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[Confinement to eat some fruits at room temperature]_ Maternal_ How to eat

[Confinement to eat some fruits at room temperature]_ Maternal_ How to eat

Of course, pay attention to a scientific and healthy diet during confinement, because there are many foods that are not suitable for confinement, and the diet of fruits should be particular. It is OK to eat some fruits at room temperature, such as kiwi and durian., Apples, papaya, etc., when confinement, if women can eat properly and scientifically, then it will be beneficial to the health and recovery of the body.

1. Kiwi fruit is also called kiwifruit. It is cold and sweet, and has very high vitamin C content. It has antipyretic, thirst-relieving, diuretic, and breast-feeding effects. Regular food can strengthen the immune system.

It is beneficial for the recovery of Caesarean section.

Because of its cold nature, warm it with hot water before eating.

One daily is appropriate.

2, Durian is sweet and hot, rich in Southeast Asia, has the reputation of the king of fruits.

Because of its sexual heat, it can aphrodisiac and help fire, and has a good effect on promoting body temperature and strengthening blood circulation.

Deficiency in the postpartum period may wish to gradually supplement.

Durian is hot, not easy to digest, and easy to get angry if you eat more.

Eat with mangosteen to calm its heat.

At the same time, after caesarean section, the small intestine is easy to eat.

3, apples, apples are sweet and warm, and warm in nature, mainly carbohydrates.

Rich in malic acid, implanted acid, vitamins, pectin and minerals, can prevent and treat scurvy, rickets, and make skin smooth and shiny.

Its viscose and fine fiber can absorb and eliminate bacteria and toxins, can astringent intestines, stomach, Shengjin, appetizing and relieve heat, especially for the treatment of maternal diarrhea.

Apple can also lower blood sugar and cholesterol, which is beneficial for postpartum recovery of pregnant women with pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, diabetes and liver dysfunction.

In addition, apples contain a large amount of potassium salts, which can be combined with excess sodium salts in the body and excreted from the body. Therefore, it is beneficial for apples to eat apples with low potassium and excessive salt intake.

4, papaya sweet and flat.

Papaya has many effects, such as antihypertensive, detoxification, swelling and deworming, help milk secretion, make the skin plump, reduce fat and lose weight.

Papaya’s nutritional components are mainly sugars, supplement fiber, protein, vitamin B, C, calcium, potassium, iron, etc., produced in the south.

China has a tradition of papaya to promote breast milk since ancient times.

Papaya contains a kind of papaya, which has a high ability to break down proteins. Fish, eggs, and other foods become nutrients that are easily absorbed by the human body in a very short time, which directly stimulates the secretion of the mammary glands.

At the same time, papaya has high nutritional content, so it is also called milk papaya.

The postpartum mother has little or no milk, and can be eaten with papaya and fish.

[Comprehensive practice of beef stir-fried celery]

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[Can pregnant women eat chicken pots_Can pregnant women eat chicken pots]

[Can pregnant women eat chicken pots_Can pregnant women eat chicken pots]

Chongqing chicken pot is a very common food. Many people like to eat it. The main ingredient in chicken pot is chicken. Everyone knows that the nutrition in chicken is very rich. The chicken is even tender and contains a lot of meat.Often, eating protein is good for the body. Pregnant women have special constitutions, but pregnant women can eat chicken pots, but pregnant women must eat less spicy food.

Can pregnant women eat chicken broth in Chongqing? Chicken broth can be eaten during pregnancy, but to avoid spicy, lighter.

It ‘s better to eat less. After all, there are more condiments in chicken pots, and they are mostly spicy and irritating. Pregnant women often eat bad ones for the fetus, and it is also easy to aggravate hemorrhoids and constipation. I wish you a good pregnancy.Pregnant women’s diet must be light and nutritious, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, do not eat too much greasy things, otherwise it is easy to cause indigestion, you must pay attention to diet hygiene, otherwise it is easy to cause diarrhea.

Where is the Chongqing chicken gong pot? The chicken pot is a hybrid version of Chongqing roast chicken and Chongqing dry pot chicken in the field.

The flavor is smooth and tender, the flavor is thorough, and the form is novel and strong. The taste can be adjusted according to the needs of each place. It can be divided into slightly spicy, medium spicy, and heavy spicy.

Roasted chicken is a special dish in Chongqing and Sichuan. The reason why it is called Roasted Chicken but not Rooster is because the dialect in that dialect is called Rooster.

Chicken pot is the mixed name of “Chongqing Roast Chicken” and “Chongqing Dry Pot Chicken” in the field.

In fact, the Chongqing chicken gong pot has nothing to do with the place name Chongqing.

Chongqing chicken pot is delicious? Chicken pot is a hybrid version of Chongqing roast chicken and Chongqing dry pot chicken in the field.

The flavor is smooth and tender, the flavor is thorough, and the form is novel and strong. The characteristics are spicy and fragrant, the taste is mellow., Medium spicy, heavy spicy flavor.

Roasted chicken is a special dish in Chongqing and Sichuan. The reason why it is called Roasted Chicken but not Rooster is because the dialect in that dialect is called Rooster.
Is it good for pregnant women to eat chicken for pregnant women? Pregnant women can eat chicken, which will not cause slipping. Chicken has the necessary amino acids.

Compared with chicken and beef, pork, the protein quality is higher, and a small amount of protein is reduced.

In addition, the content of all essential amino acids in chicken protein is very similar to the amino acid profile of eggs and milk, so it is a good source of protein.

