and connected car.In 2018, the company jointly developed an L3 intelligent driving system with NVIDIA and Xiaopeng Automobile and plans to mass-produce it in 2020. The company’s self-developed automatic parking system, 24G radar has received project orders to 2019; 77G radar is expected to reach mass production in 2019; smart cockpit and connected car V2X products have received project orders.

At the same time, in order to lay out the three major business groups of intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and connected car, the company agreed to acquire German advanced antenna company ATBB.

The risks indicate the downside risks of the auto market. 重庆耍耍网 Under the background of central control integration, auto companies’ right to speak reduces risks.

Outstanding companies under high-quality race tracks maintain the increase in holdings. Cars are in a period of transition from traditional button-type to touch-screen, zone-type to integration. The comprehensive value has been upgraded from 2,000 to 4,000 to 5,000. It has both consumer attributes and is an automobile.High-quality circuit (analog lights).

As a domestic vehicle engine leader, Desaixiwei is subject to changes in industry sales in the short term, but the company continues to transform its high R & D layout, develop new customers (Geely and BYD), and cooperate with new products (new forces such as Xiaopeng). It is expected to be 18/19 /20-year profit is 4.



100 million, corresponding to PE is 33淡水桑拿网/32/27 times.

Maintain overweight rating.

China Southern Airlines (600029) Semi-annual Report Comment: Transportation Scale Continues to Increase and Unit Revenue Declines Slightly

China Southern Airlines (600029) Semi-annual Report Comment: Transportation Scale Continues to Increase and Unit Revenue Declines Slightly

The company announced its semi-annual report. In the first half of 2019, the company realized revenue of 729.

USD 3.9 billion, an annual increase of 7.

97%, net profit attributable to mother 16.

900 million, down 20 every year.


Ping An’s view: The scale of transportation has grown steadily: In the first half of 2019, the short-term grounding of the Boeing 737MAX had a transmission effect on the company’s capacity supply, and the asking price increased by 10.

14%; meanwhile, the company’s RPK has grown for ten years.

40%, indicating that market demand continues to grow.

In terms of load factor, the company’s overall load factor increased by zero.

Two units, of which Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and international routes performed significantly better than domestic routes, and the load factor increased by 1.

96 and 0.

84 averages, domestic airlines reduced by 0.

12 averages.

The unit revenue decreased slightly: In the first half of 2019, the market generally reported that the growth rate of public and commercial aviation passengers was significantly lower than that of individual travelers, and as a result, the company’s passenger kilometer revenue was 0.

478 yuan, down by 1 every year.

65%, domestic and business passengers account for the highest proportion of domestic routes, passenger mileage is 0.

518 yuan, down 1 before.


The advantage of oil prices gradually emerged: from January to August 2019, the average ex-factory price of aviation kerosene was 4,904 yuan / ton. Considering the relative stability of the recent oil price, the average price in the second half of 2018 suddenly rose to 5,710 yuan / ton. It is expected that aviation kerosene will be released.The average price is expected to fall by 8.武汉夜网论坛

About 5%, the second half performance is expected to significantly improve.

Investment suggestion: The company will be stationed at Daxing Airport during the year to welcome the long-term development, but considering that the growth of corporate and business travelers is obvious and its internal exchange rate will continue to bring foreign exchange losses to the company, we lower the forecast of the range and expect the company to belong to the parent company in 2019-2021.Net profit from 88.

4.5 billion, 92.

2.4 billion and 112.

81 trillion is adjusted to 67.

2.7 billion, 75.

3.4 billion and 98.

50,000 yuan, EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2021.

55 yuan, 0.

61 yuan, 0.

80 yuan, the corresponding PE is 12 respectively.

4, 11.

1 and 8.

Maintain the “Recommended” level.

Risk reminders: 1) policy risks, uncertainty in policy adjustments will bring policy risks to its development prospects; 2) risks such as oil prices, exchange rates, rising oil prices, and currency value decreases will all lead to profitable earnings; 3)Security risks. A security incident may deprive consumers of their confidence, which will lead to a significant decline in tandem revenue.

CICC Gold (600489) company’s semi-annual report in 2019 reviews: obvious short-term factors to improve costs drag down performance

CICC Gold (600489) company’s semi-annual report in 2019 reviews: obvious short-term factors to improve costs drag down performance

This report reads: The company’s performance is affected by impairment, the minority shareholders’ profits and losses have temporarily increased, and the conversion of interim results is still optimistic about the company’s flexible value in the golden cycle.

Investment points: Pay attention to positive factors and downgrade to a cautious increase in holdings.

