[Confinement to eat some fruits at room temperature]_ Maternal_ How to eat

[Confinement to eat some fruits at room temperature]_ Maternal_ How to eat

[Confinement to eat some fruits at room temperature]_ Maternal_ How to eat

Of course, pay attention to a scientific and healthy diet during confinement, because there are many foods that are not suitable for confinement, and the diet of fruits should be particular. It is OK to eat some fruits at room temperature, such as kiwi and durian., Apples, papaya, etc., when confinement, if women can eat properly and scientifically, then it will be beneficial to the health and recovery of the body.

1. Kiwi fruit is also called kiwifruit. It is cold and sweet, and has very high vitamin C content. It has antipyretic, thirst-relieving, diuretic, and breast-feeding effects. Regular food can strengthen the immune system.

It is beneficial for the recovery of Caesarean section.

Because of its cold nature, warm it with hot water before eating.

One daily is appropriate.

2, Durian is sweet and hot, rich in Southeast Asia, has the reputation of the king of fruits.

Because of its sexual heat, it can aphrodisiac and help fire, and has a good effect on promoting body temperature and strengthening blood circulation.

Deficiency in the postpartum period may wish to gradually supplement.

Durian is hot, not easy to digest, and easy to get angry if you eat more.

Eat with mangosteen to calm its heat.

At the same time, after caesarean section, the small intestine is easy to eat.

3, apples, apples are sweet and warm, and warm in nature, mainly carbohydrates.

Rich in malic acid, implanted acid, vitamins, pectin and minerals, can prevent and treat scurvy, rickets, and make skin smooth and shiny.

Its viscose and fine fiber can absorb and eliminate bacteria and toxins, can astringent intestines, stomach, Shengjin, appetizing and relieve heat, especially for the treatment of maternal diarrhea.

Apple can also lower blood sugar and cholesterol, which is beneficial for postpartum recovery of pregnant women with pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, diabetes and liver dysfunction.

In addition, apples contain a large amount of potassium salts, which can be combined with excess sodium salts in the body and excreted from the body. Therefore, it is beneficial for apples to eat apples with low potassium and excessive salt intake.

4, papaya sweet and flat.

Papaya has many effects, such as antihypertensive, detoxification, swelling and deworming, help milk secretion, make the skin plump, reduce fat and lose weight.

Papaya’s nutritional components are mainly sugars, supplement fiber, protein, vitamin B, C, calcium, potassium, iron, etc., produced in the south.

China has a tradition of papaya to promote breast milk since ancient times.

Papaya contains a kind of papaya, which has a high ability to break down proteins. Fish, eggs, and other foods become nutrients that are easily absorbed by the human body in a very short time, which directly stimulates the secretion of the mammary glands.

At the same time, papaya has high nutritional content, so it is also called milk papaya.

The postpartum mother has little or no milk, and can be eaten with papaya and fish.