The protein content of chicken meat is different depending on the part, with or without skin. The order from high to low is skinless chicken, breast, and thigh.

Compared with other meats, skinless chicken has the characteristics of low performance.

However, there is a large amount of lipids in the skin, so chicken with skin must not be called a low-content food.

The benefits of eating chicken for pregnant women Chicken contains one of oleic acid and linoleic acid at the same time.

Saturated fatty acids and cholesterol are relative to pork and beef.

Mutton toxicity.

Chicken has high protein content, many amino acids, and high digestibility, which is easily absorbed and used by the human body.

Have the effect of strengthening physical strength.

Chicken breast meat contains excessive B vitamins, which can eliminate fatigue and protect the skin: chicken thigh meat is rich in iron, which can improve iron deficiency anemia; chicken wing meat is rich in bone collagen, which hasStrengthen the function of blood vessels, muscles and tendons.

Chicken meat contains phospholipids which are important for human growth and development.

Some people cannot eat chicken, chicken, and cold, so people with stomach problems and monks must not eat it.

The protein of chicken is first-rate animal protein, so patients generally use chicken soup to make up for their weak constitution; no matter what kind of illness, they can only digest and can eat chicken, which is good for the patient’s recovery; but chicken estrogenHigh content, general breast hyperplasia, diabetes and other breast disease doctors will tell you to eat less chicken, especially old hens.

[How to fry cakes]_ finger cakes _ practice _ production methods

[How]grasping cake fried clutch cake _ _ _ practice production methods

Clutch cake is more popular in recent years, street food, add chopped green onion dough through a special fast grilling fragrant spray immediately become attractive, decorated with colored accessories, delicious enough to be with the people to swallow the tongue.

Now there are generally sold in the supermarket frozen grasping cake pastry, buy a home in the refrigerator, with food as taken, and convenient and do not worry about health problems.

1 approach, the wafer sheets removed, after removal of the film stand (without prior thawing).

2. After the pan is heated, put the pancakes directly into the pan (no need to put oil and edible salt), medium heat, every 2?
3 seconds, turn upside down several times, wait until the cake swells, and both sides become golden yellow.

3. Pat the fried, golden, crispy pie with chopsticks or shovel from inside to outside and squeeze until it is fluffy.

4, can be sprinkled with secret sauce, or with eggs, ham, bacon, beef, vegetables and other flavors are better.

You can mix and match a variety of vegetables according to your taste, such as bacon, egg cake, lettuce, etc., including lettuce cake, fried egg hot dog cake, chive finger cake, sweet chili cake, sandSecretary hand cake, Beijing sauce hand cake, salad lettuce hand cake, pineapple hand cake, cream hand cake, bacon hand cake, steak hand cake, spiced hand cake, pretzel, green saladGrab cakes, spicy chicken leg cakes, crispy chicken fillet cakes, hand torn chicken cakes, golden pig chop cakes.

There are a variety of flavors including original flavor, green onion sesame flavor, whole wheat flavor and dried plum flavor.

Can be used with sauce, cumin sauce, tomato sauce, spicy sauce, sweet spicy sauce, sweet salad dressing and other sauces.

Ingredients: sausage, rattan pepper chicken, steak, tenderloin steak, barbecued pork, bacon, eggs, lettuce, tomato.

[How to cook pigeon soup]_Delicious practice_How delicious

銆 愮 叜 楜 擙 哙 姹 ょ 殑 餭 桭 銆 抱 濱 濂 擆 掆 锅 氭 硶 _ 許 庝 箞 濂 悆 悆
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[Can potatoes and tofu be eaten together?

]_ Potatoes_ Can you eat them?

[Can potatoes and tofu be eaten together?
]_ Potatoes_ Can you eat them?

Most people can eat tofu with peace of mind, but patients with some diseases should be reminded that some people with deteriorating kidney function cannot eat tofu, or only eat a small amount of tofu. If some patients eat more tofu, it will cause the bodyThe increase of nitrogen-containing waste is very detrimental to the health, and the elderly can not eat too much tofu, otherwise it may cause arteriosclerosis. Can tofu be eaten with potatoes?

Can potatoes and tofu be eaten together?
Can eat together.

From the point of view of food’s sexual taste, tofu is cool, suitable high-quality protein, crystals, B vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and other necessary nutrients for the human body; potatoes are flat, slightly cool, suitable for starch, Pectin, protein, supplementary fiber, B vitamins, vitamin C, citric acid and potassium and other nutrients, these two foods are not equivalent, you can eat with them.

Frozen potatoes are edible.

The main ingredients of potatoes are water, carbohydrates, small amounts of protein, cellulose, trace amounts and so on.

There is no problem in eating directly after freezing, so frozen potatoes can be eaten.

Tofu and potatoes can be cooked with carrots. Tofu, potatoes, and carrots can be cooked together without food compatibility taboos.

Tofu, potatoes, and carrots can be cooked together, preferably with meat, and nutritious and delicious.

Guidance: It is recommended to pay attention to the law of diet, pay attention to nutritional matching, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy and irritating food, and less greasy.

Tofu can be cooked with carrots and potatoes.

It does not cause any health problems.

Guidance: Many of the so-called foods on the Internet that are poisoned when eaten together are generally incorrect.

Many foods are not recommended to eat together just because eating together may affect digestion or affect the nutritional value of the food.

take it easy.


To do this, first cut about 500 grams of potatoes, about 100 grams of meat slices, and about 200 grams of tofu.