The company released its semi-annual report for 2019.

610,000 yuan, at least -43.

94%; due to the impairment of assets and the temporary increase in the profits and losses of minority shareholders, the company’s 2019 earnings per share forecast is reduced to zero.

06 yuan (previous value was 0.

10 yuan), considering that the gold cycle is still on the way, raise the 2020-2021EPS forecast to 0.


15 yuan (previous value was 0.


12 yuan), maintaining a target price of 10.

69 yuan (corresponding to 2020 北京夜生活网 PE71.

3 times), the current space 7.

9%, downgrade to cautious increase.

Debt-to-equity swaps were carried out halfway, and consolidated inventory impairment dragged down performance.

The company’s gold output remained stable in the first half of the year, producing mineral gold11.

18 tons, a slight decrease from the same period last year4.

53%; the expansion of the Central Plains smelter was smooth, and the company’s mine copper / electrolytic copper production was 9380/143984 tons, an increase of 7 compared with the same period last year.

12% / 1.


As a result of the strategic investment in the dating of the Central Plains smelter, the company expects the controlling proportion to decrease from 70% to 39 in the short term.

02%, resulting in an increase in the profit and loss of minority shareholders 深圳桑拿网 affecting short-term performance, which will be substantially improved after the completion of the debt-to-equity swap.

At the same time, the Company’s accounts receivable in the first half of the year made provision for impairment.

990,000 yuan, at the same time accrued 4127 inventories.

190,000 yuan (presumably due to the drop in copper prices), affecting the current profit.

Expenses have improved significantly, and gold is still in an upward cycle.

The company’s financial expenses / administrative expenses in the first half of the year were reduced by 16.

2% / 7.

75% to 2.


12 trillion, the effect of debt-to-equity swap is obvious.

The company’s fixed increase has been approved at the annual shareholder meeting. After the injection of high-quality copper assets from Inner Mongolia Mining, the performance will increase significantly.

Gold is still in the growth cycle, and the company’s second half performance is expected to improve significantly.

Catalysts: Fixed-income acquisitions completed, rising gold prices Core risks: less-than-expected progress in resource extension; copper prices fell; fixed-growth was below expectations

10 small ways to get rid of acne marks easily


10 small ways to get rid of acne marks easily

Acne marks are an invasion of many women and even men. Most acne leaves acne marks and it is difficult to eliminate them.

Therefore, the prevention of acne marks is important, and acne should be treated as soon as possible to avoid leaving permanent marks.

With the metabolism of the skin, the acne marks will gradually fade and become lighter.

Let’s take a look at those ways to get rid of acne marks.

  10 ways to get rid of acne marks 1. Mineral water and white sugar mineral water is a good thing for beauty, because it contains trace elements, just add some white sugar to the mineral water, mix and stir, and then pat with your handsPlace, massage in circles on the acne marks at the same time, stick to it for about a week and see the effect.

  2. Strawberry yogurt mask The strawberry yogurt itself can exfoliate, and at the same time, it can also help to remove the marks. It also has a very calming effect. The residue on the wall of the yogurt container after the drink is evenly spread on the wooden board, about 5-6 minutesAfter the skin is completely absorbed, it can be washed with water. Be careful not to use water with a higher temperature, because sometimes the mask is washed.

  3, do not use scrubs for allergic skin, do not use scrubs, because it will stimulate the skin’s epidermis, then when the acne grows, the skin will be very sensitive, the scrub will often irritate the epidermal skin and worsen the inflamed skinAt the same time, it will also stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, making the situation worse.

  4. Homemade apple mask. Apple has a whitening and moisturizing effect, but what you do n’t know is that it also has the effect of removing acne marks. Take fresh apple slices and put them in boiling water. Wait until the apple slices are soft.After cold, apply it on the place with acne marks, remove it after 15 minutes, and see the effect after one week.

  5, seaweed mask This method is really easy to use and affordable, as long as you buy a bag of seaweed granule mask in the cosmetics store, and water, it is very convenient.

Just do it every 2 days.

  6. There is a rare semi-finished skin care product on the oat gel market. Oat gel is very effective in removing acne marks. Oats have a soothing and repairing effect on the skin, but oat gel is more expensive. You can also buy skin care products with oatmeal.effect.

  7, potato chips to remove acne marks This is a very popular method to remove acne marks, every time you make potatoes, you can take the opportunity to remove acne marks.

  8. Pearl powder with egg white This homemade mask has a good effect on removing acne marks, as well as whitening and moisturizing. The method is very simple. Put an appropriate amount of pearl powder into a bowl, add egg white, and stir well.Apply on the face, wash it after 15 minutes, and use it for a long time, you will find that your acne marks are gone.