1. Fried meat, add oil and meat, stir-fry yellow, add hot water and soy sauce, cook for 3 minutes, take soup into the bowl 2. After brushing the pot, put oil again, add potatoes, and stir fry for one minute.

Then put the right amount of soy sauce, add the broth, add the right amount of hot water, be sure to overwhelm the potatoes, add tofu, put some spring onions, and cook.

Available pepper cooked pot.

Jiang Chao-The bond market remains unchanged, the equity market will gradually return to performance-driven

Jiang Chao: The bond market remains unchanged, the equity market will gradually return to performance-driven

Resolving local debt, interest rate hubs decline (Haitong Bond Weekly Exchange and Thinking No. 311, Jiang Chao, etc.) Summary Last week the bond market increased slightly, and the national bond interest rate fell by 4bp. AAA, AA grade corporate bonds and urban investment debt interest rates declinedAt 5, 3, and 6 bp, convertible bonds fell by 1.


  Economic growth has bottomed out, and a new modest rebound.

  The economic start in 19 years was not good. In the first two months, the industrial growth rate was subdivided. The income growth rate of industrial enterprises declined, and the profit growth rate turned negative.

However, since March, the manufacturing PMI has rebounded sharply. At the same time, the coal consumption growth rate of the six major groups has changed from negative to positive. The national crude steel output growth rate is still high, which means that the industrial economy has improved significantly in March.

  In February 19, the CPI fell by one.

The one-and-a-half year low of 5% triggered a reduction in the risk of deflation.

However, since entering March, pig prices have risen sharply, or they have jumped sharply due to the emergence of 3 or 4 months.

However, due to the further decrease in the scale of growth since April, the non-food prices of PPI and CPI will be lowered. Therefore, in view of the gradual reduction in the future, despite the upward pressure, it is beneficial to maintain at 2.

About 5%.

  Initial suspension was suspended and currency exchange rates rebounded.

  Last week extended the suspension of the reverse repurchase operation again, withdrawing 110 billion currencies in the open market, and cumulatively withdrawing currency of 6.90 billion in March.

However, at the beginning of the year, it was said that the fiscal expenditure at the end of the month broke through and the market liquidity was still abundant.

Based on the experience of the past two years, fiscal lending in March this year is expected to reach 700 billion yuan. Therefore, in summary, the over-reserve ratio of financial institutions in March should be basically the same as that in February, at 1.

About 7%, higher than the same period last year.

3%, but lower than 2 last December.


  The Democratic Prime Minister stated that he would not follow the old path of flooding, and President Yanchang Yi said that this year, China’s reserve reduction rate will be reduced, which means that there is limited room for further easing of monetary policy.

In addition, the short-term Chinese economy has entered a bottom-up period and gradually recovered from a low level.

  We believe that monetary policy will remain accommodative in the future, but the degree of easing may be lower than in the first quarter, so the currency exchange rate center may also be slightly higher than the low in the first quarter.

  To resolve local debts, the interest rate center fell.

  On March 12, this year, Hao Yuzhu, general manager of Shanxi Traffic Control Group, stated at a 2019 working conference that Shanxi Financial Control Group and seven financial institutions led by the China Development Bank Shanxi Branch successfully signed a syndicated loan of US $ 260.7 billion, reducing financing 北京夜生活网 costs and effectively preventingEliminate hidden dangers of regional financial risks.

In February and March of this year, Bloomberg and other media reported that CDB was working with Zhenjiang, Xiangtan and other regions to promote the resolution of hidden debts.

  In China, although a local government debt swap has been conducted in 15 years, in theory the local government debt has all become explicit.

However, considering the special national conditions above, there are still a large number of hidden debts in various places. These debts do not theoretically belong to local government debts, but they still have inextricable relationships with local governments, so that financing platforms pass fake PPP., Debts due to illegal guarantee commitments, etc.

  These local government hidden debts usually have high interest rates. At the same time, due to the endorsement of government implicit guarantees, the actual default risk is extremely low, so the existence of government hidden debts has greatly increased the market’s central interest rate level.

However, if the high-interest local government hidden debt can be replaced by a low-interest CDB loan or other debt, it is actually equivalent to reducing the true risk-free interest rate.

  The bond market fluctuated and allocated credit to debt.

  Looking ahead, we believe that the debt market will remain volatile: favorable factors for the debt market include the deceleration of the overseas economy, the US interest rate hike is expected to decline, and the global government bond interest rates are collectively falling.

The unregulated domestic regulation of shadow banking, coupled with the active disposal of local hidden debts, has helped to lower China’s central interest rate level.

  At the same time, the surge in pig prices has gradually rebounded, the domestic economy has entered a bottom-up period, the downward speed has slowed down, and the unprecedented reduction in tax and fee rates has reduced the need for further monetary easing.

At the end of the millennium, the currency continued to be withdrawn, and the currency interest rate center rose significantly, which is also not conducive to increasing interest rates.

  In terms of the types of bond market allocations, we still maintain the priority of convertible bonds and credit bonds, followed by interest rate bonds.

With the gradual development of wide finance and wide credit, corporate profits are expected to bottom out, which is beneficial to the stock market and credit debt, while interest rate debt will remain low and fluctuate.

  I. Monetary interest rate: Funds stably cross quarterly 1) Currency interest rate differentiation.

Under the quarter-end effect, the interest rate of the money market is differentiated, funds are tight across seasons, and overnight funds are slightly loose.

Last week, the open market reverse repurchase expired 110 billion yuan, with a net return of 110 billion yuan.

The average R007 is 47BP to 3.36%, R001 average goes down 30BP to 2.


The average value of DR007 is 6BP to 2.

77%, the average of DR001 is 32BP to 2.


  2) Inverted US debt yields and domestic monetary policy.

The Treasury yield curve reflects changes in US monetary policy and economic expectations.

The current U.S. Treasury yield inversion is to be followed up or repaired through short-term downside, which indicates that a new round of interest rate cuts may begin in the future.

Inverted U.S. Treasury yield curves are also often a reliable signal of a recession.

The recession of the US economy in 1980, 1981, 1990, 2001, and 2007 occurred after 17, 11, 18, 14, 23 months of the inverted yield curve, which means that the term spread turned negative.One or two years later, according to this reasoning, the US economy’s recurrence of recession will be around 2020-2021.

The short-term internal national monetary policy is still mainly to resolve internal contradictions. If the US economy gradually declines in the next 1-2 years, the United States will open the road of monetary easing again, which will still have an impact on domestic monetary policy.

  3) Funds will warm up.

Although the recent budget has reduced public market funding, under the background of a large amount of financial investment at the end of March, the end of the quarterly assessment, and no net withdrawal in the open market in April, the market capital will expand and loose in early April, and the currency exchange rate may continue to fall.

  Second, interest rate debt: The bond market remains volatile. 1) The bond market has risen.

Affected by the Federal Reserve’s suspension of interest rate hikes and the downward impact of US bond yields, the domestic bond market grew.

Last week the one-year Treasury note closed at 2.

44%, down 3BP from the previous week; 10-year government bonds closed at 3.

07%, down 4BP from the previous week.

The one-year CDB bond closed at 2.

55%, down 5BP from the previous week; 10-year China Development Bond closed at 3.

58%, down 4BP from the previous week.

  2) Supply is increasing and demand is weak.

Last week, book-entry government bonds were issued with US $ 10 billion and US $ 20 billion due; policy financial bonds were US $ 91.1 billion and US $ 0 billion due; local government debt was US $ 311.5 billion and US $ 76.3 billion due.

A total of 412.6 billion interest rate bonds were issued, an increase of 194.7 billion from the previous month, and a net supply of 316.3 billion, an increase of 183.2 billion from the previous month.

Certificate of Deposit Net Issue -3081.

400 million, a decrease of 5764 from the previous month.

6ppm, the issue rate of 3M certificates of deposit of joint-stock banks was 16 lower than the previous week.


  3) Short-term economic improvement.

Since March, the economy has improved, and the manufacturing PMI has risen to 50.

5% above the line.

The terminal demand has shown an improvement, but there is still some differentiation. The growth rate of land sales has improved, but the difference between the first and second lines and the third and fourth lines has continued to expand.The growth rate of energy coal rebounded, and the operating rates of the automobile, steel, and chemical industries also reset and rebounded.

  4) The pattern of bond market shocks remains unchanged.

From the perspective of the domestic economic fundamentals, the economy is currently bottoming out and can continue to recover rapidly.

From a policy perspective, the focus of monetary policy in the future is to unblock the monetary policy mechanism and reduce the room for conventional relaxation, while the positive fiscal policies such as tax and fee reduction will underpin the economy in the future.

Fundamentals and policies are not conducive to the bond market. The short and long ends of the bond market lack downward momentum, but the loose environment of global currencies supports China’s interest rate to remain low.

Taken together, we believe that the bond market will remain volatile in the future.

  Third, credit bonds: Demand is still supported 1) Credit bond yields have fallen.

The yield of credit bonds followed the downturn last week. The average yield of AAA corporate bonds fell by 5BP, the average yield of AA corporate bonds fell by 3BP, and the yield of urban investment bonds dropped by 6BP.

  2) The scale of financial management is stable, and the proportion of bonds has increased.China Wealth Management announced the 2018 financial management report, ending the bank’s non-guaranteed financial management balance at the end of 1822.

04 trillion, compared with the end of 2017 (22.

(17 trillion), a slight decline, and capital guaranteed financial management does not meet the new requirements of asset management, and no longer counted.

In asset allocation of wealth management products, bonds accounted for 53.

35% by the end of 2017 (42.

(19%) increased significantly, while the proportion of cash and bank deposits increased from 13.

91% excellence dropped to 5.

75%, non-standard proportion from 16.

22% rose slightly to 17.

23%, or it may be related to the fact that the guaranteed capital management is no longer included in the statistics. Assuming that the original guaranteed capital management non-standard allocation is 0, the balance of the non-standard assets of the financial allocation decreased by 1 trillion, which is in line with the fact that the non-standard shrinkage.

  3) Demand for credit bond allocation is still supported.

After the new rules of asset management, the rapid growth of bank wealth management is no longer possible, and it is still likely to be compressed before the end of the transition period in 2020. However, the impact on the allocation of credit bonds is not so great.Under the same circumstances, the non-standard proportion will continue to decline, the proportion of cash and bank deposits will continue to gradually increase under the pressure of yield, and the proportion of credit and debt allocation may continue to rise; instead, the bank’s on-balance sheet demand for credit and debt will also be supported.Especially high-grade credit bonds where credit risk allows.

  Fourth, convertible bonds: pay attention to the performance of annual reports 1) The convertible bond index fell.

The CSI Convertible Bond Index fell by one last week.

42%, with an average daily volume of 64.

500 million, down 17% from the previous month.