  9, yogurt acne marks method This is a very simple method, but it requires long-term adherence.

Yogurt, low-fat or non-fat, to avoid micronutrients from excessive nutrients.

  10. Ginger slices should be put on the face every night before going to bed. Slice the ginger if you have acne marks. If the ginger has the kind of ginger juice, it is best to use fresh ginger. Then gently rub the acne marks.Ginger slices can inhibit the growth of granulation tissue.

Until the place where you feel ginger is hot.

Persistent for one to two weeks, the effect is obvious.

This method is naturally simple and worth trying.

Drink juice or cause acidosis in your baby?

Drink juice or cause acidosis in your baby?

[Introduction]Although proper drinking of fruit juice is good for your baby’s health, it must not be allowed to affect or even replace the normal diet and drinking of three meals a day.

  Misunderstanding 1: Take Le juice as water to drink. Le Le, a 3-year-old, loves to drink juice. After learning that drinking juice has symptoms for children’s health, they blindly buy Le Le into the box.

Lele, drink it early and drink it late, you can’t do without fruit juice all day, especially in summer, if you do n’t drink any water at all, you can drink fruit juice as water.

  As a result, in the last few days, she suddenly lost appetite and even had symptoms of vomiting and dizziness. Her mother was busy taking him to the hospital. The doctor’s diagnosis was that it was likely that Lele took a lot of juice for a long time and caused hyponatremia and increased intracranial pressure.

  Expert tips: Records of the disease have long been known abroad, known as fruit juice syndrome.

Children with too much juice and other low-sodium drinks can cause hyponatremia and cerebral edema, and are the only ones with malnutrition and feverless convulsions in infants under two years of age.

Properly drinking fruit juice is good for your baby’s health, but it must not be allowed to affect or even replace the normal dietary drinking of three meals a day.
Before meals, parents refuse to allow children to drink fruit juice, otherwise it will affect appetite, especially in summer, it is generally appropriate to absorb no more than 300 ml of fruit juice per day.

  Misunderstanding 2 equates fruit juice with fresh fruits and vegetables. Some parents believe that as long as the baby drinks enough juice, even if the baby is picky, refuses to eat vegetables, or if the baby is too troublesome to eat fruit, it does not matter. Juice can replace fruits and vegetables for the baby.Provide nutrition.

actually not.

  Expert Tips: First of all, if it is not self-squeezed fruit juice, buy ready-made fruit juices generally contain various additives, such as colorants, preservatives, etc., and cannot be compared with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Even with freshly squeezed fruit juices, solid residues are often wasted due to lack of necessary knowledge or habits.

However, the biggest deficiency of the ratio of fruit and vegetable juice to fruits and vegetables lies precisely in its serious lack of cellulose.

Food cellulose has many effects and is called “the seventh nutrient” by the medical profession. It can promote the digestion of babies, prevent constipation, prevent excess transfer and control obesity.

Therefore, experts recommend that while giving your baby juice, you should also allow your baby to eat solid residues to absorb more fiber.

  Myth 3: Mothers who overheat juices have the habit of placing the fruit after the juice is warmed to the baby, especially in winter. It is unknown that fruits will destroy vitamins to a certain extent during the juice extraction process, and excessiveHeating will exacerbate the damage to vitamins. Therefore, the temperature should not be too high and the time should not be too long.

  Expert tips: Juices should not be heated, and excessive nutrition should be consumed at room temperature or refrigerated.

  Myth 4: Some mothers do not gargle after drinking juice. Some mothers often do not pay attention to cleaning the baby’s mouth after drinking the juice. This can easily affect the baby’s oral health, such as causing the baby to develop dental caries.

  Expert tips: Every time after drinking juice for the baby, especially before going to bed, the mother should give the baby a small amount of boiled water to help the baby clean the mouth.

  Mistake 5: The more juice you drink, the better. Because a lot of sugar in the juice cannot be absorbed and used by the human body, it is injected from the vein. Long-term excessive substitution may lead to the occurrence of high blood pressure and produce a “fruit juice urine” replacement.

In addition, excessive intake of fructose can cause indigestion and acidosis.

  Wrong area 6 Drugs and fruit juices contain a large amount of vitamin C in the same juice. If you take some acid-resistant or alkaline drugs with fruit juices, it will even reduce the efficacy and cause adverse reactions.

For example, taking sulfa drugs together with fruit juice will increase the burden on the kidneys and adversely affect patients’ health.