The total index of convertible bonds we calculated (including public offering EB) dropped by 1.

03%; during the same period, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index rose by 1.

01%, the GEM Index fell by 0.

02%, SSE 50 rose by 1.


Each bond 28 rose 117, the main stock 42 rose 1 flat 102 fell, Zheshang convertible bonds and other 4 convertible bonds listed.

The top five gainers were Kangtai Convertible Bonds (23.

09%), Tianma convertible bonds (12.

01%), Shenglu convertible bonds (4.

75%), Zheshang convertible bonds (3.

64%), Kaifa convertible bonds (3.


  2) 7 convertible bonds and 1 public offering of EB.

Last week, Asia-Pacific Pharmaceuticals, Qixingxingchen, Dafeng Industrial, Hyundai Pharmacy, Precision Testing Electronics, the common people, Straits Environmental Protection 7 convertible bonds and 19 Dongchuang EB issued.

Rong Sheng Environmental Protection (3.

3 trillion) convertible bonds received approval, Shanxi Securities (28 trillion) terminated the issuance of convertible bonds, Central Environmental Protection (2.

9 trillion), Wen Can (8 trillion) convertible bonds passed the meeting, Dechuang Environmental Protection (2 trillion) convertible bonds were recovered by the CSRC.

In addition, last week, Zijin Bank (4.5 billion), Huaibei Mining (27.

58 ppm), 8 companies including China Investment Capital (45 ppm) announced plans to convert debt.

  3) Pay attention to the performance of the annual report.

Last week, the CSI Convertible Bond Index shrank, and the decline was larger than that of the underlying stocks.

In terms of individual bonds, there was a rise and a decline but a lot of declines. Among them, the stocks and high-priced bonds fell in cracks. From the perspective of the industry, it was a period of deeper TMT and consumer sectors.

In addition, in recent weeks is the intensive disclosure period of the annual report. Successive performances that have fallen short of expectations have led to a decline in convertible bonds.

After the estimated repair in the first quarter, the equity market will gradually return to performance-driven, and the conversion of bonds requires more attention to performance.You can focus on the new bonds that have recently been listed (the new bonds have all released performance reports), and the uncertainty of performance is relatively relative.

In terms of strategy, focus on digging into areas where the increase in the previous period is not high, or have recently been supplemented.

Such as TMT medium and low-priced coupons, banks, brokers, and consumption.

The mid-to-long term is optimistic about the convertible bond market, and everybody can pay attention to it.

  Risk reminder: fundamentals change, monetary policy is not up to expectations, and the funding side changes significantly.

Hetai (002402): Re-Bosi big single highlights the competitive advantage of the controller

Hetai (002402): Re-Bosi big single highlights the competitive advantage of the controller

In the case of large orders from middle and downstream customers, the competitive advantage was highlighted on the evening of the 24th. The company issued an order announcement. On December 19, the company received a bid notification from BSH (Bo Xi Household Appliances Co., Ltd.) and identified the company as BSH “PUMULight1”.

The successful bidder of 5 ”(medium and low load sample, BSH ‘s global drum washing machine platform project).

The total bid amount for this project is about 1.

9.3 billion Euros (equivalent to about 1.5 billion Euros). It is expected to be completed in four years since the mass production of the product, and the products will be delivered to 7 factories in Europe and Asia-Pacific in BSH.

The company adheres to the international high-end large customer strategy, and the upcoming bidding expansion shows the company’s competitive advantage, and gradually helps the intelligent controller business is expected to grow faster than expected, and the company is expected to EPS0 in 2019-2021.



79 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

The interests of the company’s downstream customers have been further improved. According to the company announcement in June 2015 (2015-055), the company has won the BSH “PUMU” project, and the total amount of the project is equivalent to RMB 13.

1.8 billion, the project cycle is about four years.

Comparing the bids of these two projects, the first is that the overall amount index of the project has increased by 13 last time.

8%; the second is the successful bid project “PUMULight1.

“5” is not a continuation of the previous bidding project “PUMU” or new project development of the same platform product, which is an incremental development, showing that the company’s downstream customers’ interests have been increasingly improved.

Winning the bid with ODM manufacturers, highlighting the competitive advantage of the company’s controller BSH is one of the world’s leading home appliance manufacturers and one of the company’s important customers.

The amount of successful bids released this time is about US $ 1.5 billion, which is expected to be completed quarterly. It is assumed that according to the released project announcement, the annual delivery amount is expected to be about 3.

7.5 billion, accounting for 22% of the company’s 2018 appliance intelligent controller revenue, will effectively increase the company’s appliance controller revenue growth in the next few years.

At the same time, the company won the bid for the project with ODM manufacturers, indicating that the product’s R & D design and core algorithms were provided by the company, which fully demonstrated the company’s product competitive advantage in the controller area.

Yeechang Technology ‘s millimeter-wave technology is scarce, and 5G civilian technology company ‘s subsidiary, Yeechang Technology, has core competitiveness in microwave millimeter-wave RF T / R chips. It is the only one in this field to master this technology, except for a few key national defense institutes.Private Enterprise.

Benefiting from the continuous increase in hand orders, 2019H1 Kunchang Technology achieved revenue1.

30,000 yuan (+ 70% year-on-year) and net profit of 55.36 million 南宁桑拿 yuan (+ 72% year-on-year) are expected to exceed performance commitments.

We believe that the millimeter-wave radio frequency chip technology of Qinchang Technology is leading and scarce. At present, the company is actively developing millimeter-wave technology in 5G applications, which is beneficial to 5G in the long run.

As a potential leader in smart controllers, millimeter-wave technology is scarce. Maintaining a “Buy” rating. Considering the amount of the project and the implementation period, we slightly adjust the controller ‘s revenue forecast for 20-21 years.
The 21-year net profit was 3 respectively.



80 ppm (previous value 3).



800,000), the corresponding EPS is 0.



79 yuan, corresponding to PE of 33/23 / 16x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: sharp rise in prices of upstream components; market demand is less than expected; Sino-US trade frictions intensify

8 antioxidant details that white-collar workers should know


8 antioxidant details that white-collar workers should know

We have long heard from “Human Revolution”: “If oxidation does not occur, according to human growth rules and genetic inferences, people can live to 167 years.

“167 years old!

Oxidation is really the culprit who stole our elixir.

The OL in the office is facing an oxidation crisis more than ordinary people due to the environment in which it is located. Naturally, once a 25-year-old person adds a bottle of anti-aging essence, everything will be fine. Specific problems need to be analyzed.A battle of details!

  8 details of antioxidants that OL should pay attention to1.

Does the company stop the air-conditioning as soon as it is off work?

  Everyone knows that sunscreen is the most important way to work on anti-oxidation. Sunscreen last week asked us: “Summer sunscreen, cream, foundation must be on the same line.Is the anti-UV effect good?

But I think it ‘s so good to catch up with overtime to suffer because our company stops the air conditioner as soon as 6pm.

“In fact, the sun protection factor of many base makeups and barrier creams has increased. The ingredients experts also said that the three are separated only by colorants, so choosing 1 out of 3 is enough to make the summer face feel refreshed.

Nowadays, many sunscreen products simply resist UV rays, and a lot of anti-oxidant components are added between them. While isolating the culprit, it also causes maintenance and repair. It is recommended to choose a variety of products.


The skin is as tired as you are?

  Relying on reinforcements at night to increase combat effectiveness the next day, do you feel that your skin is very poor at absorbing nutrients when you get up early the next morning?

For women in the workplace, the pressure of work and the irregularities of staying up late can easily cause skin fatigue. If the repair is not good at night, its condition will not be relieved the next day, so “some medicine” is necessary!

Products with the strongest cell repair ability at night, with high concentration of ingredients or compound antioxidant formula, add weight to the skin at night and accumulate energy for the skin during the day.

This high-concentration product must be combined with warm palm massage to better absorb the active ingredients.


No green plants first?

  The daytime essence is applied a few more layers but it is thin and light. Many OLs are accustomed to putting a pot of green plants before replacement. It is not only to please the eyes but also to increase the oxygen content around the seat.

If you haven’t had time to prepare it, you need to work on your own protective measures.

Skincare experts suggest that we choose some thin and light anti-oxidant essences with thin and multi-layer methods, that is, the essence can be applied in 2-3 times, and the skin can absorb energy a little to better resist “foreign aggression.”


Notice that the computer takes longer than sleeping?

  Eye massage should be patted instead of rubbed. Do you count yourself spending more time watching the computer every day than sleeping?

In the afternoon, the eyes become astringent and dry, a little dark circles are considered to be kind to you, wrinkles and sagging bags under the eyes will suddenly feel particularly obvious at this time.

Essential to take care of your eyes!

Therefore, it is necessary to take a two-pronged approach in terms of minerals and methods. It is best to choose eye cream containing chamomile, green tea, and melon, which can delay the oxidation rate around the eyes and calm the soothing effect.

In addition, massage on the eyes as much as possible instead of rubbing, which can speed up blood circulation and increase skin elasticity, but improper rubbing may accelerate skin relaxation.


More than 6 hours a day in an air-conditioned room?

  Antioxidant Lotion Appears to Help Fight Antioxidant work, don’t count credit for the essence. The role of the lotion has been cleaned and hydrated separately. It can also help the skin to open the channel for absorbing nutrients.

Some lotions themselves contain antioxidants. If you are the type who spends more than 6 hours in an air-conditioned room every day, the skin moisture loss is definitely more serious, and you need to pat some lotions in the morning to increase the skin.Moisture, at the same time, under the catalysis of toner, repair products can play a greater role, can also metabolize old cells as soon as possible, paving the way for regenerating cells.


Wear body sunscreen and forget to remove it?

  Green tea helps you to restore the vitality of your skin. This season, you will always use body sunscreens. On the tibia and collarbone, most people wash them with bath soap during bathing. In fact, this does not completely remove the sunscreen products. In the long run, the skin on your body will changeIt was gloomy.

Body experts recommend that we use a body massage cream with added green tea ingredients. Green tea itself is an antioxidant star. Using it for proper massage can reduce skin fatigue, promote blood circulation, and prevent skin from regaining vitality and vitality. The aroma and coolness of green teaIt also caters to this season.


I have been working late night?
  Need to dispatch dense “special forces” cells also have a biological clock!
Dr. Metz of Estee Lauder told us so.

OL staying up late working overtime seems to be a daily routine. The daily life disrupts the biological clock of the cells. Others’ skin is busy repairing at night, but you drive it to exhaustion, with embarrassing consequences.

If you have n’t rested because of work recently, then you need special forces to take care of our cells, exfoliating, massage cream and facial masks. They help the cell metabolism to get on the right track, improve the auto-antioxidant capacity, and then go to the ampouleIt is a kind of intensive maintenance product, which concentrates the condition of the skin.


Recently busy with work and maintenance?

  If you have a big case at hand recently, you have been interrupted from time to time to rush work, neglected to maintain the skin, and the biological clock of the skin is a bit messy. At this time, external emergency treatment is not enough.Replenish energy.

Just like the diet rejuvenation therapy that is popular in Europe and the United States, to put it bluntly, it is to supplement fish protein and various antioxidants.

Many brands have launched oral antioxidant products, and those green tea, milk, red wine, and water are all antioxidant stars at your fingertips. Love yourself more, and it is not difficult to do this.

Helpless, ambiguous office of female staff

Helpless, ambiguous office of female staff

In today’s workplace, it is nothing new for beautiful female employees to be harassed by leaders, and over time, more and more leaders have become bold.

  First time in society I met the leader of the satyr last year. After I graduated from graduate school, I went to work in an institution.

It’s hard to find a job now. I can’t find such a job very easily, so I cherish it and take my responsibility seriously.

However, I learned at work that the relationship with the leaders is too difficult to get along with. It is not as simple as I imagined.

  It wasn’t the job that caused me a headache, but the ambiguous harassment of several leaders.

From the first day I went to work, when the supervisor looked at me, his eyes glowed.

I didn’t think much about it, because everyone said that I was beautiful and a pure girl, and boys had chased me since high school, so I have been used to the hot eyes of men.

When I was at work, the supervisor and the leader took great care of me and arranged less work, so that I had more time to familiarize myself with the business. I can ask him if I don’t understand.

  One time when I was off work, the supervisor’s car stopped by my side and asked, “Where is Xiaowen?

“I said to go home, and he asked where he lived again?

After I answered, he said, “Just the way, get in the car, I’ll hit you for a while.

“So I got in the car. After getting in the car, he chatted with me a few words and asked,” I just went to work and adapted to the environment of the unit? ”

I said adaptation, and he asked again, “How is the job familiar?

“With the guidance and care of my leadership, I have mastered it.”

He laughed: “Xiao Wen is still very good at talking!”

Do it well, but I still need to stress you?

“We chatted for a while like this, and he asked jokingly again:” Xiaowen, I’ll send you home, don’t you thank me? ”

I said, “Thank you.

“” How are you going to thank me? ”

“I’m speechless.

Seeing me silent, he put his hand on my hand, and I pulled it out instinctively.

He said blankly, “Does my hand have a battery?

Are you so far from me?

“I don’t know how to answer him or how to deal with such things. I don’t think I can take his car in the future.

  However, I can’t take his car, but I can’t help but work. It is inevitable to contact the leader during work. When there is no one, he will say some ambiguous and provocative words. I dare not refute him. After all, he is a leader and ca n’tI want to wear “small shoes” for me.

Once the leader explained his work, looked at no one, patted my butt, and I avoided it. He was a little upset and said, “Maybe my request is too much, but you have to think about it.

“I didn’t know what he meant, but I heard he was threatening me.

  The first time I was kissed by a leader, I dared not offend him.

Once, he arranged a lot of work for me, but I didn’t finish it, he asked me to work overtime.

I finished overtime late that day. When it was almost finished, I answered his phone and asked me how was it. I said it was done.

He said it was hard. I’ll invite you to dinner. I didn’t go.

A few days later, he arranged for me to do a lot of work. I don’t know if he started it intentionally.

One day, he said he would talk to me about work and invited me to the coffee shop.

I wanted to refuse, but I was afraid he would take revenge on me, so I went.

When he came to the single room, he changed his former seriousness and talked to me about some work. He said that he would have to re-divide the work and adjust it next. Ask me if you have any ideas.

Of course I will not say anything, I can only say that I obey the leadership arrangements.

After chatting for a while, he sat next to me. I tried to hide but didn’t dodge. He hugged me and kissed him on the sofa.

Although there was no substantive contact, he had already attacked me and I felt insulted.  When I went to work the next day, I saw that he was very unnatural, and he seemed to have happened nothing.

He called me again to his office.

  When I went to his office, he was indifferent. For the time being, I closed the door of the office, and then whispered to me, “Did you sleep well last night?

“No,” I reluctantly answered him.

“I can’t sleep well too, I miss you, come and kiss one.

“Speaking, he wanted to pull my hand, and I flew away quickly.

  The “first leader” made me call his brother to give me a headache. It was the leader and the “first leader”.

That time I went to send him the documents. He asked me to wait for a while and said that he would sign up immediately. I was waiting by the side. He asked me what he was doing while watching.

I answered to sort out the documents, and he asked me again if I would do the job, and I said yes.

We talked about working for a while, and talked about some common things. It seemed that the distance was a lot closer. The “first leader” said, “I’m not allowed to call me a position, call my brother.

“I didn’t expect him to say such a thing, and I didn’t know how to answer it for a while, but I didn’t call his brother.

I think that leadership is leadership, and there must be boundaries. If I really call his brother, he will have further requirements and I will be more passive.

  The “first leader” I did not dare to offend, because he has the power to kill and kill, and I can only keep a distance with him.

Fortunately, he doesn’t do this often, but sometimes there are no people in the office, and he will say tentative things.

  Once, when I sent the document, the director in front just left, and the “first manager” asked: “What is Xiaowen busy with recently, why haven’t I seen you for a few days?”

“I’m a little overjoyed. After all, the” No. 1 Chief “is very busy with work. He also knows that he hasn’t seen me in the past few days. This shows that he pays attention to me. Thinking of this, I replied,” I still do those daily tasks.Without things, how can I easily disturb and trouble the leader?

“That’s not necessarily true. If I need to do anything in life, I can say it.

“He said.

  ”Thank you for your concern,” I answered.

  ”I haven’t done anything yet, thank me!

Is there something I need to help?

“No, I’m very touched by the leader saying so. You are so busy and you can still care about an ordinary subordinate. Thanks for that.

“I explained.

  ”You speak very well, do you have a boyfriend?

“No” “You look so beautiful, there must be many people around you who are after you.”

“Oh, I haven’t worked for a long time, I don’t want to find a boyfriend, I want to do my job well first, and I will talk about my personal problems later.

“I was drunk by the leader. Occasionally, I would also accept his phone call and ask me to send him a document or something. As long as he had no one in his office, he would say a few ambiguous words or take ambiguous actions.

At that time, the superiors came to check the work. At dinner, the leader found several lesbians with good temperament to entertain the inspection team.

In the middle of the meal, I saw the “first man” in the bathroom. He asked me where to go after meals and I said to go home.

After the entertainment was over, the driver split up and sent the members of the inspection team. I took the “No. 1” car home. I sat with him after him. He was close to me. In the dark, his hand held meI stroked my hand a few times, and I didn’t dare to speak out and resist, because the driver was driving, I was worried that it would be bad to pass, so I had to put up with it.

  That’s not to say, there is another leader in charge who can’t cope with me.

Sometimes, I will receive a text message from him, either asking me to eat or sending a text message that I care about.

I can refuse politely, but the office can’t help but go.

Once, he called and asked me to go to his office. I went, and he arranged an insignificant job for me. When he told me, I turned around and wanted to leave. He asked me if there was anything urgent.

I said no, he talked to me for a while and asked me what I planned in the future. I said that he would obey the arrangement of the leader. He laughed and said, “Okay, as long as you obey, promotion is a matter of time.

Besides, you are so beautiful and so emotional, as long as you are smart, you can talk about promotion.

“I knew he had something in it, so I didn’t dare talk about it anymore, said thank you, and turned away.

  Soon, he called me to his office on the grounds of work, and I couldn’t help it.

He sat at the large boss’ table and asked if the work he had given me was complete?

After I reported truthfully, he said: “I had a dream last night. I dreamed that we were on a business trip. After finishing my business, I took you to Hainan and we went swimming by the sea .” Then he came to hug meI was struggling. He fumbled a few times on my body and let go, saying, “Xiao Wen’s body is so soft and I feel so good.”Your boyfriend is very blessed!

“I don’t have a boyfriend yet. If the leader is okay, I will leave.

“” There is one more thing. Tonight we are going to entertain the relationship unit. You go together.

“He said.

  In the evening, at the wine table, the leader and commander Ruoding made me toast a lot of wine, everyone was very happy to drink, and I was very hard to drink, and it was very uncomfortable.

Watching me vomit in the bathroom, he asked with concern: “It’s okay, drink some water, or let the driver take you home first.

“I said no, just rest for a while.

At the end of the meal, he asked the driver to take him to the leader of the relationship unit. He drove me home. He asked me if I wanted to go to the teahouse to sit and wake up. I said no.

He drove the car. I lay in a daze and sat down. I felt that the car stopped and the door was pulled open. He sat next to me and hugged me and asked. Baby is okay. I opened my eyes and saw the car.It was dark outside the window.

He started to kiss me. I struggled. The more I struggled, the more crazy he kissed. His hand reached into my clothes and touched casually. At this moment, I was really panicking, afraid to let him succeed, and the wine would wake up.

I shouted his position, but he didn’t listen at all, and said quickly: “I like you, call my brother, baby, I love you .” I tightly guarded the most critical part of the body and said: putDrive me, I hurt . “Without my cooperation, he did not succeed, but I felt very wronged.

I’m sad and have a headache. Although he didn’t really get me, the boundary with him has broken the professional relationship between the leadership and subordinates. I don’t know how to deal with this relationship in the future.

  Small leaders have headaches. This is just a few major leaders. There are also small leaders in some departments that are easy to hate and have headaches.

Although they did not physically invade me like these leaders, the light from their eyes and some ambiguous words made me hard to accept.

I don’t want to offend any of these people, and I can’t offend. After all, I’m in the clear. If I annoy them, it will be very detrimental to my future job development.

I would like to find a best of both worlds, not only offend them, but also very safe.

If I offend them, my ascension will be hopeless, and my future will be bleak.

  What is even more horrible is that a leader actually told me directly that there are many women who have been promoted through “sell yourself”, and some male colleagues have introduced their lover in the organization to the leader in order to be promoted. Both are reused. YouI’m still young and don’t understand these things, but I can’t be willful. I have to think about my future.

I asked him: “If I do what you say, what will I get?

He smiled secretly and said, “Can you such a smart girl not know?”

“You don’t say, how could I know?

“” It’s all self-explanatory. Why do you have to say it?

He said, looking at me faintly.


After hearing this, I was extremely worried and really wanted to leave.

Escaping is not the way. There are such people everywhere, but if I face them, I do n’t know how to grasp them.

Besides, since the post-80s are not assigned work, it is difficult to find an office to work, so I do not want to leave easily.

  Now, when I think of these things, I have a headache. Every day, I have a tense nerve at work, I feel tired, and I can’t put my mind on work.

I don’t know if they will use similar offensive methods or revenge on the female subordinates they want but can’t get. Can I deal with them?

What do they think?